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Chapter 40

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The dramatic return of Forbidden

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Hi people. If there are any fans of this story left then this is for you xxxxxxxxx

Lyn gently squeezed Gerard's thigh and placed her hands back in her lap. She didn't want to over do the affection just yet, there would be plenty of time for touching later on but for now subtlety was the best way to go.
'So what are we buying?' Lyn asked making her voice sound as light and breezy as possible. She could tell that he was madly jealous at the phone cal she had just had with Marcus, but she wanted to make it seem like it was natural and not a big deal.
'Just some stuff for the house' Gerard mumbled
'You know things?' Gerard said with an irritated shrug of his shoulders
'For instance....'
'Things that go in houses Lyn' Gerard snapped 'what don't you get?'
Lyn opened her mouth to retort but nothing came out, she was taken aback by his rude tone so instead she sat back in the passenger seat and folded her arms.
what the hell is wrong with you? Gerard sighed deeply and shook his head.
'Lyn I'm sorry' he apologised 'I don't know why I spoke to you like that just now. I'm just a little stressed out that's all.'
'It's okay' Lyn said with a small smile 'I understand, you've got a lot going on at the moment.'
'Yeah I do' he said nodding in agreement 'But everyone else seems to cope okay'
'People deal with thing differently Gerard. Plus by everyone I know you mean the rest of the band, but they're not all going through what you are the moment are they?'
'Well no.'
'Exactly. Let's not focus on everyone else' Lyn stated sitting up straighter in her seat 'Today we are going to focus on one thing and one thing only.'
'And that is?'
'The house. Today all we are going to do or think about is getting this house set up for Cheyenne, nothing else matters. Agreed?'
'Agreed!' Gerard said. The next couple of minutes were driven in silence. Lyn was looking out of the passenger window with nothing particular flowing through her mind and Gerard kept his eyes on the road with a thousand thoughts racing through his. He stole a quick glance at Lyn, she looked relaxed and content with herself and he hadn't seen her like that in a while.
'You're a good friend Lyn' Gerard said breaking the comfortable silence.
music to my ears, now play the sorry for yourself card
'Am I?' Lyn said 'I don't think so'
'Yeah you are, you've changed so much' Gerard replied
'I have, but no body else sees it' She said quietly her head lowered slightly 'I'm still the same old Lyn I was before, the one who messed up your life. I'm still the same slutty, drugged up whore who nearly ruined you'
'Hey stop it' Gerard demanded 'Don't talk like that'
'Well that's what everyone thinks' Lyn stated
'Well I don't' Gerard replied 'I think you're different then the woman you were before and I like the changes I see'
'You do?' Lyn said looking at him through hopeful eyes
'Yeah I do' He assured placing his hand on her knee 'Maybe in time the rest will see you for who you are now' Gerard reassured.
which isn't much different from before ‘Thanks Gerard' Lyn said placing her hand on his. 'That means a lot to me.'

'Jamia? What are you doing here?' Amber asked moving aside to let her friend enter the hallway.
' I really have to talk to you' Jamia replied 'I know stuff that could ruin a good thing and I need advice. I have to tell someone what I know but I don't know if I should, but I have to and...'
'Whoa! Mia, slow down.' Amber said motioning with her hands for her friend to take it easy 'Take your coat off and go into the living room. I'll get us a drink and then you can take it from the top okay' Amber said heading toward the kitchen.
'Okay' Jamia agreed as she unbuttoned her coat and kicked off her shoes. 'But can you make it quick, I feel like I'm going to burst. Ten minutes later both women were seated on the couch with a hot cup of coffee.
'So what's this burning information that you have?' Amber asked before taking a small sip of her coffee.
'It's about Gerard and Lyn' Jamia said and then launched into her story. She told Amber everything from Cheyenne’s suspicions to threatening Lyn to shouting at Gerard during dinner to finding all the photos on his bed. Amber sat and listened, eyes wide as Jamia revealed more and more of what she had been up to in the last couple of days.
'And then I drove home' Jamia concluded she had just finished telling Amber about spying on them the night before.
'Oh my' Amber said. She wasn't sure what to do or say with the information she had just received.
'I mean I know it's not right to threaten someone but Cheyenne wasn't here, I felt it was my duty as her friend to tell Lyn to back off.'
'No, I think you did the right thing, but spying Mia, honestly'
'I couldn't help it, but now at least we know what's happening so maybe we can put a stop to it before it really starts and someone gets hurt.'
'To be honest Jamia I noticed it too' Amber said deflating
'What do you mean?' Jamia demanded
'Francesco's.' Amber started 'Ever since Lyn found out about Cheyenne and Gerard she's been trying to get him back. I told her countless times that he was in love with Cheyenne but she wouldn't listen. Then thankfully Marcus came along and I thought that maybe she had gotten Gerard out of her system but then...'
'But then what Amber?' Jamia urged
'That night at Francesco's they couldn't keep their eyes off each other, it was like they were the only two people in the whole room, I tried to dismiss it since I had had a lot to drink but I couldn't.'
'That little bitch' Jamia hissed 'she is so dead and so is Gerard'
'She chosen the right time to strike' Amber said 'With Cheyenne being away. What are we supposed to do? I mean we don't really have any concrete evidence that anything’s going on'
'What more do we need?' Jamia exclaimed 'I saw them going into the house together, the photos that Gerard has'
'Yeah but that's not enough is it, until we see them kissing or something we have no real proof.'
'You know what's really bugging me. The fact hat Lyn is so sure Gerard will come to her and I think she might be right. I don't know about you, but I'm not waiting around for that to happen. Gerard needs to know what he's doping is wrong.'
'But that's my point Jamia he isn’t actually doing anything wrong is he?'
Jamia huffed in annoyance but knew what Amber was saying was right. 'Well I'll talk to him and make him see sense' she reasoned.
'It's up to you Mia just don't go overboard. I mean Cheyenne will be home soon and I for one don't want her coming home to a broken group of friends if you know what I mean.’
‘Better that then her coming home to find Gerard has cheated.’ Jamia said honestly.

'What about this one?' Lyn suggested 'it's cream, it's soft' she added sitting down on it '...and it's big'
'It's okay' Gerard said pursing his lips
'It's more then just okay' Lyn stated 'it's quite lovely. I like it'
'I don't know' Gerard said collapsing next to her. 'I mean I like it but will Chey like it?'
'I think so she seems to me like a simple person' Lyn said 'That's not an insult by the way' she lied.
'She is simple. She likes simple, clean, light coloured furniture. I picked that up when I went to stay with her in Chicago.'
'Well then this is definitely the chair for her and look, it has two matching arm chairs' Lyn said reading the tag 'If I were you I’d get it.'
'You’re right, I do like it' Gerard decided 'and it is comfy'
'See we're winning already' Lyn said with a broad smile. Although she was smiling on the outside on the inside it was another story completely. This shopping trip was taking ages, Gerard was indecisive and unsure and it was bugging her. They'd been at it for over and hour and in that time he'd chosen nothing, not one item to go in their stupid home except for the couch. Lyn was finding it difficult to continue this facade of happy best friend, it was making her tired. All she wanted was the trip to be over so she could spend some alone time with Gerard. Maybe she'd make a move on him, maybe she wouldn't but she wanted to be in the position where she had the choice and right now in public there was no choice.
'I'm taking it' Gerard announced jumping off the chair
'Yay!' Lyn said following suit and jumping up 'write it down then so we don't forget'
'Ok let's take a look at some shelving next'
'Shelving?' Lyn said
'Yeah bookshelves or whatever'
'Ok' Lyn said shrugging and walking off. 'Are you coming?' she turned and asked when Gerard wasn't following her. He was too busy staring at her walk away, she was so optimistic and bubbly it reminded him of Cheyenne. His heart ached a little as he thought of his girl, but to be honest he wouldn’t swap Lyn’s company for Cheyenne’s right now even though he missed her terribly. His thoughts were broken when his cell phone rang
‘Wassup Bob’ Gerard said signalling to Lyn to give him a minute.
‘Nothing much man, where you at?’ Bob asked.
‘I’m just in New York picking out some furniture for the house,’
‘Oh wow’ Bob said ‘all by yourself? Is that a good idea?’
‘Shut up’ Gerard laughed ‘I’m not by myself’
‘Well that’s good. Anyway the reason why I’m calling is because I just spoke to Cheyenne.’
‘Is she alright?’ Gerard asked feeling a surge of panic strike through him
‘Yes she’s fine but she asked me to tell you that she loves you’ Bob said cringing as he said it.
Gerard laughed and shook his head ‘Tell her I love her too’
‘Fuck that tell her yourself’ Bob replied ‘But I told her I’d tell you and now I have.’
‘Thanks messenger Bob. So where is everyone?’
‘Fuck knows, but I gotta go I’m supposed to be meeting Amber now.’
‘Cool, speak to you later’ Gerard said hanging up.
‘Who was that?’ Lyn asked linking her arm through his.
‘It was Bob’
‘What did he want?’ Lyn enquired, she wasn’t thrilled with the interruption.
‘Cheyenne wanted him to tell me that she loved me.’ He said with a smile.
‘Aww isn’t that sweet’ Lyn said resisting the urge to gag.
‘Yep it is, she’s amazing’ Gerard grinned, unlinking his arm from Lyn’s ‘Now let’s get going’
‘Ok’ Lyn said gritting her teeth. She was pissed. They were in their own little world and now thanks to Bob Gerard had taken a step back into his own universe, she couldn’t afford anymore interruptions.
‘Gee can I borrow your phone a sec?’ She asked.
‘Yeah sure’
‘I just need to make a quick call’
‘You want some privacy’ He asked
‘Yeah please. I’ll meet you by the shelves and things
‘Ok’ he said walking off and leaving her behind.
Lyn pretended to make her call, laughing and talking to herself, she did this for a few minutes so the call seemed genuine and when she was done pretending she switched off the cell and hurried to find Gerard.
‘All done’ she said walking up to him ‘I just had to call Amber quickly’
‘No problem’ he replied reaching to take the phone.
‘Allow me’ Lyn said taking a step towards him. She could feel the warmth of his body and a familiar heat rose in her womanhood. Taking advantage of her closeness she made sure her breasts gently but firmly brushed his chest and her breath grazed his neck.
‘Thanks’ she said winking at him and taking a step back.
‘ problem’ Gerard said clearing his throat
‘You said that already’ Lyn said with a giggle ‘Now which one of theses shelves takes your fancy?’

'Hey Donna, it’s me Jamia I was just wondering if Gerard’s with you.’ Jamia asked as she paced her living room.
‘No honey, he isn’t he’s out shopping for some furniture. Have you tried his cell?’
‘Yeah but it’s off.’
‘Oh well he’s meant to be picking me up later, I’ll tell him to give you a call.’
‘Thanks Donna’ Jamia said with a small smile
‘Take care sweetheart
‘You too’ Jamia said hanging up.

After her talk with Amber, Jamia decided to return home and see if she could get Gerard to come over for a talk. Frank wasn’t home he had gotten a call early that morning from Hambone and rushed off to help his friend which was okay by her, he had wanted to talk to her about her attitude lately and to be honest she didn’t really want to talk. This whole situation frustrated her, she had never been a ‘sit back and see what happens’ kind of person and that was what Amber said they should both do. She knew that Amber was right when she said Gerard wasn’t doing anything wrong, but Lyn was, she was trying to win Gerard back and he was walking right into her plan. She had to talk to Gerard and warning Lyn once obviously wasn’t enough. Maybe another visit might get the message through. Grabbing her coat and her car keys Jamia left the house for the second time that day and headed to Lyn’s.

‘I’m done’ Gerard said tiredly ‘I can’t do anymore’
‘You’ve done well’ Lyn said giving his right shoulder a quick rub. ‘You got some really great stuff, Cheyenne will be proud of you’
‘I hope so’ He yawned ‘I’ve given it all I’ve got.’
‘So, what now?’ Lyn asked as the walked through the semi crowded streets of New York ‘Wanna get some coffee?’
‘Yeah but we better get it to go, I’m supposed to be picking up my mom’ Gerard confessed.
‘Ok’ Lyn said slightly disappointed. If he had to pick up Donna it meant that her invitation to dinner would be turned down.
‘What’s wrong you’ve got your disappointed face on?’ He asked as the entered Starbucks.
‘Nothing I was kinda hoping we’d have a little more time that’s all, I thought we could go for dinner or something.’ She admitted.
‘That would’ve been nice but wouldn’t Marcus mind? I mean I’ve had you all day.’ Gerard said gloating inside.
‘No he’s not the jealous type’ Lyn replied ‘plus he’s going out tonight anyway.’
‘You’re not going with?’
‘No, it’s his guy’s night out’ she lied
‘Oh well, maybe after I drop my mom off I’ll come over, no promises though.’
‘Well let me know’ Lyn said squealing inside ‘But no worries if you cant.’
A few minutes later they both headed back to the car, with Lyn holding two cups of steaming coffee.
Once they were both seated she handed Gerard his coffee, he took a small sip and sighed with satisfaction.
‘Coffee is my one true love’ he mused
‘I thought I was’ Lyn half joked
‘You were a close second’ he said with a laugh.
‘Charming’ Lyn replied taking a sip of her latte ‘Gee?’
‘Thanks for letting me come along today. I would have had a lonely day otherwise.’
‘You’re welcome, I enjoyed hanging with you.’
‘Maybe we can do this again sometime.’ she suggested
‘Any time you feel lonely give me a call’ Gerard said ‘I mean it, today’s been great.’
‘Wow!’ Lyn exclaimed loudly ‘look at us’
‘What?’ Gerard asked his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
‘Who’d have thought after what we’d been through that you and I could be friends?’ she said
‘Things change, people change’ Gerard replied ‘You’ve changed. I like that I can call you a friend again.’
‘But what about everyone else?’ Lyn said with a sigh
‘What about them?’ Gerard said handing her his coffee.
‘I don’t think they’ll approve of us being friends again’ she replied honestly.
‘I don’t need their approval Lyn, plus they haven’t met the new you.’
‘I don’t think they’ll want to, people like me don’t deserve second chances.’ She said sadly.
‘Everyone deserves a second chance Lyn even you, and who know maybe the others will come around.’
‘I hope so’ Lyn said with a hopeful smile I want to fuck with them all, I need this second chance

It took around 45mins for Gerard to get back to New Jersey. He hadn’t heard from Donna so he assumed that she was still happily decorating at the house. They had just pulled up outside Lyn’s and he felt a pang of sadness as he realised their day was over.
‘Once again thank you Gerard for a wonderful day’ Lyn said as she undid her seatbelt.
‘Anytime.’ he said racking his brain for something else to say to her to keep her there a little longer. Why was he finding it hard to say goodbye? ‘I’ll walk you to your door.’
‘Always such a gentleman’ Lyn said as Gerard got out of the car. He walked round and opened the passenger door for her. Hopping out Lyn fumbled with her bag looking for her keys as she and Gerard walked up her path.
‘I wonder if Marcus is home’ Lyn said knowing fully well he wouldn’t be, she just wanted to draw attention to the fact that she was taken. Taking a deep breath Lyn opened the front door. She decided she was going to kiss Gerard. She was going to kiss him now. Not a full on tongue fest but a peck on the lips. She’d say it was thank you and he would accept that, but to her it would be a small step forward.
‘Come in Gee and make yourself at home’ she said walking into the hallway.
‘I really can’t stay’ Gerard said, he wanted to but he knew he should go.
‘And you fucking shouldn’t’ A voice sounded from the living room.
‘Who’s there?’ Lyn demanded marching toward the living room, with Gerrad on her heels. ‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ Lyn screamed ‘Get the fuck out of my house.’
‘Jamia? What are you doing here?’ Gerard said feeling a mix of panic and confusion flow through him.
‘I could ask you the same thing’ Jamia smirked.
‘Please leave’ Lyn said calmly, she realised she had to stay in character is she was going to get Gerard on her side.
‘No’ Jamia said simply ‘I’ll not stand by and watched this happen.’
‘Watch what happen?’ Gerard asked shaking his head.
‘You and her, I won’t stand by and let you break Cheyenne’s heart.’
‘What are you talking about?’ Gerard asked
‘This bitch is trying to steal you away from Cheyenne’ Jamia said
‘That’s a lie’ Lyn scoffed.
‘No it’s not’ Jamia retorted balling her fists to stop herself from launching at Lyn. ‘You told me yourself.’
‘I never said anything of the sort.’ Lyn said folding her arms ‘you came by the other night shouting the odds and then you threatened me.’
‘You what?’ Gerard said looking at Jamia, he still had no idea what was going on.
‘She threatened me, she told me to stay away from you or else’ Lyn told him.
‘Jamia is this true?’ Gerard demanded
‘Yeah it is and I only threatened her because she told me she was going to steal you away from Cheyenne.’ Jamia answered.
‘That’s ridiculous I’m engaged’ Lyn retorted holding up her left hand and showing Jamia her ring. ‘I’m only trying to be Gerard’s friend to make up for the mistakes I made in the past.’
‘Bullshit’ Jamia spat ‘you told Amber you wanted Gerard back’
‘And I did but then I found Marcus and everything clicked and I knew that I had to make it up to Gerard but I don’t want him back’ Lyn said not looking at Gerard.
‘You lying whore’ Jamia said ‘you’re just befriending him to gain his trust it’s only a matter of time before you try and seduce him.’
‘I only want Gerard as a friend, what don’t you understand?’ Lyn shouted
‘Enough’ Gerard said ‘Jamia I can’t believe you would think I would cheat on Cheyenne. I love her more then anything and I would never jeopardise my relationship with her for anything. Lyn and I are just friends that’s all, we’re just getting reacquainted’
‘You say that now Gerard but we both know you’re weak when it comes to temptation.’ Jamia stated.
‘You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.’ Gerard spat.
‘I don’t? Then leave her behind’ Jamia said nodding in Lyn’s direction ‘you have enough friends one less won’t hurt.’
‘I don’t need you or anyone else telling me who I can and can’t be friends with.’ Gerard said ‘I’ll be friends with Lyn for however long I choose and I’d appreciate it if you stayed out of my business Jamia.’ Turning to Lyn he said ‘Thanks for today I had fun up until now’ and with that he left.

‘Whoops! Did I ruin your evening?’ Jamia said once she heard the door slam.
‘You have no fucking idea what you’ve just done’ Lyn fumed.
‘I do and I’m glad I’ve done it, you won’t ruin Cheyenne and Gerard relationship and I mean that with every ounce of my being.’ Jamia said as she too headed for the door ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you never get Gerard back.’
‘YOU’VE JUST MADE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE.’ Lyn screamed marching into the hallway, her body shaking violently with each word.
‘I’ll fucking get you for this’ she vowed as Jamia left closing the front door behind her. ‘I’ll make you pay.’

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