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Chapter 41

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Gerard is furious, Lyn wants revenge and Frank and Jamia...well I'll let you find out on your own.

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‘Oh God, oh God’ Jamia murmured as she walked down Lyn’s path to her car. She heard a car engine roar and looked up in time to see Gerard speeding away. She wasn’t sure what she was meant to do next, that altercation with Lyn hadn’t gone to plan, Gerard wasn’t meant to be there, but in seeing him it only confirmed her suspicions. Once in her car Jamia sat still trying to collect her thoughts, her body was shaking from the anger she felt minutes ago and she could feel tears welling up in her eyes. She felt the sudden urge to lash out and in response she slammed both of her shaking hands against the steering wheel as the tears ran from her eyes. She wasn’t sure why she was crying, so many thoughts were racing through her head it was hard to make sense of it all. After a few minutes she managed to compose herself, strapping herself she headed for the Way residence. She needed to clear things up with Gerard.

Gerard was fuming. He wasn’t sure what angered him more, the fact that Jamia had ambushed him shouting the odds or that Lyn said she didn’t want him back. As he sped through the New Jersey streets Gerard was unsure what to do with himself. He was angry and needed to let the feeling run it’s course but he didn’t know how. Taking a deep breath he suddenly pulled over and shut the engine off. Taking his phone out of his pocket he was surprised to find it was switched off but ignored that fact as he switched it back on. Once the phone was fully functional he searched his contact list for Frank’s number.

‘Jamia, what a surprise?’ Mikey said as he opened the front door to his former home.
‘Hey Mikes is Gerard here?’ Jamia asked trying to mask her disappointment.
‘Nope, neither is Mom I think they’re at the new house’ He said moving aside to let her through.
‘Oh okay, umm I’ll just speak to him later then’ Jamia replied taking a step back from the door.’
‘You’re not coming in?’ he asked surprised by her reluctance to enter the house.
‘No not right now I have a few things to do yet, but tell Alicia I said hi though okay’
‘Mia are you ok?’ Mikey asked, he could she that she was shaken by something and she looked on the verge of tears.
‘I’m ok, trust me’ she said then laughed a little ‘Everything is fine’ she lied making sure not to look him in the eye.
‘Well mind how you go’ Mikes warned ‘it’s getting dark’

Jamia hurried back to the car and debated what to do. She suddenly had the urge to be near Frank, she wanted to be with him, to hold him. She needed him, but she wouldn’t tell him what happened. It was easier to keep this between herself, Gerard, Amber and Lyn. There was no need to get anyone involve, Amber was right when she said she didn’t want Cheyenne coming home to a broken group of friends.

‘Lyn calm down’ Marcus said taking her in his arms ‘We’ll sort it’
‘How? She’s interfered again and now she done more damage then ever.’ Lyn whined
‘All is not lost sweetheart’ Marcus soothed ‘there are ways to fix it.’
‘Tell me how then?’ Lyn retorted pushing herself away from him.
‘Firstly Gerard didn’t leave here mad at you did he?’
‘Well then he’ll still be open to talk to you, won’t he?’
‘He’ll be reluctant though’
‘It doesn’t matter, that’s a hurdle we can over come’ Marcus said positively
‘I just felt like I was making progress today you know and then miss big mouth comes along and sets me back. I’m so ANGRY at her’ Lyn stated ‘I want to get her Marcus I want to get her.’
‘And you will, but Lyn you’re going to need patience, a little bit of time to…’
‘I DON’T HAVE TIME’ Lyn screamed at him ‘Gerard’s bitch will be coming home soon, we have to work quickly I want Gerard and I want Frank’
‘You said that the best way to hurt Jamia was through Frank and that’s what I plan to do.’

‘I don’t know what to say Gee’ Frank said as he listened in disbelief to Gerard’s account of what had happened at Lyn’s. When Gerard mentioned that he spent the day with Lyn, Frank was surprised but what surprised him more was what he had heard about Jamia.
’She’s just got the whole thing wrong’ Gerard continued But what hurt most was the things she said, you know?
‘Man, I’m sorry I don’t know what’s gotten into her lately, she’s been so different’ Frank recalled ‘She hasn’t been herself at all. I’ll talk to her tonight and see what her reasons were behind all this.
But Gee, what were you doing with Lyn anyway?’
’Nothing Gerard growled we’re just friends. She said earlier that she wanted to make up for the mistakes she made in the past and I’m cool with that, I’m all for rectifying mistakes, but what I don’t like is people misjudging people and that’s what Jamia did tonight.’
‘I think she was trying to protect you’ Frank said I mean look at what happened before.
‘Things are different now, we’ve all moved on. Don’t you think Lyn deserves a second chance?’ Gerard asked
‘Yeah I guess, but sometimes people don’t deserve them.’ Frank replied honestly
‘But she does. I’m telling you man she is different I spent the whole day with her, she’s not the woman we used to know.
‘Gerard how can you judge that by just spending the day with her/ Frank asked
‘Look I just know okay.’ Gerard sighed tiredly
‘Alright, what about this? How do you think Cheyenne’s going to react when she finds out you’ve been spending time with your ex?’
‘I don’t know’ Gerard said truthfully ‘I haven’t put much thought into it.’
‘Have you even thought about Cheyenne today?’ Frank asked bravely
‘Fuck you’ Gerard spat ‘Of course I have, I’ll tell you the same thing I told your nosey fucking girlfriend….’
‘Watch your mouth man’ Frank retorted
‘I love Cheyenne and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, nor would I cheat on her.’
‘Ok then, so why not just forget about Lyn.’ Frank said ‘you’ve given her a chance, you spent the day with her and you now know she’s a different person. There’s no need for you to have any more contact with her is there.’
‘I can’t just not talk to her Frank’ Gerard
‘Can’t or wont?’ Frank asked
‘We’ve started to become friends again, I like the person she is now.’ Gerard said ignoring his friends last comment.
‘Ok’ Frank sighed ‘but ask yourself this, do you like her more then Cheyenne?’

When Frank arrived home the house was empty but warm. After kicking his converses off, he walked in to the living room and using the house phone he called Jamia.
‘Where you at baby?’ he asked as soon as she picked up.
‘I’m just on my way home’ she replied ‘I miss you’
‘I miss you too sugar, I’ll see you soon’ he said with a smile even though she couldn’t see it. He hung up, placed the phone back in its cradle and settled down in the sofa waiting for her to come home.

He didn’t have to wait long about ten minutes after they rang off, Jamia walked through the door. As always Frank entered the hallway to greet her.
‘Hey you’ he said pecking her lips gently.
‘umm, that was nice’ Jamia sighed ‘I’ve missed you today.’
‘I know you told me already’ Frank said hanging up her coat which she handed to him.
‘So what have you been up to today?’ Frank questioned. It was really a test to see if she’d tell him about the altercation between herself and Gerard.
‘Oh not much’ she breathed ‘I err saw Amber, stopped by the Way’s, said hello to Mikey and then came home.’ She said
‘Oh is that all?’ Frank replied watching her closely ‘Nothing else.’
‘Nope’ Jamia said with a light shake of her head ‘I had a very dull day.’
‘You know what I did today?’ Frank asked as he followed her into the living room
‘No, what baby?’ she said switching the TV on a settling in the sofa.
‘I went to see John for a catch up. Lydia says hi by the way.’
‘That’s nice’ Jamia replied half listening as she flicked through the satellite channels.
‘Yeah it was and then I got a call from Gerard’ Frank said watching Jamia carefully as the colour drained from her face ‘He told me all about this afternoon.’
‘He did?’ she said, her voice was barely audible. Gerard had landed her in a whole heap of trouble.
‘When were you planning on telling me Mia?’ Frank asked ‘Or were you going to go on lying to me?’

‘About time’ Donna said crossly as Gerard entered the new house. ‘Where have you been?’
‘Shopping for furniture what do you think’ Gerard said
‘What took you so long? I’ve been ready to go home for ages’
‘Why didn’t you call?’ Gerard asked regarding his mothers upset expression
‘Your cell phone’s been off for the last few hours.’
‘Well I apologise and I’m here now so let’s go’
‘Don’t you want to see the progress?’ Melanie asked, she had volunteered to stay with Donna until Gerard showed up.
‘No not really, I have a bad headache I really just want to go home.’ Gerard admitted
‘Oh okay’ Melanie said looking a little put out at his lack of enthusiasm. Gerard however picked up on this.
‘I’ll be by tomorrow, you can show me then, I’ll promise you I’ll be much more into it then’ he said offering her a smile.

After dropping Melanie home, Donna and Gerard drove home in silence. Donna was mad that her son was late to pick her up, but Gerard couldn’t care less, he was not in the mood for any kind of conversation. ‘Hey you two’ Alicia said s both Mother and son came into the kitchen
‘Hello darling’ Donna said surprised to see her future daughter-in –law laying the table
‘Hi’ Gerard said a cigarette dangling form his lips
‘Wassup bro’ Mikey said slapping his brother on the back as he entered
‘Nothing Mikes I’m cool’ Gerard replied and smiled as his younger sibling. Mikey always managed to soften his mood.
‘Where you been all day?’
‘Shopping for furniture’ Gerard said exhaling
‘Oh, for the Bryar-Way love nest’ Alicia exclaimed excitedly. ‘How did it go?’
‘It went alright’
‘What did you buy?’
‘Furniture’ he said sarcastically. He was getting annoyed with all the questions. He wanted nothing more then to retreat to his room.
‘Oh before you go’ Mikey said spotting the look on his brothers face, he could tell something was wrong but by Gerard’s expression he knew he didn’t want to talk about it ‘Jamia stopped by here for you a little while ago. She seemed really upset, said she needed to talk to you.’
Gerard scoffed but said nothing, he turned and left, leaving his three loved ones in the kitchen with confused expressions.

‘You weren’t gong to tell me where you?’ Frank enquired as he placed his cell on the coffee table.
‘I was’ Jamia said, trying to think of the best way to fix the situation.
‘Fuck, don’t lie to me Jamia. What is wrong with you?’ he asked
‘Nothing is wrong with me Frank’ Jamia said raising her voice slightly.
‘Could’ve fooled me. You’re off with me, rude to our friends at dinner and now I hear you’re threatening Lyn and accusing Gerard of cheating. I don’t understand.’
‘I haven’t been off with you’ Jamia said knowing full well that she hadn’t been treating him as well as she usually did.
‘So I’m making that part up am I?’ he said standing up as he was perched on the arm of the chair
‘I didn’t say that’
‘So what the fuck are you saying Jamia? I’m still waiting for an explanation of what happened this evening.’
‘Nothing happened okay. I was just helping out a friend.’ She said defending her actions.
‘Who Cheyenne? Cheyenne asked you to do this did she?’ Frank retorted
‘No she didn’t but I had to, I was protecting her.’
‘From what’
‘From Lyn, she’s trying to get Gerard back, she told me herself.’
‘What that night you threatened her?’ Frank asked.
‘I didn’t threaten her I warned her that’s all and yes she told me to my face that she wanted him back. She told me Gerard would come to her and so far her plan’s working.’
‘Mia, Lyn is engaged and Gerard is head over heels in love with Cheyenne I….
‘It doesn’t matter who’s in love with who I’m telling you something is going to happen between them.’ Jamia insisted
‘They’ve spent one day together, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself.’ He stated
‘They spent more then one day together Frank’ Jamia shot back
‘How do you know that?’ Frank questioned.
‘Because I saw them together’
‘Where at the mall or something?’ he said watching her closely.
‘No outside her house’ Jamia admitted feeling her face flush.
‘You were spying on them?’ Frank said in disbelief
‘Well her mostly but…’
‘Jesus Christ Mia what is wrong with you?’ Frank said not bothering to hide his disgust.
‘Nothing is wrong with me?’ Jamia snapped ‘I’m just trying to help my friends.’
‘You’re not helping though are you? You’re just stirring up trouble where there is none.’ He said
‘Amber sees it too’ Jamia said fighting back agree tears
‘I’m telling you now Jamia nothing is going on between Gerard and Lyn ok. I can understand your worry given their pasts together but they’ve both moved on.’
‘You’re wrong’ Jamia retorted ‘I heard it from the horse’s mouth’
‘Yeah and according to Gerard Lyn wants nothing more then to be friends’ Frank recalled form his earlier conversation with Gerard. He turned away from her in an attempt to calm himself.
‘She’s lying’ Jamia cried shaking her head
‘Ok so what do you plan on doing now detective Nestor? Going to sneak off in the middle of the night and spy some more, maybe tap Lyn’s phone line.’
‘Stop it’ Jamia demanded ‘don’t fucking patronise me’
‘It’s a little hard not to.’ Frank muttered. The room fell silent as they both tried to gain composure of their emotions. A thought suddenly sprang to Franks mind.
‘You…you didn’t really go to the store the other night did you?’ he asked turning back to face her again. Jamia sat still, eyes transfixed on the man she loved and not one word fell from her mouth.
‘Well?’ Frank waited for an answer and in the silence of the room his temper rose.
‘Did you Jamia?’ he barked crossing the room, he pulled her roughly to her feet.
‘No I didn’t’ she whispered shaking her head.
‘So you lied to me’ Frank said letting his arms fall from her body ‘you lied to me then and you lied to me tonight.’ Jamia sniffed but said nothing. She refused to look into his eyes, afraid of all the emotions that they would portray. She knew she had hurt him but she didn’t want to see it written on his face.
‘I’m out of here’ Frank said calmly, he grabbed his cell off the coffee table and headed for the door.
‘Frank, wait.’ Jamia sobbed, he had never walked out on her before. ‘Please don’t leave.’
‘I have to.’ He said sadly turning to face her ‘I...I feel like I don’t even know who you are’
‘I’m your fiancé’ she said not bothering to mask the shake in her voice.
‘No you’re not.’ He sighed deeply ‘My Jamia would never lie to me’ and with that he left, leaving her rooted to the spot with tears rolling down her face.
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