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Chapter 42

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Frank heads to Ray's. Gerard upsets Cheyenne. Mikey finds out about Lyn. Alicia snaps at Gerard and Jamia spends the night alone.

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'Cheyenne it's me Gerard'
'I know it's you' Cheyenne giggled at the sound of his voice 'How have you been Mr?'
'Good' he lied. He didn't want to tell her about all the drama that had happened over the last couple of hours. He wouldn't know where to start or if she'd even understand the situation.
'You've never been good at hiding your emotions I can hear from your voice that something is not right. So tell me how have you really been?' Cheyenne urged. She heard him sigh and she waited patiently for him to talk as she settled her self comfortably in her favourite arm chair.
'What are you wearing?' Gerard said finally, he tried to make his voice sound light but the weight of the drama earlier made it difficult.
'Clothes' Cheyenne said dully. This wasn't the subject that she wanted to deal with now. She could tell her man was upset and she desperately wanted to help. It was hard for her being so far away, she felt like she wasn’t being a proper girlfriend and now he needed her she wanted to be there emotionally and mentally if she couldn't be with him physically. Gerard grabbed a cigarette from his box and lit it. He took a deep drag and inhaled as he spoke 'Are you going to say anything more?'
'No, not on the subject of what I’m wearing' Cheyenne said honestly. 'Tell me what's the matter baby? Did something bad happen today?' Gerard opened his mouth to speak but paused, he was debating whether or not to tell her what had happened. Would she understand where he was coming from or would she be jealous that he was spending time with his ex. would she side with him or Jamia?
'I'm just under a lot of stress at the moment that's all' he sighed watching the grey smoke escape from his mouth.
'What's stressing you out?' Cheyenne said. She wanted to communicate with so badly, she felt as though they were disconnecting.
'Nothing major really' he said shifting his weight and lying flat on his bed 'I just miss you a lot'
'I miss you too Gerard, I'll be home soon' Cheyenne said trying to make the situation a little less awkward, which is what it was, she felt as though she was talking to a stranger.
'Good and everything will be better again' he said more to himself then to her.
'What's wrong with everything now' she asked again
'You're not here that's what's wrong with it?' He said stubbing his cigarette out 'i need you that's all.'
'As much a like to hear those words, I know it's more then that. Please open up to me' she asked 'It's hard enough being this far away from you, to tell you the truth I feel like I’m talking to a stranger.'
'What do you want me to say Cheyenne? There's nothing for me to tell you.'
'Then why are you in this mood?'
'It's not against the law to be in a mood is it' Gerard snapped 'I don't have to tell you everything, I'm entitled to some privacy aren't I?' he heard her intake of breath and knew but didn't care that his words hurt her.
'You know what you're right' Cheyenne said 'you don't have to tell me anything from now on keep everything to your god damn self.'
'I will' Gerard said haughtily
'Why the fuck did you bother calling?' Cheyenne snapped
'I have no idea I thought I missed you, turns out I made a mistake' Gerard retorted
'No I think it was me who made the mistake' Cheyenne said slamming the phone down.

Alicia stood by the stairs with her hand over her mouth. She wasn't eaves dropping she had come down to ask Gerard if wanted to join them for dinner but he had been so engrossed by his conversation that he didn't notice her enter. It took him a while but he finally spotted her.
'Did you enjoy the show?' he mocked lighting another cigarette.
'Was that Cheyenne?' Alicia asked
'Not that's it's any of your business but yes it was.
'Why did you talk to her like that?'
'Once again none of your business.'
'You are such an asshole' Alicia said digging her cell out her pocket she dialled Cheyenne's number. On the third ring a sobbing Cheyenne answered
'It's Alicia...I heard what that asshole said to you...I have no idea' Alicia shot Gerard the filthiest look she could and let the room consoling her friend over the phone.
Once upstairs Alicia put Cheyenne on hold when she saw Mikey 'Your brother is a fucking moron'
'What did he do?' Mikey asked
'He upset Cheyenne. He's in one of his fucking idiot moods. Go talk to him' Alicia ordered then went back to talking to Cheyenne. Mikey sighed and heaved himself off the chair, why him? He didn't bother knocking on the basement door and quickly made his way down the stairs, to find Gerard sitting with his head in his hands
'I'm a big idiot' he confessed
'So what's new' Mikey replied throwing himself down next to his brother.

'Hey man' Frank said as Ray opened the door
'Dude what are you doing here?' Ray asked surprised to see his friend at this hour. Ok to be honest it wasn't that late, it had just gone 10pm but still it was strange.
'Is it okay if I crash here tonight?' Frank asked 'Me and Jamia just had a huge row and I don't wanna go back home.'
'Of course you can' Ray said letting his friend in 'What happened?'
'I really don't want to talk about it' Frank answered, he wasn't sure if he should tell them what spawned the argument.
'No, that’s' cool' Ray said not feeling put out by his friends discretion 'Do you want some food? Christa and I ordered in and there a little left over.'
'No it's okay' Frank said holding up his hand 'I just want to take a shower and hit the sack'
'Understood' Ray said leading the way into the living room where Christa was lounging on the couch, she looked up as they both entered 'Hey Frankie, what are you doing here so late?'
'He's going to crash here for the night' Ray answered.
'That's okay with you isn't it?' Frank asked. It was only right to ask her too, she sort of lived there.
'You are always welcome' Christa said smiling to hide her concern, she thought it best not mention Jamia.
'Come on' Ray said hitting Franks chest lightly 'I'll get you a towel and something to sleep in.'
'I'll go sort out the spare room' Christa announced getting up.
'Thanks' Frankie said following both of them out of the living room and heading for the bathroom.
Locking the door behind him he switched on the shower and set the temperature. Throwing off his t-shirt he studied himself in the mirror. He hated the way his eyes showed everything he was feeling. He sighed, he looked very tired, not much like himself. It was strange how one thing could make your whole appearance change. A knock at the door broke his thoughts and he stepped across the small bathroom to reveal Ray with a green towel slung across his shoulder.
'You cool' Ray asked regarding his friend.
'Yeah just very tired'
'Listen I don't know what happened between you and Jamia but you're welcome to stay here as long as you need to okay.' Ray offered.
'Thanks' Frank said taking the towel from over his friends shoulder.
'You're welcome. Mi Casa, Su casa. Anything you need just holler.'
'Actually I was wondering if you wanted to join me. I'd like to find out why they call you Torosaurus.' Frank joked, looking below his friends waist making both of them laugh.
'There is something so wrong with you' Ray said closing the door. Taking off the rest of his clothes Frank stepped into the welcoming heat of the shower and wondered how his day had gone so wrong.

'Do you know what happened today?' Cheyenne asked Alicia eagerly
'No, I've been hanging with Mikey all day. I haven't spoken to any of the others.'
'But I could find out' Alicia told her
'Would you?' Cheyenne mused 'I just feel so helpless and disconnect being this far, you know.'
'Trust me I know' Alicia said nodding understandingly even though Cheyenne couldn't see it. 'So you're not upset then?' she had to check Cheyenne was ok before she hung up.
'No I'm just mad at the idiot.' Cheyenne said 'But we'll work it out'
'Good, I'll find out if anything happened and I'll let you know' Alicia promised
'Thanks Ali' Cheyenne said hanging up.

Alicia sighed and headed for the basement stairs. She was already tired and now she felt even more so. Without knocking she opened the basement door to speak to Mikey.
'Hun, I'm going to bed. I'll see you when you get up here.'
'Ok babe' he answered.
'Is Cheyenne okay?' Gerard asked wincing as he said it.
'What do you care?' Alicia spat angrily. She waited for his reply but heard nothing but a sad sigh and she softened. 'She's fine Gerard' she said eventually
'Whatever.' She said slamming the basement door.
Gerard exhaled deeply and sat further back on his bed, Mikey regarded his older sibling wondering what was going on inside his head.
'Am I wrong Mikey?' Gerard asked finally, twirling his silver lighter in his hand. Mikey didn't reply straight away he thought about the question first and what Gerard had told him of the events leading up to now. Finally he spoke. 'No. I don't think you're wrong.' he paused 'However I can see what Jamia is trying to do too. Given you and Lyn's past relat...'
'But that's in the past' Gerard interrupted. Mikey gave his brother his best 'shut up and listen' face and continued. 'Given you and Lyn's past relationship I can see why Jamia is being so protective of you Gerard. She cares about you and doesn't want to see you get hurt. But on the other hand I can see what you're doing for Lyn. But Gerard, I would be careful your emotions always get the best of you and you slip so easily. I mean you managed to upset Cheyenne and you were only on the phone to her for two seconds.'
'Yeah' Gerard grumbled in response. 'I didn’t mean to take it out on her. I just want to be trusted.'
'Its not you we don't trust, it's Lyn.' Mikey told him.
'But she different' Gerard said for the fifth time that day 'and I want everyone to see it too. It can't be easy for her to lose everyone all at once, we at one time were her family and she lost us all. She wants to make amends and it would be wrong for me to turn her away.'
Mikey said nothing, he was mulling over everything in his head. What would he do in this situation?
'There's too much to consider' Mikey said with a yawn 'I'm tired we can talk more tomorrow'
'Mikes' Gerard spoke out stopping his brother mid-step' Just one more thing before you go'
'What would you do?'
'Honestly?' Mikey asked
'I would take Lyn out for a meal, let her say and do whatever she felt she needed to do to make up for the damage she caused and then I'd call it a day.' Mikey answered truthfully.
'You'd leave her behind' Gerard asked quietly.
'For the sake of my future yes’ Mikey replied.

It had taken Jamia half and hour but she finally done it. She had pulled herself together and marched herself to bed. Now between the covers of the bed she shared with Frank the tears flowed again. She wiped at her nose roughly with a tissue but let the tears fall freely onto her pillow. She berated herself for letting him leave. He'd never walked out on her before not ever. She should've grabbed him and made him stay she could have fixed it. She reached over and grabbed his pillow she held it to her chest and inhaled his scent. She closed her eyes and again saw the way he looked at her, he looked ashamed, embarrassed even, it was such a stretch from the way he usual looked at her. She sobbed now a quiet, pathetic noise that helped to ease the pain in her heart. She felt helpless, lonely and confused. Sleep was trying to take over but every time she closed her eyes a little more of the argument played out in her head. It was like a movie she paused every time she opened her eyes, it stopped where she left off, waiting for her to close her eyes and resume. She turned over now, still clutching Frank's pillow as though it were a life jacket. Her thoughts went to Cheyenne, what would happen now Lyn was between her and Gerard? Why couldn't he see that she was protecting him? Why didn't Frank see that she was protecting her friends? Why didn't he take her side and commend her for her actions. Once again she sobbed, it was angry this time, she was mad at her fiancé. He didn't even try and understand where she was coming from. She hit his pillow hard, not once but twice, feeling nothing. It hadn't stopped the hurt she was feeling or relieve the frustration growing within her. In one last attempt to feel something, she threw the pillow at the dresser, knocking over the contents it held, but she wanted more, taking her phone in her hand she threw it at the vanity mirror. It shattered and she watched as pieces of glass rained down over the dresser, crushing her make up and smashing bottles of Frank's aftershaves. Jamia sobbed one last time and a small smile crept across her lips. She felt better. Falling back onto her mattress she lay still, her breathing angry and heavy till she fell asleep.
The house was quiet as Gerard crept back down the main staircase of the house to the basement. He had just had a shower, he thought it would soothe him but he was wrong, but now at least he was ready for bed, if and when he fell asleep. He decided to call Cheyenne back and apologise, he wasn't sure if he'd tell her about Lyn. There wasn't much to tell really they hung out a few times, that was all. No big deal.
Drying himself off he threw his towel into the corner of the room as usual and slipped on some shorts. Grabbing his pad and pencil he settled himself on his bed. He dialled Cheyenne number and waited he heard her familiar voice mail greeting and hung up. He sat further back on the bed and started to draw. As the pencil's lead glided over the paper Gerard's mind drifted, he wasn't concentrating on what he was drawing he let his hand do the work. He was interrupted when his phone noisily vibrated on his bedside table. It was a message that he hoped would bee from Cheyenne, but it wasn't.

Gerard. Just texting coz I'm worried about you. I hope it's all okay on your end. I'm really sorry about today it was great up until Jamia showed up. Hope you're not mad at me and that we can still be friends

Gerard read the message through twice and hit the reply button. He started the text then erased it, then he did it again and again he erased it. What he was typing in didn't sound how he wanted it to sound. Exiting the message he scrolled through his contact list and called Lyn. On the third ring she picked up.

'Hi Gerard' Lyn answered
'Hey' He said smiling slightly at the sound of her voice 'How you doing?'
'Ok. I've been worried about you.'
'Yeah I know I got your text. I've been worried about you too.'
'I didn’t mean to cause so much trouble.'
'You didn't. Jamia was just being Jamia, she's always been the watch dog'
'Yeah I know, she used to watch out for me too.' Lyn said she waited for him to speak but he didn't 'Look like I said before I didn't mean to cause any sort of trouble. I guess it would be best if we didn't see each other anymore.' She heard the click of his lighter and his breath as he exhaled a line of smoke.
'I don't want that' He said honestly
'I don't want it either but it would just be easier, don't you think?'
'Easier for who? You and I both know that there's nothing between us anymore' he said feeling a slight pain in his chest as he said it 'I don't see why we can't be friends.'
'Because your other friends don't like me' she said matter-of-factly 'I just think it's for the best of us if we don't see each other. I mean we've had time together, we've had fun let's just leave it there.'
'We're not doing anything wrong though' Gerard said more to himself.
'I know that but I can't see this situation getting any simpler. Lyn said 'I don't want to cause a problem between you and the band or you and Cheyenne.'
'But you won' because there's nothing between us right?' Gerard said
'Right' Lyn said quietly 'Look Gerard, I want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. When we were together I loved you so much I still do a little, you were my whole world and I let that world get destroyed by drugs. I nearly destroyed you. I just want you to know I'm so sorry.'
'I know you are' Gerard said 'And you're forgiven, we all make mistakes Lyn.'
'I have to go' Lyn said 'but thanks for giving me the chance to show who I am now'.
'It doesn't have to be over yet' Gerard said, Lyn heard the desperation in his voice.
'What do you mean?' she asked curiously.
'Cheyenne isn't back for two weeks, maybe we can spend time together till then. Give us a chance to properly get to know each other again and then we'll say goodbye. What do you think?' Gerard held his breath while he waited for her to answer.
'Okay.' She said eventually 'Two weeks and then we'll go our separate ways. Deal?'
'Deal' Gerard said excitedly.
'I think it's best if we keep this under wraps don't you? I personally don't think Marcus will be to chuffed with me spending time with you.'
Gerard flinched at the mention of Marcus's name. 'It’s cool with me.'
'Right I'm def going now' Lyn said with a laugh 'I'm very tired.
'Me too. Goodnight my dirty little secret' Gerard laughed.
'Night Gerard' Lyn said giggling 'See you soon.'
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