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Chapter 43

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Franks not ready to return home. Christa comforts Jamia and Gerard and Lyn have...well I'll let you find out for yourselves.

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Jamia was shocked to find it just gone 14.30 when she woke up; she rolled over and groaned as last nights events played through her mind. Where was Frank? Getting out of bed she was greeted by the mess she created when she angrily threw her phone against the mirror.
'You are a moron' she muttered to herself shaking her head. Walking over to the mess she watched her footing as she picked up her phone and battery and put them back together. Once in the kitchen she pored herself a glass of orange and silently prayed for her phone to work. It did. She waited for it to come alive and notify her of any messages, there was one and she hoped it was Frank but it was from Christa. Placing the phone gently on the table Jamia sipped her juice. Even an angry message from Frank was better then no message at all. Sighing to herself she carried her juice and phone back into the bedroom. What was the point of getting out of bed anyway?

'Alicia please stop asking me' Mikey begged his fiancé.
'Why won't you tell me?'
'Because. There's nothing to tell.'
‘This is Gerard we're talking about there's always something to tell.' Alicia retorted.
'I'm not talking about this anymore' Mikey stated rolling over and covering his shoulders with his quilt.
'Fine I'm not talking to you' Alicia announced getting up and leaving the room. Scowling at her fiancés defiance she headed down the stairs to the kitchen, she promised Cheyenne she'd find out what happened yesterday and so far she had nothing.
'Morning' Gerard said cheerfully
'Hey' Alicia grumbled in response 'Is there coffee?'
'Yeah, have a seat I'll get you a cup' he offered
'Oh...thanks' she said pulling out a dining chair and taking a seat. 'So err, have you-have you have you spoken to Cheyenne?'
'Yes I did this morning' Gerard beamed remembering the conversation he had with his girl; it was sweet, refreshing and apologetic. All was well again and it added to his already elated feeling about his budding relationship with Lyn. 'Everything's okay. I was just having a bad day yesterday that was all'
'Wanna talk about it?' Alicia said with a smile, this was a sure fire way of finding out about last night.
'Na I'm good, it's nothing to worry about.' He didn't want anyone else finding out about yesterday, it wasn't pleasant and it didn't paint Jamia in a good light. He wanted to keep it between the people who already knew. No one else needed to know even if they were his close friends and family.
'Well if you need to talk I'm all ears.' She said. Damn, she needed to know what happened.
'Ok I gotta go' Gerard announced grabbing his jacket form the dining chair next to Alicia 'I'm off to the new house, I want to do some decorating before I go shopping for more furniture.'
'Sounds like fun' Alicia said sarcastically
'Its lots of fun' Gerard replied remembering his afternoon with Lyn 'I'll see you later.'

'I'm just going to go over to Jamia's Christa whispered to Ray, she was wrapped in his arms as they had just shared a tender kiss. 'I'm worried about her'
'Okay' he said brushing her hair from her eyes 'I'll keep my eye on Frankie.'
'What do you think happened?' she inquired
'I don't know and it's none of our business' he reminded her 'but I’m sure they'll settle it in no time.'
'I hope so I've never known them to spend voluntary time apart.'
'Go on get going' Ray said pecking her lips quickly 'Tell her I said hi'
'Will do' Christa said grabbing her keys off the table and heading out the door.
Ray watched her leave then sighed; he hated watching her go anywhere even if she would be back in a little while he wanted to be with her all the time. He smiled at the thought of it; man was he in love or what. He sat down at the table to finish his coffee, he had errands to run but wanted to make sure Frank was okay before he left, he'd wait for him to wake up. Not that he would admit it to Christa but he too was curious as to what happened between Frank and Jamia, they were the closet couple he knew.

Frank had been awake for a few hours he was up, washed and dressed before both Ray and Christa but had returned to the comfort of the bed he slept in the night before. He had checked his cell phone three times in the few hours he'd been up but not one message had come through from Jamia. Why hadn't she text or called? Was she okay? Was he meant to call her first? He wasn't sure what he was meant to do but he was still mad, no not mad, disappointed. What he found out about Jamia last night was a shock to the system he was seeing her in a different light, but he didn't love her any less, he was afraid he's wake this morning and the feelings that he had for her would be gone, luckily they weren't but the disappointed feeling still remained. Getting out of the guest double bed he tided the covers back and left the sanctuary of the bedroom. He wandered into the kitchen to find Ray hunched over the table writing what looked like a shopping list.
'Morning honey' Frank said kissing his band mate quickly on the cheek
'Ew!' Ray said rubbing his cheek 'please don't do that'
'You weren’t saying that last night' Frank teased grabbing a glass from the cupboard above the sink.
'I don't believe I said anything to you last night' Ray retorted
'That's because your mouth was busy' Frank laughed
'Enough' Ray said shaking his head at his friend 'did you sleep ok?'
'Like a baby' Frank said 'where's Christa?'
'She went out' Ray said 'shopping or something'
'That's odd' Frank said sceptically
'Why?' Ray questioned
'Because you've got the shopping list is in your hand' Frank said 'She's gone to see Jamia hasn't she?'
‘Yeah she has' Ray said shrugging his shoulders helplessly
'Well someone should' Frank said taking his glass to the sink
'Don't you think that person should be you' Ray inquired
'Nope' Frank said honestly 'Not yet.'
Ray didn't respond and the silence surrounded the two friends each wanting to say more but knowing better not to.

'Oh yes, Yes Gerard, yes yes Oh my god yes' Lyn panted 'oh yessss.' Lying comfortably amongst her rumpled sheets Lyn lay momentarily exhausted. Taking her time to calm her rapidly beating heart she smiled as her womanhood tingled gently from a passing orgasm. Removing her hand from her knickers she lifted her hips and pulled her jeans back up to their correct position to button them. Running her hand up her face and through her hair she sighed contentedly.
'Just what I needed' she said to herself as she sat up slowly swinging her legs over the bed side, she quickly glanced at her bedside clock and smiled. Gerard would be around to pick her up any minute and she wasn't appropriately dressed. Walking over to her closet she looked in and frowned there was nothing in here that she could work in. Taking a step back to view the whole closet she ummed and aahed scrunching her face up and frowning until she settled on a fairly old pair of skinny jeans and a plain black low cut t-shirt. It was the best she could do for the job at hand. Undressing herself quickly as she knew her time was running out she folded the garments as she removed them and laid them gently on the bed. She didn't respect many people or things but clothes were definitely something she did and she always took special care of her clothes. She was about to slip on her jeans when a familiar knock sounded at the door.
'I'm not ready yet' she hissed looking at her semi nude reflection, she smiled at the coincidence that befell her, she was half naked and the man she wanted to fuck was at the door. Shrugging her bare shoulders she went to let him in.
'Hi' Lyn said coyly as she half opened the door
'You're not ready' Gerard stated
'I just need two minutes' she said showing him two fingers 'I was getting dressed when you knocked'
'Cool, I'll wait in the car' He said
'Don't be silly' she said throwing open the door to display her bra and thong combo 'It's freezing outside. Gerard face was a picture and Lyn loved hid. To be fair he hid his shock well but Lyn knew him well enough to know that a lump would rise in his throat and on cue Gerard swallowed. He stepped into the house and Lyn greeted him as she always did with a kiss on the cheek.
'I'll be really quick' She promised walking away 'Make yourself at home' Gerard nodded and silently followed her into the living room watching her ass bounce as she walked, he could see the small teasing v of her thong and he felt a familiar twinge in his loins.
'Will you be okay for a few' Lyn asked over her shoulder
'Yeah' Gerard said snapping back to attention 'I'll be thon...fine. Just fine, absolutely fine.'

'Here let me' Christa offered taking the mini vac from Jamia. Kneeling down she carefully picked up all the big pieces of glass and placed them in a plastic bag.
'Well look on the Brightside at least it smells nice in here' Christa joked
'Yeah' Jamia said with a small smile 'he always smells nice'
'Listen Jamia, I'm not sure what happened between you and Frank but you should know he's just as miserable as you are.' Christa said turning the mini vac on and hoovering up the smaller pieces of glass
'I hope he is' Jamia said doubting whether her friends statement was true
'Trust me he looked awful last night' Christa reassured her 'he looked very...lost.'
'It's my fault, I made a mistake'
'Is it fixable?' Christa asked, she wanted to know what happened but didn't want to out right ask.
'yeah it's fixable but it's complicated' Jamia admitted 'we got some talking to do.'
'so why don't you call him?'
'I don't think I can, I don't think he'll answer, this has never happened before, I don't know what to do.'
'Look one of you has to make the first move and if you say it's all your fault then you should make it, so here' Christa said tossing Jamia's cell at her 'give him a call'

'So what's on the agenda today?' Lyn asked balancing five paper bags of food on her lap. They had just picked up the lunch orders for the decorating team and were heading back to them now.
'Decorating first then more furniture shopping.' Gerard said.
'Sound great' Lyn said forcing her lips to form a smile. Sounds like crap
'and maybe later you and I can grab a bite to eat' Gerard said stealing a quick glance at her 'If you want to.'
'Sure...yeah, I mean whatever' Lyn spluttered then laughed 'Sounds good' she blushed.

'Honies I'm home' Gerard called out once he set foot into the hallway of the Bryar-Way residence.
'About time' Melanie called out 'we're starving'
'Look at us we're wasting away' Claire joked placing her paintbrush carefully on the lid.
'Who's this' Wen asked smiling cheerfully at Lyn
'This is Lyn a really good friend of mine' Gerard said placing the food bags onto the kitchen counter.
'And who are all of you?' Lyn asked with a false smile, she hated Gerard being friendly with other women and here he was working with five of them and all of them were okay looking.
'This is Mel, Clare, Wen, Soph and Leah' Gerard said pointing out each girl as he spoke her name.
'Cool female decorators, I like it. Girl power and all of that'
'We like to think so' Wen added
'Let me give you the grand tour' Gerard said taking Lyn's arm and leading her back out of the kitchen and into the living room.
'So this is our living room, it's a nice size don't you think?' Gerard asked. Lyn smiled to herself as she took in the room she was happy that he had something to show off. 'And come this way' Gerard said taking her hand and leading her toward the stairs at the other end of the room. As they climbed the steps Lyn fought the urge to grab his arse. He always had such a delicious looking butt.
'This is the bathroom' Lyn stepped in and nodded with approval, it was nice and big, but not too big. it was just right. She followed him out of the bathroom and into a semi-decent sized room
'This is the 1st guest room' he said holding the door open
'You mean Bob's room' Lyn said 'he's the only one of you without a house here isn't he'
'Yeah, you're right' Gerard agreed following Lyn into the next room
'And this has to be the second guest room' She said noting it's comfortable size
'Well for now'
'For now?
'Well one day it might be a nursery' Gerard said. Lyn swallowed quickly to hide the gasp that had risen in her throat. Was Gerard thinking about kids or was Cheyenne planting that idea into his head? She risked a glance at him, his eyes were glazed and unfocused and he wore an expression she had never seen before but yet his body was relaxed, he seemed content. Was he planning what the room would look like?
'So err, can I stay at Casa Bryar- Way?' Lyn joked
'Yeah but only when Cheyenne isn't home' Gerard said with a laugh.
'That was a joke right?' Lyn said with a small chuckle
'Who knows' Gerard said flashing her that cheeky but sexy grin he had mastered. It always made her knees weak and today was no exception.
'And last but not least, this is where the magic happens...or will as soon as we get a bed'
'Easy Mr. Way we're just friends remember' Lyn flirted
'For now' Gerard said noting her flirty manner and playing along.
'Ooh down boy' Lyn said walking over to the window and checking out the view. She looked outside and it was a lovely view, this street was quiet and clean, the kind of street where you could let your kid outside to play in the street and you knew they'd be okay. That was rare for new jersey. Suddenly Lyn wished that this was her future, her home, her room, her picturesque view.
'What are you thinking' Gerard asked coming up behind her his breath tickling her ear as each word left his mouth.
'Nothing' Lyn said shocked by his close presence. His hands were either side of her resting on the window ledge. She was trapped and it scared her and excited her all at once. What was he expecting?
'C'mon you can tell me' Gerard urged quietly in her ear, he so wanted to know what was going on in her head.
'I was thinking what a beautiful view you have from this window.' she whispered, she was afraid to move afraid to speak, all she could do was absorb the warmth of his body on her back and feel her heart pounding rapidly against her rib cage, she could feel her woman hood stirring. Gerard's heart was thundering against his chest too. What was he doing this close to her? He hadn't even realised how they were standing. He didn't want to be this close to her, but he felt like he was in a trance as he watched her staring absentmindedly out of the window. What was he meant to do now. The easiest thing to do would be just to take a step back and yet his body was disobeying what his mind was commanding it to do. Lyn took a discreet deep breath, her mind was racing. What could she do? Should she kiss him? should she stay as she is and hope to God that Gerard made his move or should she make the move. its now or never Turning slowly 180 degrees Lyn stood now with her back to the window ledge, Gerard hadn't moved a muscle, his hands still held firmly to the window ledge his arms still kept Lyn in her place and yet all the while alarm bells were ringing in his head and a voice was shouting at him to step away and yet he stared into Lyn’s familiar brown eyes. The tension was stifling, there they were, two people with a sexual yet destructive past stood within inches of each other, hearts beating rapidly, palms sweating, bodies yearning, and yet they were moving in slow motion. The passion was suffocating but neither of them could break the connection, it was strong, just like it had been in the past, just like it was that night at Francesco's. kiss me Lyn begged in her mind. She nearly whimpered out loud she was desperate to feel his lips again, to feel that jolt of electricity that always coursed through her every time his lips touched hers. She made a move. She barely felt her body inching forward but with each fraction of an inch she was certain she could feel the vibration of his heart. Gerard's eyes were now focused on Lyn's red lips, her eyes closed softly as she came towards him. He was frozen. He could smell the scent of her cherry lip-gloss and the freshness of her breath from the gum she chewed. It was a tantalising and beautiful smell, it sent a jolt to his manhood speeding the flow of blood to the tip. She was close now. she could smell his cigarette and coffee breath and she wanted it, she wanted to taste it so bad that her woman hood ached in anticipation, she was closer now she could feel the warm of his breath against the tip of her tongue. I've waited so long
'GERARD!!!' Mel stood at the bottom of the steps and screamed for his attention
'You could've just gone upstairs' Claire complained, she had walked past just as Mel shouted and the sound went straight through her.
'Too lazy' Mel said shrugging.
'I'll be right there' Gerard called back. His mind snapped back into the real world, He straightened up quickly shoving his hands into his pockets. Lyn tried to control her features, she was devastated, nearly on the verge of tears her desperateness was a physical ache and now thanks to whoever called for Gerard it would remain that way.
'I'm sorry that was my fault' Gerard muttered. 'I didn't...I- I'm sorry' Turning from her he quickly crossed the room and disappeared from view.
'But it was what I wanted' Lyn said as a tear raced down her cheek. She angrily wiped it away but another followed and then another and another and before she knew it Lyn was quietly sobbing to herself in the master bedroom of the Bryar-Way home.
A/N- Hello lovlies hope all is well with you. Yes I know it's been like forever since I've updated please don't shout at me lol. I really am trying you guys, I am. But I've got so much going right now(thought it would be a good idea to throw a school reunion on top of everything else I have going on) that my writing has to take a back seat, it has been like this for a while now. I don't expect your patience but I am working on changing my lifestyle but it's just easier said then done right now. I love writing, I do but I can't do it all the time like I want to :( I'm sorry I can't update regulary I wish I could I feel envious of other authors on here who update every day and get to share a piece of their stories with you all the time, it annoys me that I don't have so much spare time. I'm ranting now sorry lol. I promise that chapter 44 will be with you next week- I never break a promise xxx
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