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Wise Men Say JUNE 8

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Mikey and Alicia start a second honeymoon

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A professional photographer had been hired especially for the wedding and the happy couple stood with Pricilla and Elvis getting photo after photo taken. These photos would prove to be cherished memories. When the last photo had been snapped Mikey leaned over and whispered into Alicia's ear. "We gotta get going, baby."
She smiled up at him, 'Mikey thank you so much for all of this. I thought the first time we were here was the best day of my life but I was so wrong." She kissed his lips gently but with the promise of so much more.
They reluctantly said goodbye to Elvis and Pricilla who they now thought of as friends. They promised to come back and renew their vows once a year. Even if it never came to be, the promise was made with the best intentions. At the curb the white limo waited to take them to their hotel, it's engine gently purring. The driver opened the door and they got in waving goodbye. The luxury vehicle pulled out into traffic its driver obviously knowing their destination. Several minutes later Alicia was surprised when they pulled up in front of The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino." Why are we here?" Alicia asked. "I thought we were staying at the Billagio."
"I thought you would like this place even better. Wait until you see, I booked us the Penthouse Suite." Mikey told her smiling at her excitement.
The limo door was opened for them and they got out quickly. At the front desk there was a message waiting for them from Gerard. Mikey opened it quickly hoping it wasn't bad news.

Bro, Just wanted to say Happy Second Wedding. I love you both and wish you all the happiness in the world. Have a great time.

"I bet he misses you" Alicia said reading the note over Mikey's shoulder. "You Way boys are so close."
Mikey laughed, "Yeah, we are. He's the best brother in the world."
Alicia laughed, "I don't know. I think my brother is the best."
"We could stand here talking about brothers or we could go up to our suite. What's your vote?"
"I so vote for going to our suite." Alicia said giving him a smile. She linked her arm with this and they made their way to the eleventh floor to the Penthouse Suite. In the elevator, mindless to the security cameras they kissed not being able to contain their passion any longer. When the doors slid open Alicia gasped.
"Holy fuck. Mikey, look at this place." It was impossible to take it all in at once.
He knew by the look on her face and the sound of her voice he had made the right choice. "And you haven't even seen our personal bowling alley."
She turned to him her eyes full of happiness, "Bowling alley? We have our own fucking bowling alley?"
"Yep, and we have a pool table." He grabbed her and pulled her in tightly. "I wanted the best for you."
"Oh, Mikey you are unbelievable." Their lips crashed together. When they parted she looked into his eyes, "but a room at Hotel 6 would have been fine as long as I was with you."
"Want to see the pool table?" he asked stroking her face.
"Want to see the bedroom" she answered in a throaty voice.
"I totally like you're thinking but I have to show you something first. He took her hand and led her to the large desk on which sat a computer. He pulled up the band's website. Alicia looked puzzled.
Before you read this I want you to know I talked to your family and mine. He stepped back from the screen so she could see what he had pulled up on the large flat screen monitor. It was the message from Gerard that announced their marriage. Mikey watched her read the words and tried to gage her reaction. "He didn't want us to have to hide our marriage from the world anymore." Her face still showed no emotion and he began to worry. "Are you upset that it's not a secret anymore?"
She turned to look at him, "I can wear my ring where everyone can see it, I can sign my name Alicia Way, and I can shout to the world that I love my husband." She grabbed him and hugged him tightly. "I love you husband," she said laughing.
"Wife, I'm glad your happy but wasn't there something we were going to do before I showed you this?" his hands traveled down her back to gently cup her bottom.
She smiled, "I dunno, was there?" she teased.
"Let me refresh your memory." He said beginning to slowly move his hips to press against hers.
"Oh now I remember" she said pushing him back against the desk and pressing her body to his. "Something about consummating a marriage, isn't that right?"
"Fuck yeah" he said. He quickly pushed her back slightly and spun them around so that she was now pushed up against the desk. His hands quickly pulled the dress up to her waist and he lifted her so that she sat on the desk. Her panties were quickly pulled off and he threw them behind his back "Won't be needing those"
Alicia closed her eyes and her head fell back. A moan escaped her lips. Mikey kissed her lips, her neck, and her breasts through the lacy material of the dress. The feel of his hot breath through the material sent a shudder through her body. Slowly his lips traveled further down. He pushed her legs apart and kneeled in front of the desk. When his lips touched her again she cried out "Mikey Way"
He stopped what he was doing for just a moment to say "Yes Alicia Way?' Then his tongue went back to what it was doing, which was bringing her sweet pleasure.
It was much later when they ordered some food from room service. While they were eating Mikey told Alicia he had so much more planned for them. Alicia smiled, "More for tonight?"
"Fuck yeah baby. This is Vegas the city that never sleeps." He took a piece of lobster and dipped it in butter then offered it to her. Alicia opened her mouth to take the offered food then her tongue darted out to lick the buttery juice that was running down his fingers. Mikey moaned softly, "Of course we don't have to hurry, you know."
Alicia smiled and licked her lips, "Maybe we should check out the bedroom first?"
"Oh yeah" he said in a passion filled voice, "I like the way you think Alicia Way."
It was two in the morning when they finally left the penthouse suite. Alicia threw her arms around her husband when they reached their destination and she realized what he had planned. The gondola ride at the Venetian was one of the most romantic things imaginable. As they drifted along the gondola operator sang the special song requested by the happy couple...
'Wise men say only fools love this way.... but I can't help falling in love with you'
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