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Reach Out &Touch Someone JUNE 9

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Phone calls from Europe

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When Monica walked into the apartment she saw Jamia asleep on the sofa. Quietly she walked into the second bedroom and deposited her duffle bag and purse. Once done she made her way to the kitchen to start dinner. After a quick glance at the contents of the fridge she decided to make chili but because of Franks inability to eat meat it would be vegetarian. She was humming softly to herself when she heard Jamia's cell phone ring. Walking into the living room she saw Jamia stirring so she grabbed the phone and handed it to her. Jamia gave her a smile then answered.
"Hey babe" she said reminding herself over and over not to let Frank hear anything in her voice that would alert him to any problems.
"Jamia, I miss you." He blurted out.
She was surprised, she always knew he missed her as much as she missed him but he never started out a conversation this way. "Well Frankie I miss you too. Are you OK?"
He sighed, "Just tired, it's after midnight here and even tho I slept most of the day on the plane, I'm still tired. So how are you feeling? How are the babies?"
"We're fine." She wanted to turn the conversation, "You aren't getting sick are you?"
"No, man would that be fucked up. All anyone is talking about over here is Ray's accident and Mikey's marriage."
"What?" Jamia screamed, "Mikey got married? I just thought they were going to Vegas, that he was spending time with her cause of the shit they went through during the robbery."
"Yeah, me too but ask Monica, she knows the whole story. Evidently our little Mikey got married weeks ago. They were just keeping it a secret."
Jamia forgot that she wasn't going to mention Monica was at the apartment. "Monica, you have to tell me the whole story about Mikey." she yelled towards the kitchen where Monica had gone back to preparing dinner.
"Monica is over?" Frank said, "That's nice she came to see you."
Jamia made a face at Monica who was standing in the kitchen doorway. "Yeah, she came by to visit. She misses Gee as much as I miss you so where commiserating together."
"So I haven't seen it yet but Gee left a message for the fans on the website announcing Mikey's marriage."
"Wow" Jamia said, "I never thought Mikey would be the first to get married."
"Could have been me," Frank reminded her softly.
Jamia sighed, "Frankie in my heart I've been married to you the first time we kissed. I knew you would be the one I would spend my life with."
"Yeah, I knew too." he yawned, "I gotta get to bed. We have a fucking wicked day tomorrow. Interviews and appearance up to concert time. I'll call after the concert, OK?"
Jamia smiled, "That's fine, you get some sleep, have a good day tomorrow and I'll talk to you after the concert." She thought a moment, "That will he around the same time as now, right?"
"Yeah, maybe just a bit later cause I always like to stick around a bit and sign for the kids."
"Love you Frankie, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
"Love you too babe, take care of our babies." He said with soft emotion in his voice.
"I will," she said with conviction, just then the babies moved slightly and she smiled.

Monica was stirring the chili when Gerard called. She sat down he spoon and answered. "Hey, handsome, how are you?"
"Fucking drained. How are you, beautiful?" Her voice brought a smile to his tired face.
"I'm fine, just over visiting Jamia and making vegetarian chili. I figured she could use some company." She knew that she might as well tell him where she was now that Jamia had told Frank.
"That's nice. So you feel OK right?" his concern touched her.
"I feel great, actually only thing is I miss my guy. You sound tired."
"Yeah, flying all day does that to you. We watched The Pursuit of Happyness on the plane. Worm cried." He laughed.
"I heard it's a good movie but I can't imagine Worm crying is it that touching?"
He took a drag off his cigarette before answering, "Yeah, gotta admit it was. You know if you want to see a dude cry just have him watch a movie with dad stuff in it." He paused then added, "So how's my mom and dad?"
Monica giggled, "Still not over walking in on them are you?"
"Fuck, that was embarrassing, then to have Kell tell me it was Ok cause they are old. Oh man, that was wicked. Did you know he'd been staying over?"
"I had my suspicions. I thought you'd be happy about that. I thought you wanted them to get back together."
"Hell, I do want them to, I just don't want to walk in on it." he took another drag, "So what did you do today?"
She had to think quickly, she couldn't tell him she had spent most of the day with Jamia at the doctors. "Not much, I figured I'd just take it easy."
The answer seemed to please him, "That's good, cause that's what you promised me. Tomorrow we have so much shit planned it's crazy. I doubt I'll have time to call until after the concert."
"That's fine, you don't have to call every day honey." She wanted him to of course but she didn't want him to feel like he had to if he was too busy.
"I have to, cause I have to hear your voice."
Jamia yelled from the other room. She had gotten off the phone with Frank and wanted to know all about Mikey and Alicia.
"What's she yelling about?" Gerard asked.
Monica rolled her eyes, "She wants to know all about your brother's marriage. I'm guessing Frank knows now?"
"Hell, everyone's knows now. I had the message I told you about posted on the website."
"I'm glad, no more hiding it. I bet they are having a wonderful time in Vegas."
"I'm sure they are. I'm glad Mikey found someone to love that loves him just as much." He thought a minute, "Sure you don't want to sneak off to Vegas when I get back and get married?
I've got almost a week before we have to take off for Canada."
"Gee, stop tempting me. We agreed that we would get married in September."
"We could get married on your birthday." He tried again; the woman was driving him insane.
She signed, "I thought I explained to you I'm not having one of those this year."
He laughed loudly, "God, I wish I could see your face right now. You are so fucking adorable when you say that."
"Adorable or not you are not to speak of the "B" word again." She balanced the cell phone on her shoulder and picked up the spoon to stir the chili.
"I love you" he said with a sigh, "I wish you were with me."
"I love you too and I wish I was there. Now get some sleep. No one wants a cranky lead singer, especially Frank and Bob."
"I'll call after the concert," He reminded her softly. "Take care of yourself and tell the girls I said hi. Oh, and tell Kell that I read three of the graphic novels she gave me."
"I'll tell her, now sleep Mr. Way." she smiled.
"As you wish" he said repeating a line from "The Princess Bride"

Bob gave up trying to find a quiet spot from which to call Kara. His roommate, Matt was entertaining not one, but three young ladies. He wasn't quite sure just where Matt had picked them up. The lobby despite the late hour was teaming with people. He ended up sitting in the hallway between rooms. Fortunately, the band had booked all of the rooms in this small wing, so he didn't have to worry about disturbing other hotel guests.
Kara's cell was one ring from going to voice mail when she finally answered.
Bob grimaced but cheerfully answered, "Hi Stinkerbell." Kara launched into a description of her day. Bob patiently listened finally interrupting her.
"Hey, I've got a surprise for you." That got Kara's attention.
"What is it?"
"It's in the linen closet. Go look"
Bob listened to Kara softly humming to herself as she skipped to the closet. He held the phone from his ear as Kara let out a scream.
"Pookie!!" Bob had (with Kelly's help) hidden a huge stuffed Pookie sporting a giant bow. He was merrily sitting on a folded towel. There was a card tucked under one arm.
"Oh, Bob. He's so cute." Kara dissolved into tears for the 5th time that day while opening the card. Kara read the card to herself. "Oh, Bob. That's so sweet! I'll send you hugs thru him everyday." Bob's card had explained that he had deposited two week's worth of hugs for Kara with his namesake and that she could send him hugs back thru the stuffed animal. And when she was really missing him she could whisper in his ear and Bob would hear her.
"Kara, I hate to say it, but I've got to get to bed. It's going to be a really long day tomorrow. We have interviews before the concerts. Look, I'll call you right after the concert tomorrow. It'll be about 5:00 your time."
"Thank you, Bob. I love my Pookie. I love you. Good night....."
"Good night, Stinkerbell"
Bob hung up and leaned back against the wall.
"Goodnight, Pookie...Sweet dreams." Frank had stuck his head out of the room. He laughed loudly. "Goodnight John-Boy" he said into the room as he ducked back in.
"Goodnight Sweetie Darling" came Gerard's answering call. They both laughed.

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