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/Brittney's P.O.V/

Pete's birthday was fast approaching and Libby was freaking out.

"His party will never be like Andy's" she kept saying over and over. I swear if she said it one more time I am going to slap her. She should be happy for him, not all depressed like this. Something has to be bothering her.

"Libby" I sighed, we were driving in my car to Pete's house and she just stared blankly out the window, it's been like this for days now, and Pete's birthday is today. She looked over at me with a blank stare. "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Nothing" I heard her voice crack and she dabbed her face with the hoodie she had on. This was pissing me off. I stopped the car and pulled over to the side of the road.

"What are you doing?" she asked not looking at me.

"I'm getting to the bottom of this" I hissed. She turned around to me, she had dark bags under her eyes and they were red. It looked like she had been crying for days. She took one look at my angry face and burst into tears again. All my anger left me and I hugged her.

"Libbs, what's wrong?" I asked her again.

"It's-It's Pete" she mumbled into my now wet shoulder.

"Why, what did he do?" I asked shocked.

"Nothing, he didn't do anything" she gasped.

"I will kill him if he hurt you." I said getting angry.

"No it's nothing like that." She told me sitting up again. "It just his birthday and I--"


"I don't think he will want me anymore."

"Why would you think that?" I asked getting confused.

"Well I think that if I don't go...far with him. He will leave me."

It was all starting to make sense to me now.

"I'm not ready for that Britt, I mean I'm only 18, and he is turning 19 soon we will graduate and go our separate ways. Why does he even want me now? I mean he is so perfect and I'm just...average. No not even that I'm nothing, just little old Elizabeth Parker Trohman. The only reason he ever met me was through Joe. And I'll bet the only reason he is dating me is because Joe will kick his ass if he breaks my heart."

This must be serious; I've never heard her refer to her self by her full name. She doesn't let anyone call her that, ever.

"You are being ridiculous." I told her, "Pete loves you, and will love you no matter what"

"How do you know?" she whispered, something was defiantly wrong. I've never seen her this way. Someone had to have put these stupid thoughts in her head. I mean Pete was a guy and he would have feelings like that but he loved her. With all his heart and soul. I know he does, I can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. It's the same thing I see in Andy's eyes when he looks at me. It how I know we were meant for each other.

"Libby let's just get through the party, we can talk about your hallucinations later." I didn't want it to sound like I thought she was crazy but it came out wrong. She just glared back at me hatefully.

"I hate you." She mumbled.

"Libby I didn't mean it I just--"

"Just drive" she spat back at me. There was nothing more I could do so I stepped on the gas and sped the rest of the way to Pete's house.
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