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i felt bad for not updating so long so here ya go :]]]]], this ones a shocker!!

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/Libby's P.O.V/

The car ride was silent after I told Brittney that I hated her. I didn't mean it but I couldn't apologize right away it's not in my nature. God, why do I have to be such a stubborn bitch sometimes, Pete loves me he does he does he does. I kept saying it over and over in my head. Alice is a bitch, why did I let her talk to me. It only could end up this way, me depressed mad at the world. I don't want to lose my best friend and the love of my life over some drunk, jealous, angry bitch. After the party I'll smooth things over with Brittney and everything will go back to normal. I won't tell Pete about Alice, he'll be pissed. I'll forget what she said, and Pete will have a great time tonight. We pulled up to the house and Brittney stopped the car. I jumped out before she could say anything probably not the best idea seeing my current situation.

I walked into the house, to be greeting by four smiling boys with their hands behind their backs. I didn't trust this. My hand lingered on the doorknob as Brittney walked inside. We exchanged knowing glances and shut our eyes. The next thing I knew I was drenched head to toe in ice cold water. I opened my eyes to the hysterical boys with now empty water guns.

"Oh Petey" I smirked.

"Yes my love?" He said coming up to me and kissing my cheek.

"Wanna know I secret?"

"Yes" he squealed jumping up and down.

"Payback's a bitch" I took the whip cream I brought for the party out of my bag and squirted him in the face. He looked shocked for a minute, but then licked his lips.

"I taste delicious" he smirked.

"I'm sure you do" I said rolling my eyes.

"Wanna try?" he smirked again.

"What?" before I could think he pulled me close and started kissing my face.

"No Pete AHHH!" I screamed. "You're getting me all sticky."

Everyone giggled when Pete pulled away from me, Great now I was wet and sticky. I needed to think of something to get him off me.

"Your present is in the car." I told him.

"You got me a present!" Pete squealed.

"Yeah I did too." Brittney said "I'll go get them."

"THEN IT'S CAKE TIME!!!!!" Lexie screamed. When did she get here?

"I made the cake myself" Reagan said appearing out of nowhere.

"Fat chance she bought it at the store!" Patrick laughed coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. He kissed the top of her head and she looked up.

"You know, you're lucky I love you or else I would punch you out." She laughed at him

"PRESENTS!" Pete screamed when Brittney walked back in. He practically tackled her to the ground and grabbed the bag out of her hands.

All together he got, all the star wars, from Joe and Lexie. A new amp, from Patrick and Reagan, some more posters and a new water gun from Brittney and Andy, and from me, I got him a Jack Skellington doll and backpack and pajama's.

"I love them all!" Pete told us, as happy as a five year old on Christmas. I looked over to Brittney she looked at me and smiled. I looked away. I sighed to myself. It's time I got this stupid silent treatment over with. I stood up and walked over to her.


Brittney's P.O.V

"I love them all!" Pete shouted after he finished opening up his gifts. I looked over at Libby and she was looking at me, she looked away and sighed. I feel really bad for that stupid fight we had today. I told Andy about it and he said not to worry. Things would smooth over in a day or two. I leaned onto his shoulder and breathed in his scent. He always smelt so good, like summer or something it's hard to explain. Just lying there in his arms made all my problems seem meaningless, and made them all fade away. I felt someone tap me on the arm. I looked up to see Libby. She was about to say something when the door bell rang, she sighed and went to go answer it./ I hope she still doesn't hate me./

"Who the hell are you?" She asked the person at the door. "I'm pretty sure, no in fact I'm positive she doesn't know you." A pause "What do you mean the police will take her, that's bullshit." I gave Andy a glance and he looked scared too I got up and he grabbed my wrist. I shook his hand off and walked to the door. Everyone followed me, intrigued by the new visitor. When I reached the door there was a tall man standing there. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He was built pretty good and had a nice tan. He was covered in tattoos. If it wasn't for the queasy feeling in my stomach I got from just looking at him I would say he reminded me of Andy.

"Hello?" I asked the strange man at the door. He had to be well over 25 and that thought scared me what the heck did he want.

"Are you Brittney Lewis?" he asked me hope on his face.

"That all depends on who is asking."

"My name is Tyler." He started. "I'm your other brother."
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