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Give Brittney some Sympathy

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Brittney's P.O.V

"My name is Tyler. I'm your brother."

"That's impossible" I stated coldly. "My brother is in jail"

The kid sighed and shook his head. "Can I come in?"

I looked over to Pete and Andy. Pete nodded slowly and Andy just stared at the kid looking pissed off. I pushed the door open more and he walked in. We sat on the couch and after what seemed like forever he spoke up.

"Mike" he said referring to the bastard who was in jail "Was your foster brother."

"What?" I gasped. This kid had to be lying to be I would have known if I was in a foster home.

"I am your real brother" he sighed "Our Mom and Dad died when you were 4 and I was 7. Since we had no other family, we were both placed in foster homes. You probably don't remember because you were so young. Child services finally tracked me down and they said that I have...custody of you, until you are 21."

Everyone was silent. I was pretty much close to tears and had a death grip on Andy's hand which was going purple. He rubbed my back and I eased up on his hand a bit.

"But you're legally allowed to leave home when you are 16." Reagan pointed out "And Brittney will be 18 next week."

"Well things are a little different in this case. In our parents will, the found that they said I was the legal guardian until she is 21. And you can't fight the law, believe me I've tried."

I didn't think much of that comment at the time. But oh how it would come back to haunt me.

Ok this isn't so bad, so I have another person living with me Lexie and Libby in our apartment, so what it's not the end of the world.

"Alright that sounds fair." I nod.

"Fine then, pack your bags we are going to miss the flight."

"Flight what flight?" Lexie asks sensing me feelings. She grips Joe tightly.

"The flight to Toronto, where we will be living."


"Well yeah I don't live here." He says cocking an eyebrow as if its the most obvious thing in the world. Andy comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. He kisses the top of my head and whispers in my ear.

"It's alright, we can visit, and call and write." I turned around and looked up at him all teary eyed. He bent down and kissed my lips softly.

"Lets go get you packed." He said taking my hand. Everyone piled into the cars as we drove to the apartment. The apartment I wouldn't see again until I was 21. I sighed and Andy patted my leg.

"It will be okay." He encouraged. "I'll visit you all the time, and its summer! I can come down there all summer" he smiled.

"Once I get settled in." I stated and he nodded. We pulled into my driveway and got out.


Three hours and 5 suitcases later, I was all set. And after 2 more hours of tear filled heart felt goodbyes. We were off.

"So...." I stared playing with the knobs on the radio.

"Listen you!" He snapped at me "I didn't ask for this. I didn't want to baby sit a little brat like you so just shut up and pay attention. I don't live in Toronto, you're not to touch anything of mine, you're not to talk to me and you are most definitely never to see those people again."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. If I have to watch over you for 3 fucking years. You are going to do as I say and don't give me any shit! Understand?"

I just nodded, I was completely lost. I started to cry. Who could my life go from so perfect to so shitty all in one day?

"Don't cry you little emo bitch" He snapped at me again. And turned the radio off. "That music sucks you can't listen to it."

"But that was my favorite band!"

"Too. Fucking. Bad."

The rest of the ride was silent. When we got to the airport he put on the nice act again. Bought our ticket to god knows were and dragged me on the plane. I should be worried about where we are going and what the hell his problem is but only one thing is going through my mind right now.

/Andy, I will miss you. I love you./
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