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Chapter 2

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7 weeks later

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Jac held my hair as I threw up in the toilet.

"You okay?" she asked.
"Not really" I said gagging and throwing up some more.
"Did you eat anything bad today?"
"All I ate was cereal"

"Well maybe the milk was bad" she suggested.
"You'll make it" Jodie said holding on Jac's little boy Travis.
"I hope so" I whined laying my head on my arm.

"Do you think you'll make it through the mall?" Jac asked.
"Yeah" I said flushing the toilet and standing up.

Jac and I walked out the stall and I went to wash my hands.

"Here put you hair up" Jodie handed me a scrunchy from her purse.
'Thanks" I said getting it and putting my hair in a messy ponytail.
"lets go" Jac said taking her child from Jodie.


"Are you sure you can eat?" Jodie asked while I picked up my burger.
"Um..I'm pretty sure" I replied licking my lips.
"Mommy I want fry" Travis demanded.
"Travis what have I taught you"

"Mommy can I please have a fry" Travis pleaded.
"Omg he's adorable" I giggled.
"Just be around him when he's eaten a pack of airheads"
"He's not that bad. You'd raised a good son" Jodie complimented Jac.

"I'm glad someone noticed" Jac rolled her eyes.
"Guys have you heard anything from mother dearest" I teased.
"Yeah. Her and I went shopping for Travis yesterday" Jac replied.
"How was she?" I asked.

"Same oh same oh. Me and her never have problems" Jac said eating a fry.
"Maybe because you're her favorite" I informed.
"Well she likes Jodie too"
"Don't put me in that" Jodie said taking a sip of her Pepsi.

"Joel she loves you she doesn't agree with your decisions" Jac said.

"So because I'm living my life she's holding a grudge on me. I'm so sorry I was born"
"Don't be hostile! Chill! Can I ask why your eating like pig?" Jodie asked.
"I don't know. I'm just hungry"

"Wow almost reminds me when I was pregnant" Jac laughed
"Pssh I'm not pregnant" I burped.
"That's what I thought. Then 9 months later here he was " Jac pointed at Travis was playing with his toy car.

"He looks just like you" I laughed.
"But he acts like his Daddy" Jodie added.
"You aren't lying" Jac agreed.
"How is daddy?" Jac asked.

"Great I stayed the night at his house the other day"
"Your such a daddy's girl" Jac smiled.
"And you're a mommies whore" I teased.

"If Travis wasn't present I'd curse you out F-U-C-K Y-O-U"
"Fuck you" Travis blurted out.

Me and Jodie laughed.

"Travis where did you learn that from?" Jac said hitting his hand.
"From you mommy" he said looking up at her.
"Okay you never copy what other people do unless you know its right. Next time I hear you say that your going to get a spanking you hear me?"

"Yes mommy' he pouted out his lip rolling his car.
"Aww" me and Jodie sobbed.
"His innocent act kills me" Jac laughed.

"Children are such a blessing" Jodie remarked.
"I know" I agreed.


Jodie and Jac are my sisters if you haven't noticed. Jac has a 2 year old son named Travis and Jodie well she can't have kids.


"I'm done" I said wrapping up my Trash.


"Oh my god this is so cute" Jac squealed from her dressing room.
"I hate going shopping with her" Jodie huffed.
"I heard that" Jac called from the dressing room.

"He's so cute" I said playing with Jac's little boy .
"Yeah he's cute but deadly" Jodie teased tickling him.

Travis burst into a laughing fit.

"Your going to give my kid a heart attack" Jac yelled at Jodie from the dressing room.
"Don't worry about what's going on out here" Jodie replied.

I then felt a sudden draft. I held onto Travis looking into a gaze.

"What's wrong?" Jodie asked me.

I looked at her.

"Nothing" I smiled shaking my head.
"It doesn't look like nothing" She grabbed Travis from me.

I held over my mouth as I gaged.

"Go to the bathroom now" she said moving away.
"I'll be..." I felt something coming up.

So I ran to the bathroom. I pushed through one of the stalls and lifted up the toliet seat. I puked into the toliet.

"Not again" I sighed.

I sat there for about 3 minutes and I could tell I was done. Flushed the toliet and washed my hands. I walked back into the store.

"You okay" Jodie asked holding travis like a baby.
"I feel nausea" I huffed taking a seat next to her.
"Want to go home?"

"No I'll be fine" I laid my head on her shoulder.
"You don't feel good" Travis said touching my face.
"No baby" I sighed.

He then reached and kiss my cheek.

"That always make me feel better when mommy do it" he chuckled.
"I feel good already" I sat up.

He smiled clapping his hands.

"Maybe you have the flu or something" jodie suggested.
"Whatever it is please go away" groaned.
"Ta da" Jac cheered coming out the dressing room with a Sleeveless short black cocktail dress.
"Nice" Jodie smiled.
"Hot mama" I whistled.

"It took me months to get to a size 2 finally. All that baby weight I gained had to go"
"Well you look nice" Jodie smiled.
"Thanks" jac sneered. "You okay?" she asked me.

"I feel nausea"


"Oh my god" I sighed as jac dragged me into the drug store.
"Shut up" she replied.
"I'm not pregnant" I huffed.
"Yeah you are" she said while we looked around the store.

"Jodie do I look pregnant?"
"" she answered
"Jodie shut up" Jac warned.

"What? she asked I answered" Jodie said looking at travis

"Um..sir where are your pregnancy tests?" Jac yelled across the store.

The guy pointed at a certain aisle.

"Okay let the whole world know" I mumbled.

Jac examined the pregnancy boxes.

"This is ridiculous" I said crossing my arms.
"You'll thank me later" she said taking box off the shelf.
"Travis your mommy Is crazy" Jodie told him.
"Nice! poison my child with negativity about me" jac argued.

We then went up to the counter.

"I'm not pregnant. That's not for me" I told the guy.

He gave me a blank stare. His hair looked greasy and he had on some huge glasses.

"Yes she is" jac told him.
"No I'm not" I argued.

The guy rung up the box with other things.

"Yes you are"
"No I'm not"

"Pregnant" Travis clapped.
"See he even knows" Jac implied.
"He doesn't even know what the word means"
"Okay if you and brendon fucked you are" she said raising her voice.

"Watch the language" Jodie warned Jac
"You can fuck and possibly not get pregnant" I said
"language" Jodie hissed.
"But you are possibly pregnant"

"No I'm not"

"Did yall use a condom?"

"None of your damn business"
"Well sue me your pregnant. She'll thank me later" she told the guy.
"Your totally is $7.09" the guy had a lisp.
"Okay here's your money" she handed the guy cash. "and here's your test" she said handing me the box.
"I'm not pregnant" I yelled.


"Okay I am" I said in astonishment as I looked at the test.
"Told ya" jac sneered
"This can't be true" I stood up holding onto the test.
"Well if you want more proof go to the doctor" Jodie suggested.

"Me pregnant? I'm no mom"
"You will be" jac smirked.
"Everything's been good and this pops up"

"Its not a bad thing and this comes from someone who can't have kids" Jodie said.
"I'm sorry"
"Okay when was the last time you had sex?' jac asked me.
"If you need to know the night and morning before he had to go"

"God you jack rabbits" Jac and Jodie laughed.
"Not funny" I hissed.
"We remember the postiton I got pregnant from" jac reminisced.

"Eww I don't want to know"
"Come on were sisters. Were suppose to compare sex life's and talk about things like that" she smiled.

"Your already pregnant might as well spill" Jodie teased.
"I'm not sharing any of my erotica events in my life. My sex life will not be joke"
"No one said it was. Sex is good thing. Grea thing" Jac smirked.
"I'm not shocked your pregnant" Jodie informed.

"What makes you say that?" I was taken back.

"Well I knew it was coming"
"Come on Joel tell me. Is he good?"
"I'm not answering that"

"Okay he isn't. I'm sure he's horrible." Jac taunted.
"Yeah I bet he sucks" Jodie agreed with jac.
"You bitches"

"Were bitches and you have a man who sucks in bed" Jac sassed.
"Apparently he doesn't suck if he got me pregnant" I argued.
'That's my girl" jac smiled.
"Just think you'll have to tell dad"

"Don't remind me" I fell back on my bed.
"So now that you know when are you going to tell him?" jac asked.
"I don't know. When he comes back"
"I wish you the best little sis" jac said.

"I can't belive I'm pregnant" I mumbled under my breathe.
"Believe it" Jodie remarked.
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