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Chapter 3

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I sat on my bed between Jodie and Jac.

"So who are you planning to tell first?" jac asked.

"Well I'm telling Brendon of course then I'll tell mom and dad"

"I can't believe your pregnant" jac remarked.

"Me either" I replied. "It just feels weird. Everything will be different. I'm going to be fat and I'm going to have a kid"

"Your not going to be fat. Your just going big because a baby is in there so don't fill your head with negative" Jac warned.

"I'm scared" I blurted out.

"Honey you barely have a stomach" Jodie said.

"But I don't want a kid right now" I whined.

"Joel you need to grow" Jac said.

"I want my daddy" I pouted standing up pacing in a line.

"God your worse then Travis" jac hissed.

"I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want a kid right now. Do you notice this is going to affect Brendons career. He's just getting there and this baby isn't meant right now"

"Joel this isn't up for debate your not getting an abortion nor putting it up for adoption. Why carry a baby for 9 months just to give it away" Jodie hissed.

"Jodie I'm 19 years old. I don't need a kid. My whole life is ahead of me and right now a kid doesn't need to pop in"

"Well when you do grown up things like sex you get grown up responsibilities"

"Your being selfish. I can't believe your acting like this. Your not 15 or 16 anymore. Grow up and you'll have no choice but to. I had Travis at 19 and I'm fine. Sure I have responsibilities and have to blow things off to take care of him but it is well worth it. Travis is the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me"

"You guys are right" I sighed. " Could you two be there when I tell Brendon?" I asked.

"Joel we'd love to but this will be your first step into responsibility. Tell him. Be woman" Jac insisted.

"Yeah suck it up and grow some balls" Jodie blurted out.

I stood in place while I crossed my arms. Jodie and jac stared at me. I bit my bottom lip and tapped my foot. My phone then rang. Jac leaned over the bed to grab it from the night stand. She threw it to me and I caught it. I read the screen and it said Brendon.

"Its him" I whispered.

"Answer it" The girls said in unison.

I flipped it open and laid it against my ear.

"Hey baby" I smiled.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked.

'just finding out I'm pregnant'

"Um..just hanging..out sisters" I stuttered.

"You okay?"

"Yea of course why wouldn't I? Its rhetorical question. Ha ha" I looked at my sisters with a 'yikes' expression.

"Well I called to tell you I'm home and Ryan's dropping me off"

"Okay baby"

"Okay see ya soon. Love you"

"Love you too"

We hung up.

"He's in town and on his way" I sighed.

"Okay me and Jodie will leave then" Jac replied.

"Thanks for being here for me guys"

"No problem" the girls said in an off beat unison.


I sat on the couch as I heard a car door shut outside. I laid on the couch then I sat back up trying to look natural. I didn't know how I was going to tell him really. I was really nervous of what his reaction would be. I was hoping he wouldn't be disappointed. I heard the door open and I felt my heart skip a beat.

"Hey babe" he smiled. I jumped off the couch and gave him a tight hug.

"I missed you" I whispered.

"I should leave more often" he joked.

I kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you"

"I love you too. Is there something wrong?" he said raising an eyebrow.

"Pssh no. I'm okay I just really missed you and love you so much" I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"I love you 10 times more" he replied.

"You do not understand how that makes me feel" I smiled

"I think I have an idea" he smirked.

Brendon P.O.V

"So what did you do while I was gone?' I asked as I cuddled up next to her on the bed.
"Nothing really. I went over my dads and chilled with my sisters"

"So you saw Travis?"


"I love that kid. He's so awesome" I laid my head on my hands as I laid on my back.

"So you like kids?" she asked.

"Of course" I smiled.

"So do you want kids?"


"Not today?"

"Jo what's up with you and the integration"

"Nothing. Just wondering" she said laying on her back.

"Maybe the questions aren't nothing" I said.

"What do you mean? I'm just curious that's all"

"Are you lying to me?"


"Are you lying to me about lying to me?"

"Brendon" she huffed.

I sat up and pulled a pregnancy box from under the bed.

"Okay explain" I said.

"Where did you find it?" she asked in shock

"In the bathroom trash. What's going on?"

She pulled the covers over her.

"Okay I'm pregnant" she mumbled.

I pulled the covers off.

"Jo when were you going to tell me?"

"When the time was right" she smiled.

"When did you find out?"

"Well I took a test today and it was positive. I was feeling nausea. I threw up a bunch of times. Are you mad?" she sighed.

"Of course not" I smiled.

She sat up.

"Really?" she said getting excited with the biggest grin.

"Jo don't feel you have to hide things from me. I can't believe its happening but I'm glad"

"God you don't know how relieved I am"

"Who knows besides me?"

"Jac and Jodie. Mom and dad come a little bit later"

"Well I want you to know I support you 100 percent and I'm here for you Jo"

"So happy to hear those words come out your mouth. I think we should go to the doctors to confirm it"

"Yea your right. I can't believe I'm going to be a dad"

"I'm going to be a mom" she cheered.

I wrapped my arms around her as I laid kisses along her neck.

"Oh gawd that's what got us here" she said.

"Do you think we can still have sex?" I asked.

"I guess we'll find out tomorrow" she answered.

We both laid down facing each other.

"I think we'll be okay" she said grabbing my hand.

"I know we will" I replied.

Joel P.O.V

We sat in the waiting room for our name to be called. Brendon and I sat close by each other. The room was noise and pretty crowded. Babies and kids were everywhere. The sounds of crying and whining filled the room. I looked at Brendon and he looked at me.

"Ms. Scott" a nurse called my last name.

Me and Brendon stood up and she led us in a room.

" can get comfortable" she said to me. I sat on the chair and looked at Brendon.

"Oh gawd this feels so real now" I said.

"Yeah I know" he replied.

"Come here baby" I said to Brendon. He walked by me and I grabbed his hand.

The door opened and the doctor came in. He greeted us with smile then looked at his clipboard. We stared at him.

"You must be Joel Scott" he confirmed.

"Yes sir" I answered.

"So you think your pregnant?"

"Well I took a pregnancy test the other day and it came out positive"

"Alright lets have a looks see shall we" he smiled at me and Brendon.

He pushed this thing that had 2 metal bars with a half circle on each end up to me.

"I'm going to need you to put one leg on each of these things" he demanded.

I did as told. My legs were spread a part and the doctor sat right in front of me.

"Your use to that position" Brendon mumbled.

I held in my laughter.

The doctor brought out this long white looking thing and gelled it up.

"What are you using that for?" I asked.

"For you" he chuckled.

I stuck out my tongue to the side.

"Its bigger then somebody I know" I said out loud.

I looked over at Brendon as his jaw hung low.

"Just kidding" I smiled.

The doctor sat in front of me and penetrated the thing inside of me. I flinched a little.

"Look at the monitor right there" he demanded.

Brendon moved to my side and we both glared at it. He began to point at the monitor.

"You are pregnant you see the things moving. That's the baby. Well not fully developed but it'll get here" he pulled the thing out and went to put it away. He came back to us with the clipboard in hand.

"Uh your Brendon Urie, the guy from that panic band?" he asked looking up from the clipboard.

"Yes I am" Brendon smiled.

"My daughter loves you. She has posters of the band and you everywhere" he giggled.

"That's cool" Brendon replied.

"Can I get your autograph? So I can give it to her when I get home"


The doctor got out a piece of paper and Brendon signed it. I sat there in total "aw" that it came from me to him in matter of less then 10 minutes.

"To who?" Brendon asked

"Sabrina" he answered.

"Here ya go" he handed the paper to the doctor.

"My daughter is going to flip when I tell her Brendon Urie got someone pregnant"

"Okay I'm not just someone, I'm his girlfriend" I snapped.

"Oh I'm sorry" the doctor apologize.

"Do you mind not telling your daughter because I don't want our fans to know yet" Brendon reassured.

"Oh you got it. I'll just say I saw him come by the office" the doctor winked.

"Okay good" Brendon smiled.

My jaw dropped as I couldn't stand the words that were coming out his mouth. I moved my legs and I stormed out of the room slamming the door behind me. The whole waiting area dropped everything to look at me. As I was out the door I heard Brendons voice behind me. When he catched up I continued walking to the car.

"What's your problem?" he asked.

I stopped in place.

"Oh do you mind not telling your daughter because I don't want our fans to know yet" I mocked then continued walking.

"Just because I said that your pissed off?" he asked moving to the drivers side of the car.

"Oh so you can't disappoint your fan girlies because you got your girlfriend pregnant no someone pregnant" I laughed out of angry.

"No its just I don't want them knowing my business until I really know were going to have the baby"

"Well where's the baby going? I know its because you don't want to lose your tennies that fall all over you"

"Your being ridiculous"

"Yeah I'm being the biggest ridiculous person ever right? Fuck you" I said pulling on the handle, but it was locked. "Open it shit face" I screeched.

He unlocked it and we both got in the car. I crossed my arms.

"I'm sorry if I've made you mad. I didn't mean it like your portraying it to be"

I uncrossed my arms and looked at him.

"I overreacted"

"Its okay. At least you can blame it on pregnancy" he laughed.

"Yea your right" I chuckled.

"Well the doctor said you need to come back between 6-12 weeks for your next checkup"

"Alright" I huffed looking at my stomach.

"Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know"

"Do you want to tell your dad?"

"Yeah sure" I smiled.

Brendon smiled back as he started the ignition.


We stood side by side as I had got done knocking. My dad opened the door.

"Baby" he cheered hugging me.

"Daddy" I smiled.

He let go of the hug and looked at Brendon.

"Long time no see" he smiled reaching to hug him.

"Nice to see you mister S" Brendon said.

"Same here son. Come in" my dad opened the door wider

Brendon and I went to sit on the couch. My dad sat by me.

"Dad there's a reason we came over" I said.

"Oh gawd what are you two up to?"

"Well daddy..." I grabbed Brendons hand.

He saw our hands entwine together.

"I'm pregnant" It flowed out freely.

My dad glared at us with disbelief in his eyes from what heard with his ears.

"Say something" I blurted out with a higher tone that I expected.

A big smile played along his lips.

"My baby is having a baby" He Yelped grabbing me into a hug.

"I know" I yelled with excitement hugging him back.

"I love you so much" he told me.

"I love you too" I replied.

I reached for Brendons hand as we let go of the hug.

"So when is it due?" my dad asked.

"We don't know yet because its very early in the pregnancy" I laughed.

"That's right" he smiled caressing my chin.

"All this excitement I have to go to the bathroom" I blushed standing up and leaving.

Brendon P.O.V

I sat one end of the couch while Joel's dad sat on the other. When she got up to leave I saw her dad eyeball her until she was out of sight. Then he glared at me.

"Congratulations your going to be a dad" he smiled.

"I'm very excited sir"

"Yea well I guess I can't say no sex. I mean she's pregnant. Wow and what a good man she choose" he laughed.

"Thank you" I smiled trying to not show my nervousness. 'hurry Joel'

"Brendon I have faith you'll be a good father, but this a big responsibility raising a child. Are you ready for that?"

"I love your daughter to death and I'll do anything for her. I'm so ready"

"Okay good to hear that but I have to warn if you ever hit Joel. Lay a finger on her in that way I will fucking kill you and I'm prepared to be sent to prison for it. As much pain as you cause her I'll be making sure you die very very slowly. Also I know your some famous person and don't drag her along to something that's not there. Don't use her because when she's hurt it becomes my problem and you don't want to see how I deal with my problems. No man should ever have a reason to hit his girlfriend and you sure in hell shouldn't have no reason to hit my baby Joel. She means everything to me and I'd hate to have to dig her grave. Do you understand?" His tone was forceful and very serious.

"I completely understand. I'd never hit Joel and I'd never lead her on to something that wasn't there. I love your daughter unconditionally and she'll be very well taken care of" My voice trembles on and off as I'm trying to be sincere but when I'm done talking I cover it with a smile.

There's a pause.

"Did I scare you?" he asked giving me an evil glare.

"Very much, but good thing I can take kindly to threats since I get them so much, but one coming from you I just might have nightmares tonight"

He glares at me them burst into laughter.

"Sense of humor I like" he smiles. "You're a good kid"

"I'm back" Joel says sitting next to me.

She grabs my hand but I'm very cautious. She glances at me arching an eyebrow then looks at her dad.

"Daddy please tell me you didn't do the threatening thing?" she whined.

"Yea I did but only for your protection"

Joel looks at her dad then turns to me with a half smile.

"He's such a great guy. I promise no worries"

She leans in to give me a peck by grabbing her chin. Then as our lips part we look into each other eyes then at her dad.

"You two will be alright" her dad laughs.

"Yea we will"" Joel smiles entwining our fingers together laying her head on my shoulder.
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