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What I Just Know - JUNE 12

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Mikey and Alicia are enjoying the honeymoon, Christa finds something that upsets her, Kelly tries to understand why she knows the things that she does, Frank finds out Monica's whole name.

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Something was tickling her nose. Alicia felt too tired to open her eyes so she simply brought up her hand to swoosh it away then fell right back asleep. A moment later the tickling feeling returned and her nose wiggled. Her eyes popped open when she heard Mikey's laughter.
"Shit you look so fucking cute when you wiggle your nose" he said dropping her long braid that he had been using the tip of to tickle her nose.
Alicia groaned "Mickey Way, leave me alone. I'm tired." She rolled over and closed her eyes smiling as she sank down in the sinfully soft mattress.
"Oh, sorry I'll let you sleep. Talk to you when I get back." She still had her eyes closed so he added, "I'm just gonna go down to the casino."
Her eyes flew open, "And leave your wife all alone? What kind of a man did I marry?" She rolled over and grabbed him, pulling him down to her.
He rolled over her then pulled her to him, "One who is hungry." He admitted, "I've been watching you sleep for twenty minutes."
"What time is it?"
"Just after ten. Do you want to order something and eat here or do you want to go out for breakfast?" He began nuzzling her neck.
"Keep that up and it'll be a long time before you get any food." She said smiling. "Let me take a quick shower and we'll go out." She tried to get up but he held her down.
"I decided I'm not so hungry after all." His hand roamed down her body. "Well at least not for food."
They didn't leave the penthouse until it was time for lunch.

"Ray, have you seen my pink lacy camisole?" Christa yelled from the bedroom. "I can't find it."
Ray lowered the sound on the TV. "Did you look under the pile of clothes you left on the bedroom floor?"
Christa walked out of the bedroom, "I told you I was messy." She crossed the room wearing only a pair of lacy underwear and nothing else.
His eyes drank in the sight of her. "I wasn't complaining." He said his eyes glued to her body.
Christa laughed, "Put that thought right out of your mind. I have to get dressed or we'll be late for your doctors appointment." She shook her head; they only had a few minutes before they needed to leave.
"Babe, what do you expect me to think about when you walk around like that? Shit, woman put some clothes on or we'll definitely be late." Still he couldn't look away.
Christa smiled devilishly, "Someone is feeling better this morning. Is your headache gone?" She knew last night he hadn't been feeling well and after asking a dozen times he had admitted his head hurt.
"I feel fine." In truth his head did still hurt and he felt very tired but he wasn't about to tell her or she would start to worry. "Now clothes."
She headed back towards the bedroom for one last look for the pink camisole. If she couldn't find it she would have to wear something else. As she walked into the bedroom she spotted a pink piece of material under the bed. She leaned down and pulled it out. It was pink, it was lacy, it was very sheer but it wasn't hers.

Donna was softly humming as she spooned the chicken noodle soup into a bowl. Kelly had been sleeping most of the morning but she had decided it was time to wake her. She sat the bowl on the tray, added a few crackers on a small plate and started towards the sofa. She was surprised to see Kelly wasn't asleep. She was lying staring at the ceiling. "Sit up so I can put the tray on your lap."
Kelly blinked twice then slowly sat up. She looked flushed. "I'm not really hungry." She said sounding very congested and miserable.
"You need to eat to keep your strength up." Donna placed the tray on her lap. "Feeling any better?"
Kelly nodded, "I guess so. Donna can I ask you something?"
Donna took a seat in the chair by her, "Sure hon, what is it?"
Kelly absently stirred the soup. "What would you do if you knew something but you shouldn't?"
"I don't understand? Do you mean you found out something but you weren't supposed to know?"
Taking a small sip of broth Kelly tried to explain, "I know something about someone but I don't know how I know."
Gerard had told his mother about Kelly's feeling of impending doom before Monica's accident and her feeling about Ray waking from the coma. She wondered if this was what Kelly was trying to explain. "Do you have another feeling about something that is going to happen?"
"Not exactly, it's just I know something about someone."
"It is something bad that is going to happen?"
Kelly shook her head, "I don't know, I mean it's not something that is gonna happen it just something that already is."
"Kelly, I can't really help you with this cause I don't understand."
"Me either" Kelly said softly, "It just makes me very sad."

The interview had gone really well. Gerard smiled as he, Frank and Bob walked towards the waiting car. "Only one photo session to go then its show time." He was really looking foreword to getting on stage.
"Fuck, I'm tired' Frank said speeding up to keep from being left behind.
"Me too" Bob said nodding, "I didn't sleep good at all last night."
"He's missing his Stinkerbell" Gerard laughed. He loved to tease Bob about Kara. He usually took it in stride but this time he narrowed his eyes and glared.
"Dude, chill. I'm just messing with you." Gerard said. "I miss Monica too."
Bob felt evil, "You mean Stinkerbell's mom, Monica Veronica?" Kara had told him about her mom's name.
Frank came to a screeching halt, "Monica Veronica? You're kidding right?"
Gerard groaned, "Good one Bryar. You know she didn't want Frank to know her middle name." He figured he might as well get it all out in the open, "Her maiden name was Tonica." He added.
People on the street passing by stared at the short American laughing hysterically. "Oh fuck, Monica.... Veronica.... Tonica?"
"I'm so telling Monica that you told Frank" Gerard said to Bob. "I'm not taking the blame for this."
Bob started to answer when Gerard's attention was captured by someone yelling out his name. Gerard turned recognizing the voice. He was very surprised and happy when he did.

AUTHORS NOTE - Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who battled FicWad to read and leave reviews. I understand how upsetting it can be because there are so many great stories on this site that I like to read and review and it drives me crazy. I guess we just gotta stick together and hopefully it will all work out.

Oh and it was indeed Eliza's Buzznet account that "Taken For Life" came from. But it isn't exactly recent she had that on her account that she deleted back in early Feb after she left all the clues that she was dating Gerard.
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