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Chapter Eighteen

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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"This is cool, Daddy!" Aiden cheered as he ran back and forth through the bus.

"Jesus, Makayla. Did you pack enough?" Ryan laughed as he looked at all the piled up bags that were in the back bedroom. There seemed to be bags everywhere and it seemed unavoidable. A mountain if you would.

"I just packed what I deemed neccessary. Please, if I had brought everything there would be about seven more bags. You try packing for your sons, me and myself and see how many bags you come up with. Caleb can't live without his books and Aiden can't go anywhere without his football or his baseball or his hockey stick." She shook her head.

It was so weird to think that their kids had fallen into these two sterotypes and could be as different as different could be. Neither were pushed in any direrection. They weren't pushed to be an athlete or a book worm, a musician or a lawyer or a doctor. They were left to made their own choices and that is what they chose.

"That's true. I think you did a pretty good job then considering." Ryan laughed as he pushed one bag off of the bed. "We only have about two hours so we better start unpacking all of these." He opened one and realized it contained all of Aiden's clothing.

Walking into the long hallway that had been converted from bunks with one bed on one side with dressers and a toy box and the same thing on the other side.

"I'm going to put Aiden on the right, Caleb on the left. Is that okay?" He asked. He just wanted to make sure. He had come to the realization and admitted that he didn't know a lot about his sons. He was trying to change.

"That's perfect, Ryan." Makayla nodded as she opened another suitcase and pulled out the clothes that belonged to her. "Do you want the right or the left drawers?"

"Doesn't matter, I don't care. Just tell me where you put them so I don't end up wearing a pink thong..." He smiled. "Again."

"You never did that, shut up." Makayla laughed as she looked at him.

Ryan shook his head as he ran towards her knocking her on the bed as he began to kiss and tickle her.

"Aiden, Caleb, help Mommy!" Makayla began to laugh hysterically.

The boys came through the bus from the front as they dropped their toys and jumped on the bed.

"Leave my Mommy alone!" Aiden laughed as he tried to pull on Ryan's hands.

"Leave Daddy alone." Caleb defend as he tried to squeeze between his mother and father. Succesfully doing so he, was sorry he did because Makayla grabbed Caleb and started tickling him.

"Come here you!" Ryan grabbed Aiden as he began to tickle him until he was practically blue with laughter.

"Alright, alright, playtime is over. We have to finish unpacking." Makayla laughed as she kissed both of her sons and her husband. She just wanted to make sure everything was done and off to a good start before the tour actually kicked off.

"Yes, can you boys take your toys and put them in your toy box?" Ryan asked as he showed them where they were in the suitcases.

"Sure, Daddy." Caleb smiled as he picked up a truck and he ran to the toy box that Ryan had showed him was his.

Ryan smiled as he watched his kids. He must admit that things were going along really well and Caleb had warmed up to him. He loved that more than anything in the whole world. He just wanted his family to be okay.

Going to the back, Ryan quickly emptied out his suitcase and put everything into the drawers as he lined the suitcases up. They would take them outside and put them under the buses so that they weren't in the way on the actual bus.

An hour had passed with Ryan and Makayla successfully unpacking everything they needed to get done. They had also gotten the boys changed and ready for their first day on tour. It would actually be one of the first times they would see Daddy on stage. They of course had seen it on TV., and once when they were about two they had seen a stage show while they were in Nevada, but other than that, Makayla had tried to keep them shielding. The smoke from the stage show would hurt Caleb with his asthma. This time around there was no smoke. Ryan made sure of it.

"I wanna see Daddy play!" Aiden smiled as he walked through the parking lot holding on to his father's hand.

"Me too." Caleb smiled as he sucked on the lollipop Uncle Brendon had just given him. Always count on Brendon to supply candy. And, we all wondered why his son acted the way he did? Yeah, I didn't think so.

"So, first we have a press junket and then we have sound rehearsal." Brendon nodded as he held on to the baby carrier and Dylan's hand.

"And, then dinner, meet and greet and the show." Ryan concluded as he held the door opened.

Everyone walking inside to meet with Spencer and Jon and the rest of the crew. For now the girls would have the children and then Mrs. Henderson would be staying with Bianca while the girls took the boys out to watch their fathers perform. Of course with those specially made head phones to protect their tiny baby ears.

Bianca's ears were far too sensitive still to be able to go anywhere near the stage. Thank god most of the rooms in the back of the arena were sound proof.

The girls would stay back in the dressing room while the guys did press, but then they would be around for any interviews where the reporters followed the guys around. They'd miss sound check, become a large family again for dinner, decide about the meet and greet and then of course the show. The boys were definitely going to have to become used to the changes. Not only the Daddies, but the little boys as well.

Thank you for all the wonderful reviews, lovelies! Keep em coming! Plenty of drama coming.
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