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Chapter Nineteen

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[Ryan/Brendon/OFC] Being Married to a rockstar doesn't always have it perks. Sometimes, it's hell.

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The days events had gone rather smoothly as the girls and children were adjusting to being on the tour. Not only was it an adjustment for the families who had left their homes, but for the boys who now had all of their family with them, and well for the crew who wasn't used to having children roaming around with them.

Dinner with the whole group was very nice and Bianca even slept through the whole thing so Ella and Brendon both got to sit and eat as a family along with their friends.

Now before show time, they were sitting in the dressing room as the boys ran around like chickens without heads trying to get dressed before they had to be on stage. Brendon was taking so long he was going to end up on stage naked any minute now.

"Down Zack!" Dylan screeched and giggled as he waved his hands in the air below him.

Zack laughed as he continued to hold Dylan by his ankles in front of his body. Dylan was in mid air upside down. Most kids would have been complaining about all the blood rushing to their heads, but not Dylan.

"Give me all your lunch money, kid." Zack shook him a little bit as if to get the coins to fall out of his pocket like they always showed in the television sitcoms that involved schools and bullies.

"No lunch money!" Dylan laughed as he began to swing himself back and forth.

"Zack, you're going to cause that poor boy brain damage, and come on, he's already got the cards against him. Half of his genes come from Brendon." Spencer laughed.

"Good point, but the kid needs to pony up the dough." Zack said as he looked down at Dylan's reddening face.

Dylan used his free hand to reach into his pocket as he pulled out a chocolate chip cookie. "Cookie?" He offered it to him.

Zack laughed as he took the cookie and nodded as he gently let Dylan fall to the ground. He of course making sure he didn't get hurt. "Dylan." Zack whined. "This has lint on it!"

Dylan laughed. "I kept the good one!" He put it in his mouth as he hid behind his mommy.

"Don't think hiding behind your mommy will save you." Zack laughed, looking over he turned his attention to Aiden who was playing with a football. He was throwing it against the wall and then waiting for it to come back and hit him. "What are you doing, buddy?"

"Playing, wanna play?" He asked as he showed him the football.

"Ah, sure, why not." Zack smiled as he took the football. He made Aiden back up and then he threw the ball. Not knowing his own strength, he threw it and it hit Aiden caushing him to fall on his butt.

This also caused Dylan to errupt into laughter and wrap his arms around his mother as he jumped up and down on the couch. "Aiden get boo boo." He laughed as he held his stomach.

Ella shook her head as her eyes moved from her son to follow her husband around the room. She was still just in awe of how he acted right before a show. He was just in the game. In a zone and it was amazing.

"I beg of you, Zack. Do not break my child." Makayla laughed from where she was sitting on the other couch with Caleb as she read him the cat in the hat. He was actually starting to learn most of the words.

"Beg all you want, but make sure you're on your knees." He smirked knowing the comment would go right over the boys head.

"Zack!" Makayla shot him a look along with a laugh as Ella errupted into laughter, which caused all four of the oblivious adult boys to look at the girls and Zack.

"What did we miss?" Brendon asked as he was busy buttoning his shirt up. Ella reaching up and buttoning the bottom buttons for him.

"Nothing." Zack laughed as he threw the ball to Aiden again who this time caught it and threw it back. He was developing a great arm. '

"I have a feeling we really missed something important." Ryan nodded as he looked at the girls.

"Panic, two minutes let's go!" The stage director came into the room and warned them that they had to get going.

Both Makayla and Ella went into Mommy mode. Knowing Bianca was with Mrs. Henderson she could get Dylan ready to go watch his Dad perform. Makayla was getting the twins ready. It would be easy to get the twins to keep their head phones on, but Dylan on the other hand would be very difficult. But, Ella had told him if he didn't leave them on he would never be able to watch Daddy perform again.

Getting out to the stage the boys kissed their wives and kids as they got onto the stage to start the tour. The first night was always the most nerve wracking.

"Daddy!" Dylan giggled as he watched his daddy perform. He loved when Daddy sang. He must have gotten that from his mother.

Ella and Makayla smiled at each other as they held onto their son's hands. It was the most amazing thing in the world to watch the kids so intent and so happy and to see the boys with these genuine real smiles on their faces. The girls could also feel how happy the whole situation was making them. Everything was going really well, nothing could stop them now. Not even a Mack truck. It was nothing but smooth sailing.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I wanted to wait until ficwad was working again. Here it is! Enjoy! =]
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