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So Sad JUNE 14

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Christa has some thinking to do, Kelly is curious about Liv

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AUTHOR"S NOTE: For those of you who read the chapter I mistakenly posted yesterday titled "Too Old For This" please make sure you go back and read the right chapter "Dark Feelings". Sorry about the mix-up. I wish I could blame Fic-Wad for this one, but it was all me.

Christa had tucked the pink lacy scrap of material back under the bed until she decided just how to handle the situation. Her mind was turning over so many different scenarios but so far she didn't like any of them. She dressed quickly and walked back to the living room where Ray was still watching TV. "Are you ready?"
He looked up and smiled, "You look nice but you looked better before."
She smiled slightly, "Come on. We don't want to be late for your appointment." She grabbed her purse and car keys.
Ray noticed she seemed different than she had just minutes ago and wondered why. He thought is might still be the comment he had made about her pile of clothes on the bedroom floor. "I really wasn't ragging on you about the clothes on the floor." He said softly.
Christa just looked at him and nodded. She opened the door and walked outside. He sighed and followed her. He was confused; it wasn't like Christa to be moody. The drive to the doctor's office was for the most part silent. He tried several times to start a conversation with her but her answers were short and to the point.
She pulled up in front of the doctor's office, "I'll just wait out here," she said looking over at him.
He was shocked, "Why? I thought you'd want to go in with me to talk to the doctor?"
"No, I'll just wait here. I have some phone calls to make" she lied.
Ray stared at her for several minutes then opened the door and got out. She pulled away from the sidewalk and found a shady place to park. She could see the entrance to the building so she could watch for him to come back out. Her mind immediately went back to the pink teddy. How long had it been there? She couldn't imagine it has been all that long cause Ray was such a clean freak. So who had left it there and when? She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. In her mind she began to think that maybe she had made a mistake. She and Ray had been together for almost a year but before the accident he had never made any comments or suggestions that their relationship would be moving to another level. She had been the one that had when he was in the hospital. Had she pushed him into something he really hadn't wanted? He has a single guy in a famous band so why would he want to tie himself to one woman? She realized that while she thought they were only seeing each other he had never come right out and said that. Also being gone as much as he had he probably had seen other women. She rubbed her eyes; she would not allow herself to cry. She decided to handle the situation in a calm manner. Just ask him if the relationship they has now was what he really wanted. She had to know if she had pushing him into something.
A half hour later she saw Ray walk out the front door and scan the parking lot for her car. She started the engine and pulled around to pick him up. "So what did the doctor say?"
He settled in before answering, "Some bullshit about doing another MRI cause I told him I'm still having headaches."
Christa frowned, "How bad are your headaches?"
"Not bad at all and I told him that. I also told him no more tests." He waited for Christa to argue with him and was shocked when she simply pulled out into traffic and started for his apartment.
"Do you need to stop anywhere else while we're out?" She kept her eyes on the road instead of looking at him.
"No, I just want to get home and lay down, I'm tired" he said. She nodded and drove on. They would talk later.

Gerard found a quiet place backstage and decided to call Monica. She wasn't expecting him to call before the concert so he hoped she wouldn't be busy. He was about to place the call when Bob found him.
"Hey, they just brought fresh coffee in. We're gonna grab some, wanna come?"
He closed the phone; there really wasn't that much time before the show to talk anyway. "Sure" he said standing, "Lead the way."

After lunch Mikey and Alicia headed for the casino to play the slots." I think we should have come with a set amount of money to lose." Mikey said as he watched the reels spin to yet another losing pull.
Alicia laughed, "But I'm gonna win." she patted his arm, "Don't worry I'll share my winnings with you."
Mikey rolled his eyes, "You gotta win to have something to share and so far I've not seen you doing the happy dance so I know you haven't."
"You gotta have faith" she told him while pushing the button. She watched the reels spin and land on nothing. "I'm gonna win" she said again this time with a bit less confidence.
Mikey's cell phone vibrated, "Hello"
"Hey Mikey, am I bothering you?"
"Kelly, is that you?" he hadn't bothered to look at the log to see who was calling but he thought he recognized her voice.
"Yeah, I know you're on your honeymoon and all." she gasped, "I'm not interrupting anything am I?" she sounded horrified.
"Kelly calm down, you're not interrupting anything. We're just in the casino. Have you been crying?" He thought her voice sounded funny.
"No, I've got a terrible cold.," she told him.
"So what's up?" he mouthed to Alicia that it was Kelly. She looked at him puzzled.
"I just wanted to ask you something but I'm not sure I should."
"Kelly hold on a minute I'm gonna go where it's a little quieter." He lowered the phone and spoke to Alicia, "Kelly wants to ask me something. I'm gonna go where there's less noise."
"OK" Alicia answered, "Tell her I said 'hi'"
Mikey found a quiet spot, "OK Kelly what do you want to ask me?"
Kelly coughed before speaking, "Well mom told me about Gerard's ex-girlfriend Liv and I was wondering if you know her."
This question really came out of left field for him, "Well, yeah I know her. She traveled on Warped with us. She and Gee were pretty close for several years. Why? Did your mom tell you about her?"
Kelly didn't want to tell him that she was sure the woman in the park had been Liv. "I'm not sure how it came up" she hated lying but she didn't know what else to do.
Mikey wondered what was going on. "So what do you want to know about her?"
"I just wondered what she was like." she coughed again then added, "I was wondering about her daughter."
"Kelly, did your mom tell you about Liv's daughter?"
"Yeah, she said that Gerard is her dad."
Mikey found a chair and sat down. This conversation was disturbing; "He and Liv had broken up way before he met your mom." He thought that maybe she was worried about her mom and Gee's relationship.
"Oh I know that. I guess I'm just being nosey. I just wanted to get an idea of what she was like and I didn't think I should ask Gerard."
"No, definitely don't ask Gerard. They didn't part on good terms at all." He stretched out his long legs, "Kelly what do you really want to know?"
Kelly tried to put her feelings into words, "Has Liv always been a really sad person? I mean so sad that it makes you want to cry?"
"Kelly, I'm really confused. Have you met Liv?"
"Mikey please just answer my question. Donna is gonna yell at me for being on the phone when I'm supposed to be taking a nap."
He was confused and a bit disturbed by the way the conversation was going. He thought a moment. "Liv never acted sad. She really was pretty mean to everybody, especially Gee."
"Oh" Kelly said slightly confused. The woman she met was very nice.
Mikey closed his eyes and brought back some of the memories he had thought he would never have to revisit. "Liv acted mean but I think that deep down she was hurting. She never would admit that but sometimes when I would look into her eyes she looked sad, really sad."
"Yeah" Kelly agreed, "Really sad"
Mikey talked to Kelly for a few more minutes then she said that Donna was coming and she had to get off the phone. After he told her goodbye he sat looking at the phone with a frown marring his face. Why was Kelly so interested in Liv? Was Liv causing trouble for Monica? He slowly stood and walked back to where he had left Alicia.
"Hey baby" she said when she saw him "What's up with Kelly?"
He decided not to let anything ruin this honeymoon. "Nothing really, she just has a bad cold and is bored. She wanted to know if we were having fun."
"Hell yeah we are." Alicia leaned over and kissed him. "Look I've got winnings to share." She pointed to the credit counter on her machine. She had won several hundred dollars. "See I told you I was gonna win." she remained him with a smile.
He plastered a smile on his face, "So time to share.," he said putting his arms around her.
She looked up at him, "I love you Mikey Way"
"And I love you Alicia Way." he hugged her tightly, "Now share."
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