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Too Old For This JUNE 15

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Ray explains, Frank is a good boy and Gerard and Bob are MIA

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just want to make sure everyone is catching all of the chapters. Despite the FicWad problems, I did post chapters everyday. These chapters really set up some huge plot points coming up. Make sure you read them!! June 13's chapter is Dark Feelings and yesterday's (June 14) was So Sad. Thanks for battling the evil FicWad!

Christa moved around the apartment trying to quietly clean up while Ray was napping in the bedroom. He had lain down as soon as they returned from the doctor's office and had been sleeping for several hours. She hoped the headaches he had been having weren't a sign of
something wrong. Should she try to insist he get the MRI the doctor suggested? Was it really her place to do so? She sighed and sat down on the sofa glaring at the dirty dishes on the coffee table. They could just wait. She had important things to think about. After sitting for several minutes she had come to no conclusions. The only thing she had decided was to talk to Ray about their relationship. She had to know if it was what he really wanted. She took a deep breath and headed
towards the bedroom. Walking in she was shocked to see him lying with his eyes wide open staring at the ceiling. It frightened her.
"Ray are you alright?' she crossed to the bed and looked down at him.
He blinked then focused his gaze on her, "Yeah, I was just thinking."
"How long have you been awake?" She asked softly.
He scooted over so she could sit by him, "Just a few minutes. How long have I slept?"
"A couple of hours, I was starting to get worried about you." She admitted. "Does you head hurt?"
"Nope, I feel much better. Sorry I slept so long. What have you been doing?"
She shrugged, "Nothing really. Just thinking."
"Ready to tell me what's wrong?" he asked reaching out and touching her hand.
Christa took a steadying breath, "Ray, are you sure this is what you want."
He gave her a puzzled look, "This?"
"You know. You and me, living together?"
"All of this doubt 'cause I said something about you leaving dirty clothes on the floor?" He laughed.
Christa didn't find this conversation funny at all, "No, that's not why. I just think that maybe I pushed you into this when you were in the hospital. I was so demanding. Maybe you really did want me to go."
She looked down unable to meet his gaze.
Ray sat up and touched her arm, "Christa, look at me." She still looked down, "look at me". When she finally did he spoke, "Please tell me what caused this doubt."
Instead of answering, she slid off the bed and bent down to pull the pink teddy from its spot under the bed. Holding it up she said in a shaky voice, "This"
"It's nice, I'd like to see you in it." He smiled.
Christa threw it at him hitting him in the head with it, "That's not funny." She cried.
Ray realized she was serious, "Christa babe, you gotta tell me what's going on, I'm lost here." He reached up to pull her back down on to the bed but she moved just outside his reach.
"Ray, I found this under your bed." He still looked confused, "It's not mine," she said slowly.
"Well it's not mine, I look horrible in pink" he shot back with a grin.
Christa couldn't believe he was acting like this, "It's not funny, Raymond. Who was she and when?" She was trying so hard not to break down in tears.
"Babe, there is no one else in my life but you." This time when he reached for her he got her arm and pulled her down on the bed. "How could you think there was?"
"How could I not? You're such a clean freak it couldn't have been there all that long. Look I know you never really came out and said we were exclusive, I guess I just assumed we were."
"And you assumed right, when I met you there was no one else." He pulled her to him and kissed her lips gently, "and there never will be."
She pulled away from him, "Then who does the teddy belong to?"
He shrugged, "I dunno, Louie borrowed the apartment a few times, I'm guessing it belonged to someone he brought over."
"Your brother?" she looked at him, "Oh hell, do I feel stupid now, I never thought about it belonging to someone who was here with your brother." She tried to get off the bed but he yanked her over to lie on top of him.
"Oh no, woman. You're not going anywhere. You need to give me an apology. Thinking I was cheating on you." He was smiling while his hand roamed up and down her back.
"I just feel stupid" she muttered.
"No, Babe. Stupid isn't how you feel." His hands where under her shirt, "You feel fucking good."
"I'm sorry, Ray. I just love you so much I was afraid you didn't feel the same way towards me." She put her head down on his chest.
"Babe, I love you, never doubt that." He whispered. "You are mine."
He showed her just how much she meant to him.

Jamia had just eaten the most incredible meatloaf she had ever tasted when Frank called. "Hey honey, how are ya?" he sounded tired yet psyched.
"I'm fine how are you? You sound good."
"The concert was fucking awesome. The kids love us here. London is rad. I stayed and signed for as long as I could." He sounded so excited she wished she could see his face.
"What time is it there?" she asked. The time thing always confused her. It seemed she and Frank were on different planets sometimes.
"About twenty after midnight. I must be getting old cause I'm looking foreword to crashing." He laughed "So tell me about your day and don't leave anything out. I want to hear about every kick the kids gave you."
Jamia smiled and did just that. She and Frank ended up talking another twenty minutes.

Monica who was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher heard Jamia laughing happily and knew she was talking to Frank. She was sure Gerard would be calling soon and wanted to have the kitchen cleaned by the time he did. Bert had called earlier apologizing for not being able to
meet with her because he had to get back to California. He had gotten a flight for tonight. Honestly she hadn't been upset. She was tired Talking about Liv any more today wasn't something she wanted to do. Besides she just wanted to wait for Gee's call. She finished up with the cleaning and walked into the living room. Jamia has gotten off the phone and was watching the news.
"Frank sounded so good, he said the concert was fantastic." She told Monica lowering the volume on the TV.
"That's great. I've been worried about how the concerts would go with Mikey and Ray missing."
"He said the fans were cool about it. They clapped and cheered when Gee told them Ray was doing great and Mikey was on his honeymoon." She smiled, "I'm glad I didn't panic and tell him. I haven't had another pain since before he left and I'm feeling great."
They decided to watch a movie on the Lifetime channel. Monica had set her cell phone on the table beside her, waiting for Gerard to call. It was almost an hour since Frank had called and still no call. "Wonder why Gee hasn't called?" she finally said.
Jamia looked over at her, "I don't know. Why don't you give him a call and see?"
Monica shook her head, "No, he's probably busy. I'm sure he'll call when he can." She stood, "I'm gonna get a Diet Coke, want anything?"
"No thanks, I'm still stuffed from dinner. That meat loaf was so damn good. I'm gonna gain so much weight with you cooking for me."
Monica smiled and went into the kitchen. She heard her phone ring and smiled. "Finally" she said out loud as she picked it up. It wasn't Gerard it was Kara.
"Hey, Mom. Bob hasn't called me." She said unhappily, "I've tried to call him but I just get his voice mail. Did Gee say what Bob is doing?"
"Actually Gee hasn't called me yet. They're probably together. I'm sure they'll call before long."
Kara sounded put out, "It's pretty late in London. What could they be doing?"
"I don't know honey. They probably had something they had to do. You know touring. Something always comes up. I'm sure Bob will call you soon"
Kara agreed reluctantly and told her mom goodbye. Monica looked over at Jamia who had been listening, "She's upset Bob hasn't called."
"Want me to call Frank? He's probably sleeping but if she's worried I will."
"No, it's not important. I'm sure he'll call her soon." She sat down and tried to concentrate on the movie. When it was over and Gerard still hadn't called she had to admit to herself she was worried. Should she call him? It was almost two am in London. Why hadn't he called? He called a few minutes later.
"Hey honey, how are you?' He sounded tired.
"Gee, are you OK?"
"Sure, why wouldn't I be?" He sat down on the chair in the lobby of the hotel. Upstairs in the room he was sharing with Frank his friend was sleeping and he didn't want to wake him.
"I was just worried, I know it's very late there and you hadn't called."
"I'm sorry, a bunch of us went out after the concert to celebrate. The concert was electric and I guess I was just wired and wanted to party some."
"Oh." Monica said slowly.
Gerard laughed, "Yeah, party for me doesn't exactly mean what it does for everyone else. No booze, no drugs. Just talking and laughing with friends. So how was your day? Did you go to the house?"
"No, Kelly stayed home from school with a bad cold." She figured if she told him about Kelly it wouldn't seem strange she hadn't gone to the house.
Gerard laughed, "She must have infected Bob. He's got a wicked cold."
"Has he called Kara?" Monica asked knowing her daughter was waiting for a call.
"He said that was what he was gonna do when I saw him. So is Kelly OK?"
Monica smiled happily at his concerned tone, "She's OK but in her words she feels 'yucky'.
"Well that's not exactly how Bob described it but I can't really repeat what he said. Baby, I would really love to talk to you all night but we've got an early flight so I better try to get a little bit of sleep."
"I understand" Monica said softly, "Take care of yourself. I love you."
"I love you, too. Wish you were with me" he snapped his phone closed and looked at his watch. He was only going to get a few hours of sleep. "I'm getting too old for this shit," he muttered to himself.
"Too old for what?" he heard a voice ask him.
He laughed, "For this shit"

Kara was staring at but not seeing the DVD that Kelly and Donna had chosen. The last thing she wanted to watch was some stupid chick flick. 'Why didn't he call?' She hoped he was all right, but if he was.....well, things were not going to be pretty for Mr. Bryar. 'Bob, call me now' she whispered into Pookie's ear. Kara jumped when her phone played "Dead" the ring tone she had set for Bob's cell phone. It would be a very appropriate choice if he didn't offer up a good excuse as to why he hadn't called yet.
"Bob, where have you been? I've been worried. You were supposed to call hours ago."
A sneeze answered her followed rapidly by 2 more.
Her demeanor immediately changed. "Bob, are you okay? Do you have a cold?"
"Hi, Kara. Sorry I was late calling. Gerard and some of the guys went out after the concert {sneeze} and Matt's still up with the girl de jour. Doesn't look like I'm {sniffle) going to get any sleep tonight. Our flight's in a few hours. Ugh, I feel like shit."
"Poor Bob. You march into your room right now and kick that ho right out. Do you want me to talk to Matt? We can replace him in a heartbeat, but they can't get another you. Seriously, Hon. Go kick Matt out of the room."
"It's okay, Kara. I'll crash with {sneeze) someone else. Look, Kara. Let me call you tomorrow when I'm awake."
"Okay, Hon. I miss you, Pookie"
"I miss you, too Stinkerbell (giant sneeze).
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