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Chapter 2: Love and Rejection

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It was for sure that the young couple loved each other. For the single, his eyes could not deny that the beautiful girl and him were meant to be. Rejecting. Rejection leads to worse. Reason to live...

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The next day...

Pete entered Lori's room, hearing the muffled sound of sobs, began to worry.

"Lori? You alright?" He asked.

Lori was sitting up in bed, her hand covering her mouth and her eyes shut tightly. She nodded.

"Then why are you crying?" He giggled, confused by Lori's action. He took her hand. "I need to know these things so I can help, baby."

She grinned slightly and rested her head on Pete's shoulder. "The baby... our daughter..." She sniffled once more.


"B-before you came.... she told me that we were going to have a girl..." She said. "The doctor told me."

"Lori..." He whispered, before taking her into his arms once again. "It seems like so long that I've done this with you..."

"I missed it." She said.

"Well... other than the band... the guys of TAI came." He smiled., letting her go.

She smiled. "Billy, Butch, Sisky? For me?" She laughed. "I'm ready when they are."

He grinned widely. "I'll go get them."


"She's awake." Pete said, to the seemingly bored band mates.

William Beckett looked up from his magazine. "She's alright?"

"She's a lot better than she was last night."

They all got up and followed Pete to Lori's room, being stopped by Saphire.

"Don't you think this is too over-whelming for her at the moment?" She asked.

"I asked her and she said it was okay." Pete replied. "It was her decision"

Saphire shrugged. "It's her life." She sighed.

Pete smiled. "She knows what she wants." And he continued on his way.

William stopped and turned to look at the girl. "Who... is that...?"

"Huh? Saph? Oh... that's Lori's sister."

"They look... exactly alike."

"They're twins." Pete nodded. "This is her room." He pushed open the door.

Lori had a smile on her face. "Hey guys." She said, her voice being a little soft.

The band members walked in, looking ecstatic to see that Lori was awake and well.

"Lori! You look great! Now that you're not in a coma... like... thing." Butcher said.

She laughed. "I feel good now that I'm not in a coma like thing." She grinned.

"Pete's been so depressed without you." Mike said. "Can I even count the number of concerts we canceled?"

Pete rolled his eyes. "It's not her fault."

"Like, 10 concerts." William replied.

Lori raised an eyebrow. "10 concerts?"

"It wasn't your fault, sweetie." Pete said, stroking her arm gently. "Way to go, making her feel bad guys."

William laughed. "Sorry."

"I don't feel bad. But that's a lot of concerts to cancel."

"The list was gonna be longer."

"Can we not talk about this?" Pete asked. "It's over. Now we can get back to our normal lives."

"Okay. Do you know when they're gonna let you out?" Sisky asked.

"She told me, probably two days from now." Lori replied. "I think they were getting sick of me being here."

"Nah, your doctor is Pat's girlfriend. Sure she doesn't know you at all because you were asleep... for 2 months... but she can't dislike you because of it too." William said.

Lori giggled. "That's the one he was talking about?"

Pete nodded. "He has a new thing for blonds now."

"I really feel as if I missed a lot. Fill me in."

"Bill's been going through break up, after break up... that's all." 'The Butcher' said.

"That's not nice." William replied. "I just... can't find anyone who's willing to stay with me. Or who likes me for me."

"And the sad thing is that they were all attractive too." Michael laughed.

"Oh shut up."


"I'm happy for you guys, you know." William said.

Pete smiled. "Thanks."

"Lori being gone and all was hard for us, too." Andy said. "It was especially hard watching them go through this."

"Honestly... I knew she wasn't going to let go so quickly." Pete said. "She's so young and has much to look forward to."

"And so do you." Joe playfully punched Pete in the arm. "You guys were engaged for 3 months before she got... sick I guess. What are you gonna do about that?"

"We have a baby on the way... it can't be such a big thing."

"Tabloids?" Sisky asked.


"You gonna do it before or after?"

"Personally... I'd like to be married to her before the baby's born. But it depends on what she wants..."

"Yeah... I know who I'm gonna marry."

"Trick... you've only been dating her for 2 months." William laughed.


"Oh yeah, did you tell Lori about the house?" Andy asked.

"I'm gonna..."

Andy laughed. "She's gonna freak if you tell her too late, man."

"I'm gonna tell her!"

"When you take her back home?" Butcher laughed.


"Lori... is... 27 right?"

Pete nodded. "Yeah, why?"

"Her sister is the same age?"

"Yup. They're twins."

"She's older than me."

"Oh no... I know that look." Mike said. "He thinks she's hot."

"Good luck, Billy. She's hard to get." Joe laughed.

"How do you know?"

"She's very hard core... when it comes to men."

"She'll break your heart. Not the way it usually is."

"I'll get her..."


Saphire was walking back to her car.

"Hey, you're Lori's sister right?"

Saphire turned around. "Yeah... oh! Hi William. Stupid of me."

"Saphire, right?"

She laughed. "Stage name... call me Lisa."


"Saphire is my stage name. I'm in... I was in a band." She revealed. "Now that we called it quits... I don't like being called it anymore."

"Oh... okay." William replied. "Well... if you wanna hang out later you can ju-"

"I don't think so." She said, cutting him off. "It'll be kind of weird... you being best friends with Pete and all."

"Honestly I do-"

"Honestly... no. Sorry. See you around."

William watched her car pull out of the hospital parking lot, stunned at the way she had cut him off so easily.

"What... how... am I not allowed to love?"

"Hey! We're leaving." Pete yelled from their car.

William shook his head. "Yeah, I'm coming."


Poor William.
The pretty girl he wants doesn't like him.
Okay, I'm done.
7 and a half more days of school till the summah!
Elena(wuz hurr)
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