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Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

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Michael looked up as his brother walked back through the gaping hole. He stood there and glanced around, studying Jamia's handiwork for a few moments, then bent one leg and casually leaned back against the wall, arms folded and eyes lowered to the ground.

"Why did you come back?" Michael asked in shock. He just smirked in response, saying nothing even as a dozen sets of footsteps approached.

"Don't move, pirate," said one soldier, aiming a rifle at him. He just rolled his eyes, thinking, 'Does it really look like I'm going anywhere?'

"Your trial was to begin tomorrow, but after this I think we can legally take you straight to the noose!" said another soldier. This made him glance up, raising one eyebrow.

"I won't let you do it," said Michael, standing between the soldiers and his brother.

"You wish to join him, then?" asked the first soldier, eyeing him carefully.

"You can't do anything. He's my brother." Michael expected them to grow silent, or step back a little. He never expected them to laugh.

The pale-haired man watched the scene with knowing eyes. 'Blood means nothing, Michael,' he thought as they tore him from the wall and bound his wrists behind his back with rope. 'Not against the government. Blood means nothing.'

A blade cut through the ties on his wrists, instantly freeing him. He swiftly turned and caught the sword being thrown to him, then grabbed Michael's hand and pulled him towards the group, backing away from the soldiers.

"Thanks, Frank," he said, not taking his eyes from the soldiers aiming various weapons at them. More appeared and encircled them, and before long they were completely surrounded.

"Sorry I'm late. Shall we?" Frank asked, flashing him a smirk. He returned it.

"We shall." They both leapt forward and stabbed the soldiers directly in front of them through the heart, barely having time to remove their swords before the others were upon them. Michael stepped backward and flattened himself against the wall, unable to believe what he was seeing. The two pirates' fighting styles mirrored each other perfectly, leaping over the falling bodies with ease. Despite their skills, however, he knew there were far more soldiers than pirates. Something would have to change soon if they were to be successful.

"Starting the party without us?" asked a new voice, leaping into the fray with sword drawn. Frank barely managed to keep his focus at the sound.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Jamia," he said as he ducked a sword slash and stabbed another soldier. Alicia almost followed her, but stopped when her eyes met Michael's. She smiled and stepped over to him.

"Follow me," she said, lacing their fingers and leading him outside. He had no choice but to agree.
The pale-haired man breathed deeply, enjoying the scent of the ocean air. It was good to be back where he belonged. The moon had been reduced to a thin crescent, but the stars provided enough of a map for him.

"We must leave soon," he said to the dark-haired man standing beside him. "Has he made a decision?"

"No," Frank responded, shaking his head. The pale-haired man sighed and walked away from his ship for the time being, finding his target nearby.

"Michael, we need to leave soon," he said sternly.

"I can't leave," the younger man said in a quivering voice. "I'm not like you." He placed a comforting hand on Michael's shoulder, and their eyes met once again.

"You don't have a choice. You'll be killed for helping a pirate escape from prison." He allowed a sincere smile to cross his face. "And whether or not we're related, I won't let anything happen to you." He was somewhat shocked when the younger man suddenly embraced him, but decided to return the hug. It would be strange having a younger brother again.

"May I speak to you?" asked a voice from behind him. He abruptly turned around, seeing Jamia standing there, arms folded. She didn't look any different than usual, ignoring the fact that Frank's arm was snaked around her waist. "Originally Alícia and I were going to return to our own ship, but..."

"She's coming with us," Frank finished, staring directly into the captain's eyes. He pretended to disagree, not speaking, but a smile worked its way onto his face anyway.

"You speak as if I have a choice," he said with a light laugh. Frank smiled gratefully and boarded the ship with Jamia by his side. Alícia approached a few moments later.

"Can I-" she began. Her words were quickly cut off by Michael's lips meeting her own. They pulled away from each other a few moments later, smiling.

"If you're finished," the pale-haired man said curtly, motioning toward the ship, "we need to leave." He received two smiles in return, and they quickly boarded the ship, gliding off to the open ocean he missed so dearly.
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