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Typical Man - JUNE 17

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Frank calls Jamia, Bob calls Kara during a crisis and Gee finally calls Monica.

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Jamia placed the bookmark between the pages of the book she was reading and looked up at Monica. "Who was that?"

Monica signed as she sat down the phone, "Kara, she's upset that Bob hasn't called yet. She's tried to call him several hundred times and her calls go directly to voice mail."

Jamia laughed, "Several hundred times?"

"You don't know Kara like I do. I'm pretty sure I'm not that off on the count. At first she was concerned because she knows he's sick." She laughed, "I think Kelly contaminated him with her cold before he left. Anyway she's been worried about that but now she's thinking if he's well enough to be running around he's well enough to call her."

Jamia nodded but didn't say anything. She opened her book and began to read again. She knew Monica was staring at her.
"So are you gonna tell me what Frank said about Gee earlier that pissed you off?"

Jamia pretended not to understand, "What?"

Monica sighed, "I know Frank said something. When you asked if Gee was there and he wasn't. When I called Gee earlier from the house he was at a party. He seems to be having a good time in Europe and really that's okay with me."

"And you're here dealing with taking care of me, your sick daughter and his daughter by Liv" Jamia's tone was angry.

"Dealing with you isn't a problem at all, Kelly has a cold and I'm happy I got to take care of Elle." Monica told her, "Really I am."

"Monica I'm just worried about you. You don't know Liv like I do. The woman is a first class bitch. In her sick mind she probably thinks it's somehow funny to leave Elena with you. She probably wants you to get attached to her so she can keep her from you when she chooses. I just don't want you to get hurt." She spoke softly, "I could see how much you care for the little girl."

"Elle is Gee's child, she is part of him. She is something I can never give him. I want to have a relationship with her. She is a sweet child and you're right I don't know Liv like you do but she can't be totally bad to have raised a sweet child like Elle."

Jamia just shook her head, "Just be careful okay? I'm warning you. Liv can be so vile. If you had seen the way she used to treat Gee you would understand why I feel like I do."

Monica smiled at her friend, "I'm gonna start dinner. I was thinking spaghetti, how does that sound?"

"Excellent" Jamia said. Just then her phone rang, it was Frank.

Monica walked into the kitchen trying not to think about Liv or Gee for that matter. Maybe he would call soon since Frank was calling that probably meant they were back at the hotel. She hummed softly to herself as she got out the large spaghetti pot.

"Where is Gee?" Jamia asked as soon as Monica was out of sight. "He hasn't called."

"He and Bob stayed at the party. I got tired and came back to the hotel. I think Josh and Matt are still there too." Frank did sound tired.

"Are they still there?" Jamia asked not wanting to say any names out loud for fear Monica would hear.

"Uh, yeah but babe there's nothing to worry about. Bob loves Kara and Gee loves Monica, you know that." He sat down on the bed and rubbed his head. "Stop worrying."

Jamia sighed, "Look Monica has been through so much. I just don't want her to get upset about anything."

"If you don't say anything to her she won't even know. Hell, there is noting to know so calm down." He wondered why Jamia was so upset about this. "They are just old friends; we've known them forever. I don't understand what's upsetting you."

"Typical man" Jamia sneered.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Frank didn't want to upset Jamia but he really didn't like how he was sure she was grouping him in with the "typical men".

Jamia took a calming breath, "Nothing Frank. Tell me about the party. Were there lots of girls there?"

"Oh hell, Jamia don't tell me you don't trust me." He was quite put out.

"I trust you Frank" she said slowly, "I guess I'm just missing you and feeling big and ugly today." She looked down at her stomach and imagined it was the size of Mount Rushmore.

"Are my children giving you a hard time, baby?" he teased.

"They are as hyper as you today.," she told him smiling. "Now tell me about the party."

When Monica returned to the living room twenty minutes later Jamia has just gotten off the phone. "How's Frank?"

"Tired but excited about the show tomorrow night."

"Was Gee with him?" Monica hated to ask but she couldn't' help herself.

Jamia shook her head, "No he and the other guys are still out. Frank was tired so he went back to the hotel."

"Gee seems to have a lot of energy lately." Monica said "Guess he probably will sleep in tomorrow morning, besides its really not late there." she tried to sound unconcerned but Jamia knew that wasn't how she was feeling.

Kara was in the kitchen at Donna's trying to surprise everyone with dinner. So far, it wasn't going well. The grilled cheese was burnt outside but the cheese wasn't melted inside. The soup (from a can, of course) was an interesting color and lumpy. The salad looked edible, so there was some hope of getting nourishment. Just as the smoke detector sounded, Kara's cell phone rang. It was Bob. What timing.

Kara answered, practically in tears. "Bob, the sandwiches burnt and the soup is in chunks. It's terrible." She started to sob.

Bob was very confused, but gave it the old college try. "Honey, it's okay. Don't worry about it. I bet you look darn cute anyway." Kara sniffled. "Tell me what's happening, Stinkerbell. What sandwiches? Don't tell me you're trying to cook." That was the wrong thing to say.

"Bob, I'm (sob) making dinner for everyone and it's not working. I don't know what's wrong." Bob knew what was wrong, but his one well brain cell decided not to point out to Kara that she couldn't boil water.

Kara sniffled again. "How are you, Bobby? Kelly's been a slug all day. She's done nothing but lay on the couch and watch movies. Are you feeling better? What did you do today?"

Bob chose one of the questions flying at his head to answer. "We had some interviews and then one of the promoters threw a get together for some big wigs. Really boring."

"Really, who was there? Anyone we know?"

"No, just a bunch of people I'd never met before and will never see again. Some of them didn't speak English. That was really fun."

"Oh, poo. I bet it was fun. Wish I could have gone."

"Kara, I'm going to let you go back to making dinner. I need to get some sleep cause we have a concert tomorrow. This cold is wiping me out."

"Okay, Hon. When are you calling tomorrow?"

"I'll try to call before the show. I don't think we're doing anything. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Night, hon"

"Oh, and Kara."


"The Pizza Hut number is on the refrigerator."

Monica had just finished loading the dishwasher when Gerard called. "Hey, Gee" she answered glancing at the clock and mentally figuring the time difference between Germany and Jersey.

"Hi honey, how are you?" He walked into the bathroom to talk. Frank was sleeping and he didn't want to wake him.

"I'm just fine but missing you." She answered while taking a seat at the kitchen table. "I guess you stayed at the party?"

He thought back to the earlier conversation he had had with her. "Yeah, I thought we were all going to leave but then some more people showed up so we ended up staying. Did you know that Kelly called me?"

Monica was surprised, "Kelly called you? When?"

"About an hour ago. Monica is something wrong? She sounded upset and when she asked me if I still wanted to be her dad I kinda freaked. Why would she question that?"

"I have no idea. What else did she say?"

"That's pretty much it. When I asked her what was wrong she said it was nothing. Can I talk to her?"

Monica had momentarily forgotten he didn't know she was with Jamia and not at Donna's. She had to think fast. "She just fell asleep, this cold is really wiping her out. I'll talk to her later and see if I can find out what's wrong."

"Okay, but I'm still kinda worried. I love Kell, I don't know why she would doubt that."

"Gee, she's just feeling bad, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. So tell me about the party."

"It was okay, lots of people. A bunch of us ended up telling ghost stories. I told them about my name getting written in the frost. Most of the people that know me had heard it before."

"I haven't heard it." Monica reminded him softly. Sometimes it bothered her that everyone around him knew so much more about his past than she did.

"Oh, I'll tell you later. Right now I want to talk about us. Tell me how much you miss me." He lit a cigarette and glanced at his reflection in the mirror over the sink. Dark circles were showing under his eyes, he needed to get more sleep.

"You know how much I miss you. Today at the house I hugged your pillow cause it smelled like you. It brought back all the memories of the other night."

He smiled, "I like those memories. Especially that thing you do with your.." She cut him off.

"Enough, Gee. This isn't gonna turn into one of those phone calls." She laughed.

He played innocent, "What kind of phone call is that? You mean one of those where you moan for me?"

"Yeah, that kind. Besides if anyone moans it should be you. I did last time."

He took a puff and grinned, "That was hot. Do it again. Think about our bed and the last time we were in it." He felt his heart began to race. "Please baby."

Monica knew Jamia was in the next room even tho Gee didn't. "No way, Gee." She spoke in a breathless tone, "You moan for me. Tell me what you would do to me if I was there with you."

He looked around the bathroom and suddenly the memory of the bathroom on the tour bus came to him. He remembered lifting Monica up onto the vanity, spreading her legs.... He moaned at the thought.

"Oh Gee, I want you so badly" Monica whispered into the phone.

"Oh honey, the thought of your legs wrapped around me..."

"Oh, Gee.....Give it to me stud" Franks falsetto voice from the other side of the door caused Gerard to open his eyes and glare.

"Fuck off, Frank" he hissed.

Monica heard the encounter and giggled, "So now you know what it's like to have someone hear one of these conversations. Tell Frank to get lost."

Gerard repeated Monica's request, but not exactly as she had said it. Frank's giggling could be heard by both of them. "Monica, I'm gonna go strangle the little gnome. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay, Gee. I love you." She said softly.

"I love you too, honey." Monica could hear him shouting out Frank's name as he disconnected.

AUTHORS NOTE: This chapter is dedicated to two lovely sisters known as KissGoodbye and Me_Myself_and_MCR. I hope you all know what is going on and have kept them in your prayers. Never give up and think happy thoughts.
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