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Kill All Your Friends

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Gerard has a rude awakening. Mikey is worried. Frankie is doubtful.

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He was walking down a long, dark winding stairway. He shuddered, hearing the tortured screams of agony of his friends coming from somewhere behind the door not far ahead...

Opening the door, he came face to face with the most gruesome scene he had ever witnessed. The guys were dead, no, they were still alive, he realized. Writhing on the floor in pain, with their bodies cut open, blood and flesh spilling out. Limbs had been messily sawed off, any remaining ones were twisted and stuck out at odd angles as if broken.

The eerie feeling was back. There was a sickening sensation in the pit of his stomach, telling him he was not alone. A sudden noise behind him made him spin around on the spot. Finding himself staring into the face of a man, his mind screamed obscenities in anger. But the words would not come out of his mouth. The other man's face twisted into a sick, sinister grimace. In his hand, he held a knife. The knife was covered in blood. The man was covered in blood, too. Slowly, he brought knife up in front of him. It was a threat. The man laughed. It was a nasty, evil laugh. Without warning he lashed out, driving the knife deep into Gerard's chest...he let out a sharp, piercing scream and fell in a heap on the floor-

"Gerard! Holy shit! Wake up, please wake up!" came a familiar voice.
Gerard curled up into the fetal position. "Go away" he whispered fiercely,"Don't touch me!" He didn't want to open his eyes, he couldn't bare to see his friends like that..

"MIKEY! GET THE HELL IN HERE!" the voice screeched.
Gerard heard heavy footsteps, and he covered his head up with his arms in fear. He felt someone kneel down next to him. "No..." he whispered, barely loud enough to be heard. He was overcome by fear. He started to cry, and his body shook uncontrollably with heavy sobs.

"Gerard..." Gerard heard Mikey's voice.

"M-Mikey?" he whispered, so only his brother would hear.

"Yeah, it's me." Mikey wrapped his arms around his older brother. Gerard opened his eyes.

"Mikey!" Gerard cried, "You're not d-dead!"

"N-no, of course not, Gee, it's okay." Mikey reassured. He knew exactly what to do when Gerard had these dreams. He used to have them often when he was depressed, though they were rarely this bad."You were dreaming, it was a nightmare. Everything is okay."

"You sure?" Gerard asked, still not convinced. He looked around and realized he was lying in a tangled position on the floor. "Why am I on the floor?" He asked, confused.

"You fell out of bed."

"I did?"

"Yes. Frank came in to get changed, and saw you thrashing around in your bed. He though you were probably dreaming, so he tried to wake you, but you fell out of bed and told him to get the hell away. Then he yelled for me, and I came running in."

"Frank's here??" Gerard asked, feeling bad about what he said to Frank. Mikey nodded.

"Gee, I'm here." said Frank. Gerard looked up, noticing Frank standing behind Mikey.

"FRANKIE! I'm sorry.. it's just..I thought you were.."

"Thought I was who, Gee?" Frank asked quietly.

"I don't know. But he had brown, shoulder-length hair, and really dark eyes. He was wearing all black, and the was everywhere!!"

"Gee, I don't understand.."

"I opened a door, and all you guys were dying. Lying on the floor. And your blood was everywhere. That guy, he killed you all. Then he killed me. It was disgusting."

" Well it's okay, just remember that it was only a dream." said Frank. Gerard nodded.

"Where were you guys anyways? I remember Frank telling me we'd be sharing a room, then I went to sleep."

"We were here, just a few rooms down the hall. Watching TV-

"Mikey started.

"There's a TV?"

"-and playing Xbox-"

"You brought our Xbox?"

"Of course," Mikey smiled.

"Come on Gee, let's go play!" Frank said excitedly. He didn't know much about Gerard's issue with bad dreams, but he assumed that it would be best to keep him distracted by any means possible, even if it meant playing Xbox at 1:45 AM.

"Okay," Gerard said, smiling slightly. He got up off the floor and walked out through the open door. "Are you coming Frank?"

"He will be, I just wanna talk to him about something first." said Mikey.

"About what?" asked Frank when he was sure Gerard was out of earshot. He walked across the room and locked the door.

"Do you remember what we saw on TV earlier? About that mass murderer guy escaping back home?" Mikey asked, lowering his voice.

"Yeah, what about it?" Frank asked. Mikey rolled his eyes. Frank could be so clueless sometimes.

"If you were paying attention, you would have noticed that the description of the guy in Gee's dream and the description of that guy on TV were the exact same!" Mikey pointed out, a worried expression on his face.

"So? It was probably a coincidence."

"Frankie! This is Gerard we're talking about! Wouldn't you expect something like this from him, I mean, he can be so unpredictable at times!" Mikey explained exasperatingly.

"So what are you saying? That he can predict the future? Or something stupid like that? Come on Mikey. Think about what you're saying." Frank laughed.

"Shut up,"Mikey snapped,"It's happened before." He turned away from Frank.

"What? When?" Frank asked, not sure whether to believe it or not.

"Once, he dreamed about..." Mikey trailed off.

"He dreamed about what? Go on.." Frank inquired.

"...he dreamed about Grandma Elena before she died." Mikey finished, blinking back tears. Frank knew that Gee and Mikey were very close to their grandmother, and they were traumatized when she died. They had attented her funeral not too long ago, and neither of them had really accepted her death yet.

"Shit, Mikey, I'm really sorry, I didn't realize....I shouldn't have asked-" Frank apologized, wrapping his arms around Mikey.

"It's fine..but what I wanted to ask you about in the first place was, um, do you think we should tell Gerard about this?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea.." Frank frowned.

"You're probably right. We should be careful what we say around him from now on.."


So, there's chapter two. reviews, please!! : )
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