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Chapter 14 - You Are The Only Thing That Makes Sense

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Petra, Patrick and Pete cope...

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Chapter 14 - You Are The Only Thing That Makes Sense

Shay stood still with her head lowered, now was not the time to allow pride to make her feel strong, her husband was leaving her and she knew she deserved it. He stormed past her into the other room and packed more of his belongings.

"I'll be at my parent's house in Wilmette." He said bluntly, Shay could only nod to acknowledge the statement.

"I wanna see the kids, make sure they're here tomorrow." He instructed her, again, she remained in silent solitude.

He hunted around furiously for his keys, Shay timidly opened the key box behind her and took his bunch out. She held them out.

He stared at her, then at the keys and took them roughly from her hand.

Patrick pulled open the door and heavily threw his bag over his shoulder and picked up his laptop and business stuff.

Shay moved only slightly so she could witness the full demise of her marriage as he stepped out the threshold of their family home.

He stopped and turned slightly and looked at her, both had tears running, Shay quickly put her hand to her mouth to stop herself breaking down. Patrick turned and walked away. Shay slid down the wall and openly cried, the most desperate tears of her existence.

Her husband was gone and she made it happen.

All 3 children had taken refuge in Shay's bed, Rory had shifted to the floor area during the night time tussle with his sisters and mother. Shay's eyes remained wide open, only seeing Patrick's miserable eyes as he left her that day. Her hand mechanically stroked Aimee's fine hair, the texture just like her father's, only another reminder of why she was without him that night.

Natalie twisted and turned, she was such a restless sleeper, her ringers were always twitching, her small world was so alive at night. She would constantly whine in her sleep, waking Shay every time she did, only to realise it was the child's objection to sleep and nothing else.

The only solace was in the peaceful calm of her ceiling, she laid motionless, staring at it.

The single bed was foreign to Patrick, the walls were enclosing and everything in his old room was alien. He had spent countless nights without his children or his wife but this was different, there was a permanency to it.

When sleep threatened to take him, all his eyes would see was his beautiful wife with his best friend and it twisted up his insides. Angrily, his pillow received blow after blow as he tried to abandon the thoughts and ideas in his head.

The dismay that Natalie had been conceived within their treachery, such a beautiful child who brought so much joy to him, wasn't his and never would be. It deadened parts of him.

It made him realise that now, Shay and Pete would always have a connection, even if they all did their best to move on, they would have to share the emotional bond with Natalie between the three of them.

Patrick had shared his youth with Pete, experienced the intense highs, the lows, travelled the world, fulfilled their deepest creative ideas and desires.

He just never thought he'd have to share his wife.

He never thought he'd have to share his daughter.

His eyes looked up at the ceiling, he gazed before new tears formed, stinging the corners.

Pete looked at his bruised stomach in the mirror, he tenderly touched it.

The blonde came up behind him and slipped her hands over his torso and kissed his back gently.

"Are you OK?" she whispered.

"I've never been better." He croaked, she looked at his face in the mirror.

She moved to sit before him on the sink and softly cupped his face, his eyes looked at her, she was so incredibly beautiful, she was lovely. But she wasn't Shay.

Pete imagined the shape of her lips being like those of Shay's, the soft pout and how it would feel against his lips but they couldn't come close.

The model material before him was exquisite but she lacked the softness in her eyes that Shay had, the womanhood, the maternal instinct in her voice.

He felt a strong tie to Shay, as much as she denied it, she had carried his child, she had worked hard to bring her into the world and raised her wonderfully. All she asked was that he have nothing to do with them.

"Come to bed babe..." she whispered in his ear.

"I can't sleep." He said, she kissed him softly, her hands wrapping under his chin and around his neck. If he closed his eyes firmly, he could imagine her, imagine how she would make him feel if it was her.

He gripped the blonde firmly and she was a little startled at his forwardness, he pulled her quickly off the sink and pushed her towards the bedroom. He heard her moan quickly as he kissed her throat hungrily and pushed her down on the bed firmly.

"Take me Pete!" She gasped

"Shhh!" he frowned, putting his fingers over her lips.

As he greedily took her in silence, he didn't give her the opportunity respond to his affection, he took control and he winced as the pressure of his body on hers ached on his wound.

They wrestled for pleasure and he kept his mouth over hers, envisioning Shay's mouth returning his kisses, he kept his eyes closed tight, he only wanted to see her dark features and he wanted those green eyes to be looking at him, telling him he was doing everything right, her hands were always so desperate to touch and hold him and it made her so distinct from other women he'd been with.

He could hear how much he was pleasing the blonde, his eyes closed tighter and he increased the pressure of his movements only to excite her further.

As he approached his end he found himself brimming to the very top with energy and he gripped the blonde's arms and pinned them over her head.

"God - Shay!" he gasped and he climaxed a moment later.

As he pushed himself up to look at her, the sadness in her blue eyes told him everything he needed to know and he recognised the woman's name he'd wanted to be underneath him wasn't her.

"Shay??" she frowned, her eyes glassing over.

"Oh god." She said suddenly, she pushed Pete from her and hurried away from him.

"Shay Stump??" She yelled at him, Pete sat up and pulled the sheets over him, he stared at the blonde.

"Now I know why Patrick was here - it all makes sense!!" She shouted.

Pete could only stay silent.

"How long?" She demanded, Pete shook his head, knowing she had no idea what she was dealing with.

"How long!??" She shouted angrily.

"You don't know what you're talking about." He said calmly.

"Don't fucking patronise me Pete - tell me how long , you owe me the truth!"

"I don't owe you anything, you don't even know me!"

"I've never professed to - don't put this on me!"

There was a break in their verbal throws.

"How could you do that to your best friend?" she said, she was crying now, packing her stuff into her oversized hand bag.

"Your best friend Pete!" she cried, she stared at him one last time before shaking her head at him in disgust and slamming the door.

He laid back in his bed and stared only at the ceiling above him.

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