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Pink Diamond and the Hobbit - JUNE 19

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Monica helps Ray with his gifts for Christa.

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AUTHORS NOTE - Once I had long hair now I've pulled most of it out dealing with FicWad. Yesterday's chapter "Really Big Ears" posted way in the wrong place but please look for it and review. The chapters I'm posting are very important to how the story will end and if you miss one things aren't gonna make sense. Thanks so much I love you all....

The look on Ray's face was priceless. He glanced over at Monica and scowled, "How the hell am I supposed to choose one of these?" He gestured toward the large tray of engagement rings. "I don't know what she'll like."

"You could let her choose her own ring" Monica suggested.

"Sort of a surprise ruiner, don't you think?" He rubbed his forehead.

Monica gently touched his arm, "Headache?"

He nodded, "Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's caused by looking at all this bling. Come on, Monica. Help me out here."

"Would you say Christa is flashy or down-to-earth?"

"Down-to-earth" he replied without hesitation.

"Okay then a beautiful single stone in a simple mounting. Does she wear gold or silver?"

He thought, "Usually silver"

"Then white gold would be best."

"Yeah, that's good." His eyes scanned the tray again. Still, he didn't see anything he thought looked like it was right for Christa.

The shop owner smiled, "I have a few nice estate rings. Would you like to see those?"

"Estate rings?" Ray repeated.

"Yes, these are vintage rings. Usually one of a kind." He walked over to another showcase and took out a small tray. Placing it on the counter in front of Ray and Monica he said, "I'm afraid I only have one that might be what you're looking for but it's not white gold, it's set in platinum. The ring was simple yet elegant. A single half-carat pink diamond sat encased in a delicate setting with scrollwork on each side. "A very unique ring, that one. I have never seen another like it."

Ray lifted the ring from the tray and smiled, "It's unique like Christa. I've never met another woman like her. This is it."

Beside him Monica smiled. Ray had chosen the perfect ring she was sure.

After paying for the ring, which caused Ray to momentarily hyperventilate after seeing the price, they returned to the car. "Home now?" Monica asked.

"One more stop and I really need your help on this one." He explained to Monica the discovery of the pink teddy and what had happened. "I want to buy her a pink teddy and slip it under her pillow tonight"

Monica glanced at him; " You better have that ring ready when she finds another teddy."

"That's my plan," he told her with a smile.

"So what's it like living with Mr. Organization? Jamia asked with a smile. She and Christa had been watching TV but turned it off when the show was over.

"I love him to pieces but the guy had his Band Tee's in apathetical order."

Jamia burst out laughing, "Good Lord, that's so Ray. I always feel so sorry for him when they tour on the bus. He tries so hard to keep things in order, including the guys. I bet he misses being on tour with them."

"Oh yeah, but it's sweet how he tried not to show it around me. He tells me he's happy to be home with me but I can tell his thoughts are with them. Every night he's on the computer checking out the sites to watch videos of the shows."

"Think he'll be able to rejoin the tour when they go to Canada?" Jamia asked

"I hope so but he's still having headaches. The doctor wants to run another MRI but Ray's against it." She frowned feeling badly because she hadn't gone to speak to the doctor with him. He had wanted her with him but she had waited in the car. All because she had found a pink teddy that had nothing to do with Ray.

"You know I could so totally get used to this." Alicia said as she dipped another fresh strawberry into the cream then took a bite.

Mikey watched her tongue dart out to lap up the drops of cream that had escaped her mouth. He smiled, "I could get used to watching you like this."

Alicia smiled seductively and stretched out on the bed. "We should always have lunch served in bed."

"Baby, don't get to used to this. Yeah, the groups doing good but we can't live like this forever. We'd be broke before long."

"Mikey how much is this honeymoon costing?" She hadn't really given any thought to the cost of all of this until now. "We could go home you know."

"Our honeymoon is a week long. We've got until Sunday to live the decadent rock star life." He reached over grabbed a strawberry, dipped it in the cream and held it out to her. His breath caught as her lips closed around the berry. She gently sucked the fruit before taking it into her mouth.

"So strawberries were a good choice for desert?" Mikey asked, his voice filled with passion.

"Yeah but I'm still hungry" Alicia said moving the tray off the bed. She stripped off her robe, underneath she was nude. "I know just want I want."

Mikey leaned over her, "I know just what I want too."

"I'll wait here." Ray said standing in the mall outside the Victoria's Secret store.

Monica giggled, "Oh no you won't. Come on you have to pick her teddy out."

Ray glared at her, "You can get it. Pink, kinda sheer."

"Ray, come on." Monica grabbed his hand and led him into the store. She tried not to laugh at the look on his face. They went directly to the correct section of the store. Monica began pulling out various teddy's "How about this one?"

Ray looked at the sheer piece of material she was holding and immediately got a visual of Christa wearing it, "Yeah, that's good."

"What about this one?" she held up another that was even more revealing. Just then her cell phone rang. "Hey, Honey how are you?"

Gerard answered, "I'm good. Sorry I missed your call earlier. Bob and I were doing an interview. I'm kinda glad I missed it cause I loved the message you left."

Monica smiled, "I thought you would and I meant every word of it."

"So what are you doing right now?" Gerard asked trying to picture her in his head.

Monica covered the mouthpiece and said to Ray, "Can I tell him?"

Ray rolled his eyes, "Oh why the fuck not?"

"Gee, I'm in Victoria's Secret with Ray."

"What?" Monica grinned at his tone.

"Yeah, he's picking out a teddy for Christa." She didn't add the engagement ring part of the story that was Ray's to tell.

Gerard thought a moment, "Let me get this straight. Toro is standing in Victoria's Secret looking at lingerie."

Monica giggled, "Yeah that's right."

In the background she hard Frank's voice, "Oh shit, tell her to take a picture quick."

Ray dropped the silk item he had been looking at and shook his head, "Fuck, don't tell me let me guess, Frank was listening? He knows?"

Monica gave him a quick hug, "Sorry, Ray but the little hobbit knows."

Frank was standing right next to Gerard and heard Monica's remark, "Hobbit am I? Tell Monica Veronica formerly Tonica I don't appreciate that name"

Gee began to chant, "I didn't tell him, it wasn't me" into the phone. He heard Ray laughing in the background. He could just imagine the face Monica was making. God, he wished he was with her to see it.
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