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Chapter 7

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Harry is rescued from Azkaban by.. Himself? A story of Technology, Magic and Terraforming. nocrossover

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Dumbledore moved to sit behind his desk as Harry glanced about the office, rolling his eyes when he spotted a sneering Snape sitting to the side of the room.
"Oh, ho.. That was an incredibly stupid move, Old Man," Harry said with a slight hint of amusement and a shake of his head.
Of course Snape couldn't keep his mouth closed, "Not even Azkaban is able to.." Nor did he get to finish, as Harry flicked his wrist and cast a silencing charm on him.
"Harry! Undo that spell at once! Severus is a Professor and deserves your respect!" Dumbledore told him sternly.
"I have no desire to be here, Mr. Dumbledore, and as such I will not allow that... man, to berate me for stating a fact," Harry stated, then turned to Snape, "And you'll find that if Dumbledore can't enter my mind, you have no chance at all. The spell will be removed when I leave the castle." From there, Harry simply ignored Snape.

Dumbledore simply frowned, and started telling Harry, "Now, as Gringotts has managed to convince The Minister that you're of age, you will be hired on as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher," at this point, the Headmaster's wand came up and he pointed it at Harry, saying, "Obliviate... Is your head alright, Harry? You just accdently knocked it as you were coming up to my office to discuss the letter you just received from The Ministry. You'll be marrying Ginny Weasley over the Christmas Holidays. It seems your Father and Arthur had arranged for the two of you to marry before Voldemort killed your parents. It also seems that you have inherited a small kingdom from a long forgotten ancestor. We decided that you were going to sign that power over to me as Regent until you turned 30, so that you can learn what it takes to rule."

Harry gave a deep sigh as his eyes narrowed into a withering glare. He had taken on a blank expression from when Dumbledore cast the spell until he finished speaking, before he informed the man, "You see, when Tom did whatever he did to make Legimancy useless against be, he also made it so memory charms would never work on me either. These glasses also record everything I see and hear. I expect that The Minister will be here any minute, and when he arrives, we'll discuss your future," he finished ominously, and sat smiling at the very pale Dumbledore.


Fudge arrived after about ten minutes of silence, and looked from the pale Dumbledore, silently yelling Snape and totally calm Harry Potter. Following behind him were the Weasleys and Granger.
"What's the meaning of this, Dumbledore?" Fudge demanded angrilly.
"I tried to do what needed to be done for the greater good," Dumbledore explained, as though that should be the end of it.
"Where exactly is the greater good in trying to wipe my memory and marry me to the girl Weasley?" Harry asked. He send a glare at the red haired girl when she said with a pout, "It didn't work?!"

"You've built a military, Harry, and you have so much anger in you. I fear that you're turning dark and will misuse that authority to hurt your friends. You need to allow me control over the forces so that won't happen," the Old Man insisted.
"Fear leads to sorrow. Sorrow leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate leads to the Dark Side. It's quite interesting that you have become that which you fear, Dumbledore. And I refuse to deal with you anymore. I don't smeg how you justify your actions to yourself," Harry ranted at his former Headmaster.

"Fudge, as the Head of State for another nation, my kidnapping by the Head of the Judicial/Legislative branches of the British Minister of Magic, this could very well be seen as an act and declaration of War against the peoples of Luna. As such, I demand that Albus Dumbledore be removed from his positions as Headmaster of Hogwarts, and as Supreme Mugwump of the Wizemgamot," President-for-Life Harry Potter told the Minister.

There was a general uproar of protest from the people in the room, and Fudge tried to impose his will on the situation, "You can't demand that! You can just leave and go our seperate ways," he tried.
"I'm afraid I can't allow Harry to leave, Corneilius," Dumbledore replied with a shake of his head, "Now surely you can't mean all that you said, Harry."

As was becoming common with this meeting, Harry shook his head at the people in the room. "If that is your answer, then I have no alternative.." Harry responded, pressing a button on the side of his glasses and a black mass spread down from his ear and to his throat. "Potter to CIC. Target the North Tower and fire on my command."

Everyone looked confused about who he was talking to, while Dumbledore also looked slightly concerned. "Target? What are you talking about, Harry?"
Harry simply smiled and answered, "Potter to CIC.. Fire!"

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