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Aaron and Jana Fight

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The new sequel to 'Young Ones'. The new 7 teens find out that there is more to them then being related to Greek Heroes, they each have an control over an element. But when a dark spirt posses one o...

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Yes I know what all of you are thinking, another story???? This is just a trail run on the story which will only be updated again once I have completed 'Friends are 2 good + 2 be = 4gotten' or 'Mini Titans'. I just want to see if maybe people would like this story as a better sequel to 'Young Ones.' If so, this will be the final part of the trilogy.


"Hey Gary, it's that weird chick who likes you!" Ashley heard the jerk who went by the name Brad call out to her. She turns around to face the jerk, her bright blue eyes shining and slowly change to a shade of green. They were outside the school, not a good move on Brad's part.

"What did you say Brad?" Ashley said as she moved her school bag to her other arm. Brad stepped away from his group of friends and approached her. "You heard me Princess of the Library. I'm surprised; your twin is like the opposite of you." Brad scoffed. Ashley's eye's suddenly turned a bright colour green. Bard was in trouble, yet he didn't realise it.

"I mean, he's the athletic one and you're the brainy book worm." Brad was taunting her. She knew why, last year he asked her out several times and she refused. Then the bullying began. He forced her to give up all the things she loved just to get away from him. But now Ashley found out a way to punish him.

"Brad, juts leave Aaron out of this." Ashley said and soon a nearby tree branch grew and it reached for Brad's shirt. No one noticed besides Ashley. She smiled and tried to avoid eye contact with him.

"Hey, look at me-" But he couldn't finish because the tree picked him up and placed him high up in its branches. When Ashley managed to control her temper, her eyes turned back to their original blue colour and she laughed at Brad hanging up in the tree by his shirt.

Ashley started walking back inside when she stopped. She faced Brad's posse. "And for the record, I think Gary is as big of a loser and jerk as Brad." And with that, Ashley ran into the school with a smile plastered on her face.


Jana saw the whole thing with Ashley outside the window. She found it weird that her friend suddenly had the ability to control plants and she only seemed to do it when she was angry. Just last week she sent Nick up into a tree because he was being his stupid self again and was oblivious to Ashley's feelings.

"Hey, earth to Jana? Are you still with us in math class?" Aaron said. Jana playfully hit on the arm. "No duh, other wise you would be failing this subject."

Aaron faked a sigh of relief. "Yeah, I was hoping you were listening 'cause I have no idea what the teacher just said!"

Jana smiled and shook her head. Typical Aaron, depend on others to bail him out. But he wasn't always like this. It just seemed that lately he was pre-occupied with other things, which he wouldn't tell anyone.

"So, have you noticed that my sister has been acting weird lately?" Aaron said. Jana put down her pen and looked at him. "Aaron, the whole school knows something is up with her. Do you know all the rumours that are circulating about her?"

Aaron shook his head. "Do I really want to know?" Jana glared at him. "If you are worried about her mental health, than yes! You know, you boys can be real pains, you know that don't you?"

Aaron shrugged and leaned back in his seat. "So tell me what little Miss Ashley, dad's favourite has been up to." Aaron said. He didn't care what his sister did; it was her life, not his.

Jana just shook her head. "Really Aaron, you have no idea what she is going through. She has changed so much and you haven't even realised it!" Jana raised her voice slightly and the teacher turned to glare at her. Aaron moved closer to Jana and she saw his blue eyes start to grow darker.

"You think her life is bad? What about mine? You have no idea what I go through for my family." Aaron said. Jana started to get angry at Aaron's big ego. He thought he was the hero, the only provider for his family but that was what his father did. For some reason he hated his father and Jana did not understand why.

"Aaron, do not make your life seem worse than what it is. You just want to cause trouble in the world." She said trying to remain clam. Inside the lights started flickering as Aaron got angrier and a black mist started to seep through the door.

"Don't you judge me Jana. We've been through too much for us to fight over something like this." Aaron said in a serious tone.

Now Jana was mad. And if she got mad, duck for cover because a storm was coming! Outside the wind started howling and the trees started swaying rapidly. Everyone in the class where looking out the window and asking why the sudden change in the weather and what that black mist was doing. No one noticed the two teens staring at each other, waiting for the other to back down.

"Fine Aaron, it's over between us." Jana said as her brown eyes turned to a bright white colour. Aaron faltered and soon the blackness in his eyes disappeared. Jana blinked and her eye colour returned.

The bell went and the class rushed out, Jana in front. She didn't want to be around Aaron anymore, too much had changed in the 4 years since they had defeated Cronus, and none of it was good.


How was the first chapter? You like? It's an intro to what sort of powers that the kids now posses.
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