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A Day with Powers

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"Jana? Are you alright?" Asked Theresa. Jana looked up at her mother, she had been crying while she took a trip back down memory lane. Theresa pulled her daughter closer to her. "Sweetie, what is w...

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Ok, so I had a major break through with this story and so here comes this chapter! Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, I don't have microsoftword right now and I didn't re-read through anything. One more thing, this chapter is still introducing y'all to what is happening in their lives right now and who I've decided to pair up. I have 2 love triangles! But I'm not going to tell you who's going to end up together, you can guess.


Tom sat at the back of the library with towers of books around him. He was busy researching his ancestor, Theseus. He was also trying to figure out why his pshyic ability seemed stronger than his mothers. There was a slam of the library door and Tom looked up to see a very angry Ashley walk in and dump all her books on the table. Tom quickly looked at the librarian who was glaring at Ashley, who took no notice of it. She pulled out her books from her bag and began doing her work.

Tom put down the book he was reading and was going to go and talk to her, but chickened out. It had been 3 years since the defeat of Cronus and the 7 of them weren't that close anymore. Jana and Aaron started dating and so that left just 5 of them. Nick and Ashley made other friends and left him, Olivia and Harry all by themselves. But the real reason why he didn't want to go talk to Ashley was that he had a crush on her. He tried talking to her, but he would just get tongue tied and would embarass himself in front of her.

He quickly picked up his book and watched her from the top of it. She was very angry and wasn't concentrating on doing her homework. She threw down her pen and banged her head on the desk. Tom was just about to finally go up and ask her what was wrong when someone beat him to it. Tom glared at this guy called Gareth, he didn't like him one bit. He was sitting next to Ashley now and he was talking to her and trying to get her to lift her head up. Tom closed his book and slammed it onto his desk, when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What's got you angry?" Asked a voice behind him. Tom sighed in frustration. "Go away Nick." He said. Nick sat next to him and looked up at Ashley. "Who's that guy talking to Ashley?" He growled. Tom looked at Nick and saw fire in his eyes. "His name is Gareth, he's in my science class." He said. Tom knew Nick was angry, though he did not know why. Everyone knew that a frew years ago he used to like Ashley, though now he denies that whole thing.

"Nick, what is wrong?" Tom asked. Nick looked at him, his eyes going from their normal blue to a light shade of ember. His fist was clenched, but he slowly released it and his eye colour went back to normal. "Nothing." He mumbled and got up. He sent a glare to Gareth and left the library. Tom watched him, then gathered up his books and packed them into his bag. He looked at ashley one last time and then he too left the library.


Olivia closed her locker and turned to see and angry Nick walk past her. She didn't even stop to talk to him, to many bad memories with him, Ashley and Aaron came flooding back. She quickly walked past him and ran into Tom. "Hey, do you know where Harry is?" She asked as they made their way to Tom's locker. He shook his head and quickly started on his combination. Olivia leaned against the locker next to his and looked over all the teens to see if she could find their other friend. "Do you think he's already at the cafeteria?" She asked when it became apparent that Harry was not coming.

"Maybe."Tom said and shut his locker. Olivia frowned as she watched him walk off. Something was bothering him and she was going to find out what. She ran after him, but ran into someone. "Oh, sorry." She said and held out her hand to help the person up. The person on the ground looked up and Olivia gasped. "Jana, what has happened to you?" She asked and helped the other girl up. Jana's brown eyes were red and her face was all blotchy. Her short brown hair was a mess. "Nothing." She said and ran into the nearest bathroom. Olivia followed her.

"Jana, something is wrong and I want you to tell me what it is." Olivia demanded. Jana stood by the sink, she was washing her face. "It's Aaron, we broke up in our last periode." She said. Olivia moved closer. "That's not all. Why did you two brake up?"

Jana sighed and looked at her. "He's changed, he's not the same Aaron we knew growing up. He hates his father now. Actually, he hates everyone now! The only person he seems to care for is his mother." Jana said. "What about Ashley?"

"What about her?" Jana said as she opened her bag and took out her makeup. "Does he hate her?" Olivia asked. Jana shrugged. "I don't know, but I don't think so. Ashley is close to their dad and sights with their mom the whole time. Sometimes I wonder if she really is the desendant of Atalanta and not Achilles." Jana said. Olivia frowned and watched as Jana put her makeup back in her bag and leave. Not the desendant of Atalanta?


Aaron ran outside and onto the sports track. Ares was making him run laps again, something that Aaron actually enjoyed. He was just as fast as his mother and sister, though she hated sports now. All she wnated to do was stay in her room and read and do homework. 'What is wrong with her?' He wondered and he sped past Nick and Tom. The 7 of them still did training with the Gods, just in case a new threat came and they had to be prepared. Everyone else got on with their mentors, except Ashley and Aaron.

Ashley did not like archery and prefered to do sword fights, though Artemis wasn't too happy about that. It was the smae with Aaron, he would prefer to have Artemis as his mentor then Ares. He ran past his siter who glared at him and then tried to speed up, but Aaron was fatser than her. He finsihed all the laps in record time and sat down on the benches and watched the others run once more around the field.

Suddnely there was a pain in his head and Aaron fell to the floor. 'They are not your friends, you have none. No one oves you, you only have yourself.' Said a voice in his head. This wasn't a surprise to him, Aaron constantly heard this voice day and night. 'Leave now, go home, though you do not have a home. No one loves you there, only your mother. Your father doesn't even care for you. You are not the desendant of Achilles, so he hates you. That is why he favours your sister.' It said.

Aaron clutched his head in his hands. Ashley came up behind him and touched his shoulder. Aaron opened his eyes and looked at her. Ashkey took a step back as she watched his gray eyes turn black. "Aaron, are you ok?" She asked. Aaron grinned at her, though it was not friendly. It was evil. "Yeah, I'm fine." He said and looked away from her, though his eyes were still black. The others were behind her.

"No, you're not all right!" Ashley said and stepped in front of him. "Get out of my way." He said coldly, but Ashley stood her ground. 'Move her out of the way, hurt her, show her pain. Show her how much you have to suffer each day.' The voice said. "No!" Aaron screamed and fell to the ground. 'Very well, but I will be back.' The voice said and the pain ended. Aaron opened his eyes and looked up at the 6 faces looking down at him. "What?"


Harry waited outside the school for Olivia to come. Jana and Tom were the first to leave after the training and Ashley and Aaron had run off somewhere. The front doors opened and Olivia came running down them, a PDA in her hands. "Hey Olivia!" Harry called out to her. Olivia stopped what she was doing and turned to him. She smiled. "Hey Harry. Sorry, I can't stop to chat, I have to get home."

"Wait, I'll drive you." He said and led her to his truck which he had inheriated from his dad. "Yeah, thanks." Olivia said and got into the passengers seat while Harry got in behind the wheel. He turned the car on and drove out of the parking space and onto the road. "So, isn't it your birthday in 2 days time?" He asked. Olivia smiled slightly. "Yeah, I'll be 17." She said. Harry nodded. "Juat like the twins."

Olivia's smile dropped. That's what they had always called Aaron, Ashley, Jana and Tom, but now she didn't want to hear that anymore. She was only friends with Tom and that wasn't going to change anytime soon. "Harry, we talked about this." She said.

"I know, but they've been our friends forever. Yes, what Aaron did was wrong and it didn't help with the fact that Ashley didn't help you. But what about Jana?" Harry asked and quickly looked at her and then back to the road. Olivia's eyes started to well up with tears. "She was going out with that jerk and she did the same thing that Ashley did." She said and looked out the window.

"Ok, we'll stop talking about them. So, have you asked Tom out yet?" He asked. Olivia shook her head. "No, I think he still likes Ashley." She said and wipped away her tears. Harry pulled up in front of her house. "Then I have a propersition for you. The Dance is in a months time, if you do not get a date within the next two weeks, I'll go with you. As friends." He said.

Olivia smiled at him. "Yeah, maybe." She said and got out the car. Harry watched her walk up the front steps and into her house. 'Tom, you better come to your senses soon.' He thought and drove off.


Ashley looked out her bedroom window and saw the guy Gareth standing across the road. She went to her door and looked out of it to see where her parents where. Archie wasn't at home yet but Atlanta was in her room with her younger sister. Aaron had locked himself up in his room again. Ashley closed the door and ran to her window. She opened it and climbed out of it. She lowered herself down to the ground and ran across the road.

"What are you doing here?" She asked. Gareth smiled at her and put an arm around her shoulders. "I came to see you. You left pretty quickly when we started talking in the library." He said and led her down the road. Ashley glared at him. "I don't know you that well." She said. Gareth just continued to smile and walk. "That's why you came to see me, you want to know more about me, don't you?" He asked.

She had to admit, that was the reason why she had come to see him. "Yeah, so?" She said. Gareth stopped walking and faced her. "Why?" He asked. Ashley shrugged and looked around. They had ended up in the park. She looked at a bench in front of her and a memory flashed before her eyes. "Hello? Earth to Ashley?" Gareth said. Ashley looked at him. "What?"

He sighed and shook his head. "If you want to get to know me, how about I take you out for a pizza? There's a pizza place over there." He said and pointed behind her. Ashley turned around and another memory flashed before her eyes. "Uh, ok." She said and flet Gareth take her hand and lead her to the pizza place. They found a booth at the back so they couldn't be distrubed. "So, what would you like?" Ashley asked, looking at the menu.

"You." Gareth said and smirked at her as she went as red as her hair. "Well, I'm not on the menu now am I?" She said. Gareth shrugged. "So, you don't have to be." He said and moved from the other side of the table and sat down next to her. Ashley moved away from him. "You don't even know me." She said and looked up into his blue eyes. For some reason, they reminded her of someone else's eyes.

"Oh, we know each other. I've been protecting you from my friends this whole week." He said and moved closer. Ashley then remembered Brad and how she managed to get him stuck in the tree. "Yeah, but..." She didn't get to finish because Gareth covered her mouth with his.


Jana threw down her schoo bag and jumped onto her bed. She looked to her bedside table where there was a picture of her and Aaron a year before, when they started going out. She picked it up and looked at their happy faces. A tear fell down her cheek as she remembered that day.

"Aaron!" Jana shrieked as her boyfriend came up behind her and swung her around. "What?" he asked, smiling down at her. Jana just laughed and shook her head. "Nothing, where are the others?" She asked. Aaron turned around and Jana saw Tom and Olivia being dragged by Harry to the hot dog stand while Ashley and Nick had managed to hide behind a candyfloss stand. The 7 of them were at the fair.

"Come out you two!" Jana said to Ashley and Nick. They ran to join them and looked at Tom and Olivia who both now had hot dogs in their hands. Harry was eating his one and turned to Olivia, probably asking for hers. "This is the best night ever." Ashley said and looked up at the sky. It was dark now, but there were lights all around the fair grounds. All the teenagera were at the fair now with their dates. "Yeah." Nick said and looked at her.

Tom, Olivia and Harry joined them then. Jana smiled at Aaron who started walking away from them. Jana followed him and saw him stop outside a photobooth. "Let's have our picture taken!" He said and dragged her in. Jana sat on his lap and they both made funny faces at the cmaera. They left and picked up the strip of photos. "I have to have this one!" She said and tore off one of them. Aaron pockted the rest and pulled her closer to him and kissed her.

"Jana? Are you alright?" Asked Theresa. Jana looked up at her mother, she had been crying while she took a trip back down memory lane. Theresa pulled her daughter closer to her. "Sweetie, what is wrong? You can tell me anything, you know that." She whispered. Jana nodded and pulled away from her mom. "Aaron and I broke up."


Nick kicked a stone as he wlaked home from school. His dad had taken away his motorbike again and his mom was trying her best to persuade him to giving it back. 'No idea why dad hates it though.' Nick thought and looked up. He was passing the park, his house was just a block away now, when he saw Ashley going to their pizza place with Gareth. He felt angry now, but continued to walk towards his house.

How long had he been crushing on Ashley? Well, almost 4 years ago now. But he never did anything about it because he was afraid. He spoke about it with his dad, who just said something about Archie having the smae problem with Atlanta and said it had to do with the girls in Atlanta's family or something. Nick looked up and saw he had made it to his apartment complex. He went inside and pressed the button that took him to floor 17. He left and went down to his apartment.

"Mom! I'm home!" Nick called out. His mother came rushing out of her room, Nick's baby brother asleep in her arms. "Nick, I need you to babysit tonight. Your father and I have to go out for an important meeting." She said. Nick nodded and walked off to his room and shut his door. He turned on his stereo and My Chemical Romance was playing. This was Nick's favourite band, which surprised a few people. He walked over to his bed and fell onto it.

'I should just give up on her. We aren't best of friends anymore anyway.' He thought. He looked around his room and sighed in frustration. It was too small and he had to do something to get Ashley off his mind. He walked over to his window. He could see most of New Olympia from his window. But something caught his attention. Nick looked to the outskirts of the city to the mountain and the forest. He could see a mist coming over it. But this wasn't an ordinary mist, it was balck.

Nick frowned at this. There was no way that mist could be black, but here it was in front of him. 'I have to go see what is up over there.' He thought and ran out his room and was about to leave when his mom walked out of her room again, this time in an evening dress. "Where are you going? You're babysitting now. Good bye honey." She said and kissed Nick on the forehead and left. Nick looked down at his 3 year old brother. "Ok, so what do you want to do?"


Ok, if there is anything confusing, just tell me. So it's not quiet clear as to why Aaron hates Archie, though there are signs. Plus did you get what I was saying about Aaron being the desendant of Atalanta? i hope I didn't confuse anybody about that. So, please review and tell me what you think, and again, sorry about the spelling mistakes if there are any and some typing errors.

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