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An Honest Man JUNE 21

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Ray gives Christa his gift, Gerard calls in character, and Kara studies?

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Ray sat at the dinner table thoroughly enjoying the steak that Christa had prepared for dinner. The woman could even make a mean baked potato. She had explained it was the sea salt she coated the potato skins with that made the difference. He stabbed the last piece of steak on his plate and sighed contently.

"As soon as I load the dishwasher we can pop in a movie" she suggested. "I haven't seen so many of the DVD's you have in your collection."

Ray stood and started gathering up the condiments. "Why don't you go take your shower and I'll clean up."

Christa smiled, "I'll help clean up."

"No, you made dinner I'll do the clean up." He gently pushed her out of the kitchen. Christa gave him another smile and moved towards the bedroom.

Ray signed, partly because he was nervous about tonight and partly because of what he had seen on the net. He had tried to call Gerard earlier but his call had gone to voice mail. Ray decided tonight was too important to let his worries about Gerard ruin it. Would Christa like the ring he had chosen for her? He finished up in the kitchen just as she came out of the bedroom, her hair still wet from her shower and wearing PJ's sporting various illustrations of sock monkeys.

It was time. Ray walked over to the sofa and sat down. He rubbed his forehead and leaned back against the cushions. Christa noticed immediately.

"So you have another headache?" she crossed the room and sat down next to him. He mumbled an answer and waited, "Do you want me to get you something for it?"

Ray spoke softly, "I'm just sorta tired, would it be okay if I just laid down for a bit?"

"Sure, hon. Come on." She helped him up off the sofa and led him towards the bedroom. Crossing to the bed she pulled the comforter back, then the sheets. Ray watched her closely. She spotted the pink satin material poking out from under the pillow and frowned. Reaching across she pulled it out. The ring box slid out with it.

Christa gasped; her fingers shook slightly as she picked up the pink teddy and the ring box. She turned towards Ray who was leaning in the doorway watching her.

"That other teddy made me think about how good you would look in it so I thought maybe if I got you one that was yours you would put it on for me."

She held the pink satin lingerie in her hands looking at it then at the box. "And this?"

"It goes with it." He said softly.

With trembling fingers she opened the box. The ring inside was nestled in blue velvet. "Oh Ray it's beautiful" she whispered.

He moved towards her, "Just like you. I have a confession to make. Monica came by today and drove me to the jewelry store. When the guy said this ring was unique I knew it was the right one. You are the most unique woman I have ever met. You make me crazy with the way you think, the way you do things. So different from me yet so perfect for me. Christa I want this to show you and everyone that I will make you my wife. You are the one I want to be with me for the rest of my life."

Once more she shocked him by breaking into tears, "Oh hell, Ray. Now look what you've done, you've made me cry."

He took her into his arms, "This crying is good, right?'

"Yeah, it's good."

Ray took the box from her and lifted out the ring, "It's a pink diamond. Not ordinary but like I said there is nothing ordinary about you. You are special" he slipped the ring on her finger. "You will marry me won't you? Make an honest man out of me?"

She smiled, "Of course, I'll marry you. Someone has to do it you know." She teased removing her glasses and wiping her tears away.

He smiled "That's a Christa answer." His lips claimed hers, "Now about the teddy."

"Did you pick this out yourself or did Monica?"

Rolling his eyes he admitted, "I picked it out and I'll have you know Gee called Monica while we were in Victoria Secret. She told him what I was doing and Frank was listening in."

Laughter erupted from Christa, "Oh my God, bet Frank teased you."

"Yeah, Frank wanted Monica to take a picture for him. Toro in Victoria Secret picking out lingerie struck him as fucking hilarious."

Christa rubbed the silk against his cheek, "Should I put this on now?"

He looked into her eyes, "Please" He whispered, "Please put it on, I have been waiting for hours to see you in it."

"Your wish is my command," she said breathlessly. She walked into the bathroom leaving Ray to stare after her. The love he felt at that moment made him feel weak. He heard her humming in the bathroom as she changed. A smiled crossed his face as he recognized the tune it was "Purgatory" by Iron Maiden.

Thinking of an age-old dream, places I have never seen,
Fantasies lived times before.
I split my brain, melt through the floor.

Over clouds my mind will fly, forever now I can't think why.
My body tries to leave my soul.
Or is it me, I just don't know.
Mem'ries rising from the past, the future's shadow overcast.
Something's clutching at my head, through the darkness I'll be led.

Oh another time, another place.
Oh another smile on another face.
When you see me floating up beside you,
You get the feeling that all my love's inside of you.

Please take me away, take me away, so far away.
Please take me away, take me away, so far away.
Please take me away, take me away, so far away.

Thinking of an age-old dream, places I have never seen,
Fantasies lived times before.
I split my brain, melt through the floor.

Over clouds my mind will fly, forever now I can't think why.
My body tries to leave my soul.
Or is it me, I just don't know.
Mem'ries rising from the past, the future's shadow overcast.
Something's clutching at my head, through the darkness I'll be led.

Oh another time, another place.
Oh another smile on another face.
When you see me walking up beside you,
You get the feeling that all my love's inside of you.

Please take me away, take me away, so far away.
Please take me away, take me away, so far away.
Please take me away, take me away, so far away

As far as Ray was concerned things couldn't get any better than they were at that moment. That was until she walked out of the bathroom in the pink silk teddy.

"How was the concert, honey?" Jamia asked. She had been watching TV but lowered the sound when he called. Monica was taking a shower so she felt comfortable talking to him without having to worry about Monica overhearing any part of their conversation.

"It was fucking awesome. All these German kids singing along with us. Man, it was rad. We did two encores. I'm wiped out."

"You sound like it. You've been taking your vitamins right?"

Frank laughed, "Yes, mom." He teased, "So how are you feeling? The babies kicking you a lot?"

"Hell, yeah. I feel fine just a little tired but that's normal. So how are the guys? Josh and Matt doing okay filling in?"

"Yeah, but I miss Toro and Mikey. Have to talked to either one of them? I called Ray once but I haven't tried Mikey. Something tells me he's probably got his mind on other things."

Jamia laughed, "Yeah, I bet he does. He and Alicia needed this time they really did. So how's Bob and Gee?" She noticed how Frank paused before he answered.

"Bob's cold is still kicking his ass. The guy is wiped out. Gee is okay."

"Frank what aren't you telling me?" Jamia could always tell when Frank was keeping something from her.

"I think he's just missing Monica." Frank said slowly, "He kinda seems depressed and Mikey being gone is hard on him too. Fuck, I miss Mikey too and Ray. It seems wrong to play without them."

Jamia could hear the shower turn off and knew Monica would be out soon. "Frank are they still with your guys?"The silence answered her question, "Frank talk to Gee. Remind him of what he's got in his life now. It's not like before when he was with Liv. He doesn't need anyone but Monica. Shit, he's got a family now. Monica and the girls are his family."

"I'm sure he knows that Jamia. Like I said he's just lonely. He misses Monica and the girls. I'm sure he's just hanging to pass time."

Monica walked out smiling, it made Jamia feel sad. "Frank you get to bed now, okay? You sound way too tired. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Okay baby, promise not to worry about anything. No stress, think about the babies."

"Promise, I love you."

"Love you too, talk to you tomorrow." He closed his phone and fell back across the bed. He glanced over at the clock and saw that it was almost 1:00 am. Hopefully Gee and Bob would show up soon. He tried to stay awake to talk to Gee but soon his eyes closed. It was an hour and a half later when Gee let himself into the room.

Jamia had gone to bed complaining of being overly tired. Monica called Kelly and Kara but listening to Kara complain about how much she missed Bob got annoying. It was 2:30 in the morning where Gee was. Had he fallen asleep? She tried to concentrate on the book she was reading but every few minutes she would glance over at the clock. Why hadn't he called?

Kara was in her room. She told Donna that she was studying for midterms but in truth she was doing anything but studying. So far she had re-arranged her clothes, checked her e-mails, yelled at Kelly, and stared into space; but no studying. She had a small pile of things that she just couldn't wear again. She would have to buy all new clothes for Spring Break, except that she wasn't going anywhere this year. Crap. Sometimes it was a pain in the ass being engaged to a guy who was gone so much. It could sure cut into your social life. Geez, she was bored. She was actually wishing that Monica was home. It wasn't bad enough that she was going to be nice to Kelly, but she was getting there. Bob's ring tone interrupted her air drum solo a few minutes later.

"Bob. Sweetie. How are you? Are you feeling any better? Where are you? How was the concert? Is that idiot Matt still hogging the room?"

As usual Kara was asking a dozen questions at once. It was amazing how long she could go without pausing for a breath. Unfortunately, Bob was still sick and way too tired to face the barrage with his usual good humor. He cut her off.

"Look, Kara. I have to make this fast. I've got to get to bed. This cold is kicking my ass."

For once, good sense guided Kara and although she was pouting at the rebuke, she understood.

"I'm sorry, Sweets. I'm glad you called me. I miss you. You go to bed and feel better. Call me tomorrow, okay?"

"I'm sorry, Stinker. I'm just wiped. I'll call tomorrow after the concert. You take care and give Pookie a hug."

"Okay, honey. Talk to you tomorrow"

She hung up with a contented smile on her face. Then, as she logged back onto the Internet, she noticed the time and did some quick calculations. Hey, it was after 2:30 in the morning in Germany. Where the heck had Bob been all this time. Crap.

Gerard walked into the room as quietly as he could. Frank wasn't feeling good and he needed his sleep. He sat down in one of the chairs and thought about the concert. He still couldn't understand why he had thought about Liv. Sometimes he felt like he would never get her out of his mind. It had been nice to have someone to talk to who understood. He knew however he shouldn't have talked so long. Now it was fucking late, he was exhausted and he still had to call Monica. His last thought shocked him. Why had he put it that way? He had to call Monica, no he wanted to call Monica. He closed his eyes and pictured her face. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him, so why the hell was he sitting here not calling her?

Monica had resigned herself to the fact that he wasn't going to call when her phone rang. "Hello, Gee." She said.

"Hi honey." Her voice made him smile. Once more he was in the bathroom so he wouldn't wake Frank. She noticed he was speaking softly.

"Franks asleep?" she guessed.

"Yeah, he's not feeling good. I just hope he doesn't get Bob's cold. The guy is always getting sick. So how are you?"

"I'm fine. How was the concert?" What she really wanted to ask him was where the hell he had been all this time that he was too busy to call but she didn't.

"It was rad, two encores. We were really feeling the love." He lit a cigarette and waited until he exhaled before adding, "I really wish you were here."

Monica let her head fall back against the sofa cushion and closed her eyes, "Are you sure about that?" she hated herself for asking.

He was shocked, "Of course I mean it. I fucking wish you were fucking here right fucking now."

Monica had to grin, "Gee, your still in character, your off the stage now honey, every other word doesn't have to be fucking."

"Sorry" he said taking another drag, "But it do mean it, Monica. I wish you were here with me to hold my hand, help me keep my head straight, snuggle with at night."

She heard something in his voice that worried her, "What's wrong with your head?

He was so tired, "Nothing baby I'm just wiped out. Our plane leaves early in the morning so I better get a few hours of sleep."

"Yeah, you should. I love you Gee, please never forget that." She said softly.

"I know, Kell called me earlier and said the same thing. Are you sure everything there is okay? You wouldn't keep things from me would you?"

Monica hated the lies that came out of her mouth, "It's boring here. I just want you to come home." Before she could stop herself she added, "Hell, maybe we should just get married before you take off for Canada."

He was inhaling and her words caused him to have a coughing fit. When he could finally speak he said, "Are you serious?"

Monica smiled, "Maybe, I don't know. I just miss you so bad right now it hurts. Take care I'll talk to you tomorrow."

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