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chapter 53

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The guys had been home for three months now. Today was my day off but the guys had been called into an important meeting about band stuff. I guessed it was probably about the upcoming tour. I took the chance to go back to my apartment, since the guys have been home I've practically lived at Benji's and hadn't had much time to be at my apartment much. When I got there it was empty Gabby was no doubt at work. I checked round it was obvious that Gabby had been living here alone with out me as it was spot less everything in its right place. she was always a tidy freak I'd drive her crazy when I'm home because I leave stuff lying around and don't tidy up after my self straight away, I'll eventually do it just not right away. I put some washing in and got some new cloths out of my closet ready for going back to Benji's.

When I'd finished checking back at my apartment, doing my washing and checking my mail etc, I went back to Benji's. I hadn't been back long before Benji came home.

"Hey how was the meeting." I greeted him leaning in for a kiss but getting no response so I just gave him a quick kiss on the check. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"We've got the dates for the tour." he said quietly.

"Ok." I said wondering what was going on in his head he obviously wasn't happy about something.

"We start in one month. Is going to be a big one with Mest, Fall Out Boy and Simple Plan." he said monotonously.

"Aw that should be fun all you guys together." he smiled but feeling I was the only one excited about this out of the two of us.

"Yeah I suppose." He said still looking disappointed.

"Benj what's up I'd have thought you'd be excited about touring with all these guys."

"I am it's great but we're going to be away for at least a year and it might run on longer." he said. I didn't know what to say about that I was a little disappointed that it was for so long but I didn't want to add to his mood. "It's so long I don't want to be away from you that long."

"Come on Benj don't let me hold you back you go on this tour and you'll have a great time." I tried to make him look on the bright side.

"I can't have a great time when I'm missing you."

"That's sweet Benj that really is and don't' get me wrong I will miss you so much too probably more than you'll ever know but you've got to do it and don't let me ruin it for you." I sighed feeling sorry for him I would miss him too and he wasn't making it easy for me. It's just one of those things that we're both going to have to adapt too, I'm going to have to get used to being home alone with out him and he's going to have to carry on touring like he always has done with his band with me not there.

"You wont ruin it." he said looking hurt that I'd say something like that bt he was getting the way I was meaning it.

"No I didn't mean it like that I mean don't be moping around missing me all the time go out and have a good time with your friends, I can come out to visit and I'm sure you'll have breaks when you can come home and visit too." I wanted him to have a good time while he was touring he's always loved touring and that shouldn't change now that he's with me.

"That's not enough." He said selfishly.

"Oh Benji come on don't start all this shit again." I sighed getting sick of this constant argument that I could tell wasn't going to end any time soon.

"It's not shit." Benji shouted getting frustrated.

"It is shit; it's causing shit between us." I shouted back equally frustrated. We where cut short from our little out burst by hearing someone clear their throats from by the door. We both turned to see an uncomfortable looking Joel and Gabby in the doorway.

"Erm, hey guys. This a bad time... I'll come back later." He stuttered.

"Yes." Benji snapped still in a bad mood.

"No Joel its fine what did you want?" I said at the same time as Benji but in a calmer more rational tone.

"I just wanted to drop these papers off, it's um about the tour, and you need to sign them Benj." Joel said still a little unsure and placed the papers infornt of Benji on the counter.

"I don't need them I'm not coming." Benji said quietly and simply. Me and Joel both looked at him confused.

"What?" Joel spoke up first.

"I'm not coming on the tour, not until she stops bullshitting and comes with me." Benji said his anger repapering.

"For fuck's sake Benji stop being so fucking childish and selfish. You're going on the fucking tour and I'm staying here having my life. Don't think for one fucking second that playing this stupid little game of yours is going to make me change my mind." I fumed back at him; he made me so angry sometimes at how brat-ish and childish he could be. Joel looked a little more uncomfortable again with my sudden out burst, true me and Benji have had our argument since we've been together but we not properly fought like we where now since before we got together and hated each others guts.

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do." Benji snapped continuing to sound like a spoilt chid that wasn't getting what he wanted and didn't like it.

"Oh that's a good one, I'm not aloud to tell you rational ideas but you're aloud to tell me to give up my job and my life to follow you around on tour and live off you." I said I could tell Joel was agreeing with me and amassed at how I was still standing up to Benji, Gabby just stood there still in silence she's never seen me and Benji go at like we where. Not many people ever stood up to Benji when he got in these frames of minds they just let him have his brat-ish tantrum and then talk to him later when he's calmed down.

"Um guy's I'm just going to leave these with you and talk to you later." Joel said and then left with Gabby; I was too busy being pissed off at Benji that I never wondered why Gabby would be with Joel, I'll have to talk to her about that later I thought suspiciously knowing what Gabby was like.

"That's different." Benji said for lack of anything better to throw back at me.

"Oh is it how, how is it right for you to ask me to do thing's like that, if you really do so called love me you would respect me and my decisions. I have my own life like you have yours and I'm not giving that up for anyone or anything, like I wouldn't expect you to give up yours. Tell me Benji how would you feel I I asked you to give up your band and everything to live off me." I said calmly trying to hopefully make him see sense.

"Don't be stupid that's completely different your jobs not as important as mine." He said obnoxiously. That made me see red I could tell where he was coming from he thought just because my job was 'normal' as oppose to his celebrity status rock band that mine wasn't as important and therefore the minute I got with him I should just have gave up everything to worship him; well here's the reality check for him if that's what he wanted he should have gone for the brainless groupies instead of me.

"Oh don't even go there I can't believe you've just said that, is that what you really think? Truly honestly is that the truth you think that my job's not as important as yours?" I flipped and he knew it.

"Well yeah." He said quietly, unsurely and almost shyly.

"Well fuck you. My job might not seem important to you, it might not be as well paid and I may not need it but that's not the point I could be clearing tables for a living but that's not the point the point is that I have my own independence, my own life something to fall back on if I need it." I said angrily, I was going to have to be getting away from him soon or I might end up doing something I'd regret.

"If you need it? What's that supposed to mean the only way you might need it is if we... break up."

"Yeah well if you carry on the way you are that won't be too long away."

"Are you threatening me now, if you want to break up with me just fucking do It." he said trying his best to sound angry but the hurt was obvious in his face and voice.

"Is that what you want? Do you want me to break up with you?" I said calmly and seriously staring into his eyes, I knew it wasn't what either of us wanted really. It took a while for him to answer I knew I had him where I wanted him; I wasn't doing this as a game to get back at him or anything like that I was doing it to get him to realise how childish he was acting and how irrational he was being. He was torn between his pride and his heart the one he chooses will decided what will happen with our relationship. He finally gave in and took a deep breath.

"No of course it's not what I want, I'm sorry and I love you." he said truthfully. He stepped forward up to me wrapping his arms around me and resting his head on my shoulder. I didn't respond at first I just stood there then after a few seconds I gave in and hugged him back. I knew what he had just done backing down from the argument was really hard for him he wasn't used to loosing or being the first to admit he was wrong or even admitting he was wrong at all.

"I know I love you too." I said my voice muffled slightly by being pulled so tightly into him.
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