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Chapter 54

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So the days finally here today is the day when Benji's leaving for the tour. The past week has been exhausting to say the least all week there's been this horrible tension between the two of us. We've either been in a mood with each other sulking and not talking to each other, saying sorry and swallow our pride for the other or just at each others throats. There hasn't been a calm moment all week in our house. The other guys have all avoided coming over because of the tension between us they say it's worse now than when we hated each other.

We're at the record company now where the guys where all meeting to get on the bus. I drove him here and we where late and the last ones here. We had got up really early this morning to get everything ready and sorted for him going. Last night we'd have the hugest argument ever about anything and everything stupid and important. He'd said things he didn't mean just to hurt me and I admit I'd done the same to him. We hadn't spoke or even acknowledged each other since. I think we'd said about five words to each other all last night and this morning.

When we arrived at the record company and everyone was at the bus waiting for us they could tell instantly that there was defiantly something wrong between us. We both hardly spoke to anyone just giving one word answers when we had to. We didn't speak or acknowledge the other. I know for one I felt so guilty and upset for leaving things like this and he probably did too; not knowing when the next time would be that we'd see or even talk to each other, it could be in a week or a month, maybe even a year but neither of us was willing to back down that's what hurt the most.

When we got out of the car and went to the trunk to get all his bags out the other guys came over to us.

"Hey Benj, where've you been we've been waiting for you?" Joel asked lightly but knowing what had probably been going on.

"Got held up." He muttered not even looking at anyone. I didn't know what to do it was all so uncomfortable and I could tell the other guys where feeling it too if not more so.

"Hey Soph you ok?" Gabby asked.

"Fine." I replied in the same kind of tone as Benji. We both concentrated on getting his things out of the trunk as the guys watched on worriedly.

"So we're all going to miss you Soph I bet this is going to be hard for you two?" Paul said hoping to try and break some of the tension.

Me and Benji had finished unloading all his bags and just looked up at each other emotionlessly for a minute when Paul said that then turned away from each other Benji walking off in the direction of the bus.

"We going or what then." He grunted turning to look at the guys for a split second then carrying on to the bus.

"Are you ok?" Joel asked me looking at me seriously.

"Yeah I'm just fucking fine and dandy." I spat not meaning to take it out on Joel but it just came out as for the past week that the only tone of conversation I've had being around Benji.

"I'm sorry Joel I didn't mean to take it out on you it's just this past week I'm sure you've probably guessed we haven't been on the best speaking terms." I apologised.

"I know but I asked if YOU where ok?" he said giving me a smile.

"Yeah I'll be fine." I smiled back slightly.

"OK well look after your self don't let me asshole of a brother get to you." he said giving me a hug.

"I wont you have a good time." I said hugging him back.

"Bye Soph, miss you keep in touch." Billy said giving me a hug.

"Miss you too and you better had keep in touch." Paul said pulling me into a hug.

"OK bye guys have a good time and don't worry about me and don't take any of his shit he brought it on his self." I said to them as they made there way to the bus leaving me, Gabby and Linzi stood in the car park as the bus pulled away.

"Ah well there's another tour, another goodbye and more time for us girlies." Linzi said putting her arms around Gabby and me. I nodded silently agreeing with her. Then realising Gabby was here and I still hadn't had chance to ask her about what's going on with her and Joel.

"Anyway I forgot to ask what the hell's up with you and Joel?" I asked turning to Gabby.

"She's one of us now." Linzi said with a smirk knowing I'd know exactly what was going on when she said that.

"What you're with Joel now? How? When? What did I tell about going after him!" I said questions flowing out I didn't know what to think. The both laughed at me.

"Calm down where only 'good friends'. We just started talking and swapped numbers. We hung out a few times and I really like him Soph." she said truthfully.

"Just good friends yeah what ever you mean translation being fucking." I said sceptically.

"Well we are more than friends..." she started I could ell she was getting nervous about telling me now after what I had warned her.

"See I told you Gabby I really don't..."

"Wait Soph I know what you're going to say but I promise it's not like this. Not this time!" I started to interrupt but she stopped me. "No I mean it I didn't intentionally go after him I did respect what you said but I got to know him and I really do like him and I mean like him like him. I'm not out to screw him over like I have done in the past I promise you, I respect you and what you said I won't screw him over I couldn't do that to him or to you I know how much you care about him." She said sincerely. I thought for a moment.

"Please say something?" she pleaded. I started nodding lowly.

"Ok fine, but you screw him over and I swear to god it'll be the last thing you ever do." I said.

"So you're ok with it?" she asked hopefully.

"Yeah I'm ok with it." I finally gave in with a smile.

"Ok so now where free and single girls for a while so what should we do?" Linzi smiled.

"You seem to like the guys going away on tour more than you should." I laughed.

"It's not that I like him leaving but you know you've got to make the best of a bad situation."

"That being?"

"We get to hang out and do girly stuff with no guys around ruining it."

"That is actually a good point." I agreed.

"Ok so let's go for lunch and then shopping or something." Gabby suggested.

"Yeah alright." I agreed.

"Agreed lunch and shopping it is then." Linzi said the three of us walking towards my car some how I always ended up driving.
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