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chapter 55

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Benji's POV

I'd just got on the bus ready for leaving for the tour. The past week has been so stressful and full of tension between me and Sophie. I hate arguing with her and I hate even more leaving things with her like this. I sat on the bus as we pulled away thing of all what we'd said to each other this past week, it was nothing like how our last week before I went on tour for a year should be like. We argued and fought over anything and everything we even said a load of shit to each other just to deliberately hurt each other, not that we meant any of it. I felt so shit for how we'd left things and the worst part is I don't' know how it's going to be before I get to speak to her again let alone see her.
We've been arguing on and off for the past couple of months because I want her to come on tour with me so we can spend more time together. I hate being away from her for so long when I'm on tour and I know she does too but she doesn't admit it too much so I don't feel as bad.
I suggested as I can't just quit my job and stop touring that she quit her job and joined me on tour but she wasn't having any of it. We've been arguing so much about it. She thinks I'm being selfish but I just really love her and want to be with her all the time. I know she likes her own independence, I guess she just thins that if she quit her job she'd loose all that but she wouldn't she'd just be with me more and with all her qualifications she could easily get another job where she could work form home or on the bus with us while we're touring. She's just too stubborn to give in a let me have my way for once. Besides all that it not even like she needs to work as I have enough money for us both to live comfortably on. I'm beginning to think that there's another reason why she doesn't want to leave her job and that reason is... Liam. I know she still sees him regularly 'work related' but they are being civil actually better than civil like they are friends like their whole relationship thing never happened. Who does that after what they went through? I haven't confronted her about it yet though and I know even if it is true she won't admit it.

"Talk to me?" Joel said sitting down next to me snapping me out of my thoughts.

"I got nothing to talk about." I said grumpily when there obviously was a lot to talk about.

"Benji talk to me there's no way your going through this whole tour with a mood like this." Joel said.

"OK let me rephrase it, there's nothing I want to talk about." I grunted.

"Benj I'm trying to talk to you nicely and get your side of this but you're not making it easy. You're acting like a complete ass not to mention hurting one of the nicest and most caring girls ever, the girl you so called love." Joel said getting a little more aggravated with me.

"Fine what do you wanna talk about?" I sighed finally turning to look at him.

"Everything that's getting to you now, let's start with why you and Sophie are fighting?" he said.

"Because I want her to come on tour with me."

"And... is that it?" he pushed.

"No it's not. I just want to be with her all the time Joel you've got to believe me I love her so much and it kills me having to leave her when we go on tour. I know there's no way I can get out of going on tour and I don't want to either. I asked her to join us and quit her job."

"But..." he pushed again.

"She doesn't want to says some shit about her wanting her own independence but it's not like that she's just being stubborn she even called me selfish and a brat." I said starting to actually sound like a child again but I just couldn't help it.

"Well have you looked at it from her point of view. She's loves that job you might not think nit's that important but it's not just the job it's the whole Idea of a job she has her own life and independence. If she gives up her job to come on tour with you she'll be stuck on this bus all the time, won't be able to see her friends, what about when we're at a show, interview or photo shoot she'll be here alone. You'll still only be able to see each other for a few hours a day. so yeah you are kind of being selfish in the sense of you wan her hear at your disposal so that you can see her when you want to but she'll just have to wait around here when your off living your life doing your job that you love."

"I don't mean it like that I'm not going to us her like that and he knows it."

"Does she really?" he asked making me think for a second maybe she doesn't maybe I am going about this all wrong.

"Joel I've tried explaining it to her like that and I mean it's not like she can' get another job where she can work from home or in this case the bus."

"She doesn't want anther job it's not the having a job it's the job she has that she's fighting you for. Yeah she could have any job and that would in fact give her the independence she's talking about but it's not any other job she loves it's the one she has. You can't take that away from her you can ask her to give that up; you know she wouldn't dream of asking you anything like that. Has she ever asked you to give up the band?" he asked the question of the year.

"No." I answered quietly starting to think about what he had said and making me see things form Sophie's point of view.

"Well then, I think you need to call her. I know neither of you wanted to leave today the way you have." He said before getting up and walking away leavening me looking at the phone with Sophie's number on it deciding whether to press 'call' or not.
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