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Chapter 56

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Sophie's POV

Me, Linzi and Gabby where sat in a quiet café finishing of our lunch.

"OK so do you wanna talk about the Benji thing that we've been avoiding so far?" Linzi asked.

"There's nothing to talk about." I said trying to sound convincing but it wasn't working. They both snorted with a laugh.

"Come on Soph talk to us." Gabby said.

"He's pissed off because I won't go on tour with him."

"He's still spitting his dummy out about that?" Gabby said knowing all the details of our arguments.

"Why what's going on?" Linzi asked not being so informed.

"He wants me to give up my job to go on tour with them." I sighed.

"And you don't want that?" Linzi asked not really getting it.

"No well the spending more time with him I'd like but by giving up my job, following him round and living off him I hate. I need my own independence right now I like my life how it is. I've got my own apartment and the job I love, when Benji's home I get to spend time with him and stay at his house with him it's like I live with him anyway then. But he's just not happy with that he wand's to be a selfish and have me on tour with him but it's not like when I'm with him on tour id' get to spend much time with him anyway because he's either at a show or doing promotional stuff."

"Now I see what you mean you're totally right." Linzi agreed.

"Exactly he's got not right asking you to give up your life so that he can have you at his disposal." Gabby said bluntly.

"Thanks for putting things so nicely." Laughed sarcastically. "But yeah that's exactly the point. Don't get me wrong if it was just A job that I didn't really like and just did for the money I wouldn't mind too much but I LOVE my job it's not about the money that much anymore I just love doing what I do it's my life. I accept Benji in the band that's what he does I wouldn't dream of asking him to give that up for me and it just really pisses me off that he'd ask that of me." I said.

"So is that what all this is about?" Linzi asked.

"Yeah he spat his dummy out when I said no and we've been arguing ever since it's even got to the point where we're just arguing over stupid stuff. I just don't know what to do we make up and he say's he doesn't mind that I say no but he does and it's obvious because he acts weird with me and then when I confront him we fight."

"It's worse than when you two hated each other right now. That day me and Joel walked in on you that was some bad shit." Gabby said.

"I know and if anything it's got worse since then. This isn't how I wanted to leave thing before he went off on tour." I sighed.

"Call him." Linzi suggested.

"And say what I'm as pissed off at him as he is at me and when we try to talk one of us brings it up and we get mad again. The only way this is going to end is if I give in because he certainly wont I hoped after a few weeks he would it was just a phase he was going through but it's not and I'm not backing down not now. If I back down now there's no hope for our relationship he'll just have no respect for me and what I want or how I feel. It might not seem like that now or at first but eventually this will happen over any important decisions in our lives and if I back down now it'll just show him if he argues and pouts long enough he'll get his way." I said Gabby started laughing slightly.

"Sorry it just sounds like your talking about a child or a puppy or something." She said trying to stop her laughing.

"Living with Benji is like being with a child or a puppy sometimes." I admitted with a laugh too.

"So what are you going to do?" Linzi asked turning our conversation back serious again.

"I don't know give it a few days to cool down then if he still hasn't called I'll call him."

Joel's POV

Almost two weeks had gone by and Benji still hadn't called Sophie I watched him the first day of the tour when I left him with the phone and told him to call her. He looked down at the phone for a while obviously thinking about what he should do. I hoped he'd call her but I watched as his finger hovered over the call button but then move to the cancel button and him throw the phone to the side

"Joel what's going on with Benj?" Tony asked me as I walked onto the Mest bus. I filled him in on the whole thing up. Everyone had begun to notice Benji's shitty mood and that there was defiantly something wrong.

"That's fucked up I mean Sophie's right Benj shouldn't ask that of her he knows what she's like and who she is that's who he fell in love with and if he's not going to respect that then what is he doing with her." Tony said.

"But you've got to understand how he feels he just loves her so much and wants to be with her all the time it's just a shame that that's not who she is. She doesn't like depending n and living off other people."

"Yeah I get you; I'll try and talk to him later." Tony said I knew if there was anyone that could get through to him right now that would be Tony.
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