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Chapter 57

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Tony's POV

"Yo Benji dude how ya doing?" I said in my usually cheerful greeting to my best friend as I walked onto the deserted GC bus the only person on there was the sulking Benji.

"Alright." He muttered.

"What's up man you've been a bit off lately?" I asked sitting down next to him this was all part of my plan to get him talking to me and to hopefully sort things out.

"Me and Soph have been fighting we got into a huge fight before we left for tour and..." he turned to look at me realising what was going on. "And you probably know all this as Joel's explained it all to you and now sent you over to try and talk me round."

"Guilty." I said holding up my hands. "But it's not really like that I asked him what was worn because I'm worried about you Benj, you're my best friend and I hate seeing you like this, this isn't you. Come on lets sort this whole thing out." I tried to persuade him I really did hate seeing him like this Sophie was the best chick ever I loved her so much as did everyone else and what I really loved was how she made Benji feel. He was always so happy and just well Benji when he's with her.

"I don't know what to do Tone I'm really fucked up I've fucked up so bad with her."

"Just call her everything will be fine."

"I could call her and everything would be fine after I apologised to her for a while but then things would just go back to this because I still want her with me on tour there's nothing I can do to not what her with me when I'm not with her I'm miserable and if she's here it'll make things better but she won't come and so everything's just going to stay fucked."

"It doesn't have to Benj you've got to understand how she feels."

"Yes alright I fucking understand how she feels! Why does everything have to be about how she feels what about how I feel when I'm not with her what about what I want! Does none of that matter?" he shouted letting all his emotion out and he was starting to get upset too. He'd bottled it all up for so long.

"Benj we all care about you we might be on Sophie's side in all this but we do care about you we know how you must feel but you've got to understand it's just not going to happen. You have to understand that's the way things our in our business look at Billy and Linzi their in love and have been together forever. It's not easy on them and sometimes it does get to them too but you just got to deal with it and not let it get to you. They work through it and their happier than ever."

"I know it can work but their just a lot more stronger then me and Sophie you know how volatile we can be we only have to say one little thing to each other one day and that's it it'll be world war three."

"I know but you two have got this far you can get through anything you love is real and it's going to be there for a long time."

"Yeah you're right I think I need to talk to her." he said looking round for his phone.

"No I think you should go see her, surprise her. We've got the day off tomorrow fly out to her." I suggested.

"Thanks Tone I think I will." He smiled gratefully and gave me a hug.

"No problem." I smiled glad that I could help and returned the hug.

"There's just one thing that's been bugging Me." he started awkwardly.

"What?" I asked a little confused.

"Do you think she'd ever cheat on me?" he asked which made me laugh thinking he was just joking but when I noticed he was serious I stopped laughing.

"No, never. She's not like that and besides she loves you too much she'd never cheat on you." I said seriously wondering what had made him ask something like that.

Benji's POV

I'm outside Sophie's apartment and I can hear Sophie and the girls, Linzi, Gabby and Ryane, laughing and talking they must be having a girls night in. I was nervous enough about coming here and now I'm even more nervous now that the other girls are here too.

I finally managed to get the courage to knock on the door. When Sophie answered she was laughing at something going on in the background and I could hear the other girls laughing and joking around too. When Sophie seen me her face dropped.

"Oh, erm... Benji, I erm... we thought it was the pizza." She said sounding a little stunned and uncomfortable. All the other girls went silent turning to see what was going on.

"Can I talk to you?" I asked nervously.

"Um, yeah come in." she said turning walking towards the bedroom for me to follow so that we could talk in private away from the girls.

When we got to the bedroom I closed the door behind us and she stood there staring at me waiting for what I had to say. I didn't know what to say to start with.

"So um, how are you?" I asked the first thing I thought of for an ice breaker.

"Alright." She answered bluntly getting slightly annoyed. "You?" she asked but I could tell she really didn't want to know how I was she wanted to know what I was doing here.

"Alright." I answered back lying. "Actually no I'm not alright." I confessed. She looked at me expectantly. "I hate how we left things. I hate when we fight. I'm so sorry about everything. I shouldn't have tried to force you or push you into doing anything you don't want to. You've just got to understand that I love you so much and I miss you so much when I'm not with you. I hate being away from you I feel so empty, that's why I asked to because I love you not because I'm trying to be controlling or possessive. I want you to have your own independence and to be happy doing your own thing too but I just need you with me." I rambled letting all me feelings out. I could tell she softened slightly knowing my side of it and how I was really feeling not just my selfish jealous words when we where fighting.

"Benj I love you so much too and I feel all those things too when your away but if you really mean that, if you really mean that you want me to be happy and do my own thing too then you have to believe that my job is what I want. it sucks it really does that us doing what we love and being happy doing our own thing as well as being together means that we have to spend so long apart but that just how it is and we have to learn to deal with it or we'll never be able to be happy or make it as a couple. It's not impossible look at Billy and Linzi they manage it yes they have their hard times I'm not saying it'll be easy but their living proof that it can work if we both want it too." she explained too. we where both getting emotional this was the first time we've really talked about our feelings to each other and not fought about anything and everything in weeks.

"I know, I know and I'm willing to try if you will. I'm not saying it's going to be easy for me but I really want us to work." I said. I did really still want her to come on tour and give up her job to be with me but if that meant loosing her then I'd have to learn to compromise.

"I'm more than willing to try and it will work we just have to learn to compromise. I'm not saying it's going to be easy far from it actually but we just have to work through it and be completely honest with each other."

"I love you so much. It has to work." he said stepping forward for a hug. She hugged back.

"I love you so much too and I hate it when we fight. You've just got to promise me this will be the last time you bring up me dropping everything and coming on tour with you guys." She released me from the hug and looked into my eyes. "Promise me."

"I promise." I said looking into her eyes too. She smiled and then kissed me and I kissed back. We spent the rest pf the night talking and just being together in her room before I had to leave for my flight back to the tour that morning.
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