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chapter 58

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Sophie's POV

It's been four months now since Benji came back that night to make up after our big argument before the tour started. So far things have been good, he hasn't brought up the me leaving and joining him on tour and we've been calling each other at least four times a week if not every night. I had also talked to most of the other guys on the tour and they where all having a really good time and they where all thankful for what ever I had said to Benji because he's not moping around as much any more he's just constantly talking about me which was annoying but no where near as annoying as his mood swings they all informed me.

I was at my apartment with Gabby we where having a quite night in watching a movie. I was waiting for my phone call of Benji after the show. It was usually around eleven o'clock. He was ringing to make arrangements because they where off for a week tomorrow and coming home to visit.

At just gone eleven o'clock the phone rang and Gabby let me answer it. She was really into the movie we where watching so I took the phone into the kitchen while I left her to watch the movie in peace.

"Hello?" I answered already having a good guess who it would be anyway.

"Hey Babe how are you?" he asked I could hear the mile in his voice.

"I'm good thanks a little tired got work in the morning but I'm good, how are you? How was the show?" I asked.

"I'm good even better now I know I'm going to be seeing you tomorrow. The show was great too." he replied.

"Sop your defiantly coming tomorrow?" I made sure.

"Yeah I'll be flying in tomorrow night for a whole week, I can't wait." He said.

"Me nether, give me a call and I'll pick you up form the airport."

"No it's ok we'll get a taxi you'll be working all day you don't need to pick us up too." he insisted.

"Are you sure it's no trouble."

"No you just make sure you at home to greet me."

"That I can do." I laughed.

"Are we staying yours or mine?" I asked.

"Well erm Joel already talked to gabby about it I think but we where thinking me and Joel could come and stayed with you and gabby at yours because we told the Mest guys they could stay at ours instead of checking into a hotel. How does that sound?" he asked.

"No problem that sounds fine. It doesn't matter where as long as I get to see you."

"Aw I love you so much I can't wait for tomorrow I wanted an earlier flight but they said there was none their all full, I'll just have to wait until tomorrow night."

"I'm worth the wait." I laughed.

"Well as long as you can make it worth while then I agree." He laughed back.

"Oh byes I can defiantly make it worth your while." I said seductively.

"Fuck don't talk like that you forget I've been stuck on a bus for four month with ten guys."

"Aw getting a little sexually frustrated are we babe." I said in baby voice.

"Yeah." He replied I could here the pout in his voice.

"Well we'll just have to put a fix to that tomorrow night then wont we." I said.

"Defiantly." He laughed. "Ok I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to go now I'll see you tomorrow, I love you." he said.

"Ok see you tomorrow, love you too." I said and then we hung up and I went back into the living room to Gabby the movie had finished.

"So I'm guessing that was lover boy." Gabby smirked. I raised an eye brow at her. "Sorry I picked up the phone half way through the conversation and I couldn't resist." She laughed evilly.

"Gabby Martinez I don't believe you." I said pretending to act shocked and mad but I couldn't help laughing and I can't say I wouldn't have done the same to her either.

"So he's sexually frustrated how are you going go fix that exactly?" she asked joking around like she was interviewing me.

"Well Miss Martinez first I'll..." I started she knew I go into all the gory details I don't get embarrassed that easily.

"Ah stop no I don't want to know, shit I forgot you don't give a shit and talk about everything." She said grossed out making me laugh.

"Jokes on you now Gabs anyway if Benj if sexually frustrated no doubt Joe is too what are you going to do about it?" I asked turning it round onto her.

"Well there's um nothing I'm going to erm do about it. Where not dating we're just friends." She said nervously.

"No seriously you can give up that act now gabs I know your together and I don't care in fact I'm actually happy for you, your now part of the WAGOBM." I said seriously.

"Wagobum?" She repeated confused.

"Yeah Wives and Girlfriends Of Band Members." I said proudly it was our little club that me, Linzi and Ryane started with some of the other girlfriends and wives of the Bands that we where all friends with.

"Oh right." she said understanding me now. "But Soph I really don't think I am one of them I don't think me and Joel are really um you know what forget it." she said I knew something was wrong.

"Gab's honey what's wrong?" I asked getting worried.

"Its erm nothing."

"No gabby go on tell me."

"No it's nothing I'm jus being stupid. It's just at first I liked Joel like I like another guy just for run. When you gave me your warning I respected you and didn't go after him but then when I was spending time with you and the guys Joel included he was the one that came after me. We where just talking at first we got along really well. He then stared calling me for us to meet u[ just the two of us. we had a really good time together and I don't know I think I just got the wrong signs but I thought, it felt like he was giving me the impression we where more than just friends. The week before they left on tour he seemed quiet distant and like we where nothing more than friends of friends that I was nothing more than his brothers girlfriends friend."

"Gab did you tell him any of this? How you felt about him? That you liked him more than Just friends?" I asked knowing the Madden's all too well.

"No not really." She said.

"Gabs he probably really does like you, in fact I know he does. That's just the way he is. That how the Madden's boy are, Benji and Josh too. They are too scared of getting hurt or being shot down that they just don't put them selves out there. they start off well and confident but then if you don't make the first move or make it obviously that you like them then they'll become stand offish and wait until you finally make the first move and if you don't they'll just think your not interested and leave it no matter how much they like you."

"So you're saying I need to make the first move?"

"Yes you have to be in your face and basically spell it out to him that you like him how you like him or he wont get the picture." I explained she nodded.

"I'm scared though." She admitted with a laugh.

"What off he does like you, you just have to let him know you like him too and then everything will be fine. There coming home this week just spend some time with him like you where before they left on tour and then just drop the hint but make them obvious, and I mean like spell it out to him."

"I don't know if I can do that."

"Is this gabby I'm talking too you are never nervous about going up to a guy and making it clear what you want from him." I said slightly amused.

"I know but that's guys that I don't really want anything more than fun with. I really do like Joel and I don't want to ruin things." She admitted I was a little taken back I really didn't think she'd actually fall for Joel I really did think it would be just like any other guy she just has her fun with and leaves, I guess I was wrong.

"Well do you want me to talk to him I wont say too much just see what he really feels and then leave it up too you." I suggested.

"Would you really?" she asked hopefully. I nodded. "Thanks Soph." she said giving me a hug.

"On one condition though, you'll teat him right?"

"I will I promise I mean it this time I really do like him."
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