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Chapter 59

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I was in the middle of one of the most stressful days at work ever. I was counting down the minutes until I got to go home and finally see Benji again. I swear that single thought alone was the only thing that had got me so far through the day and it was only eleven o'clock.

"Excuse me miss I'm looking for something special for my girlfriend can you give me some advice?" a voice all too familiar asked from behind me. I couldn't believe it I had to turn round to see it for my self first. It was true I turned round to see Benji stood grinning at me. "Any suggestions?" he asked with a huge smirk.

"I think just seeing you is enough." I relied with a smile trying my best to hold in my excitement but then I decide to just let it out. I jumped into his arms hugging him. "I don't believe it I thought you where only flying in tonight?" I said.

"Well I managed to pull a few strings someone didn't turn up for the flight so I managed to get onto the earlier one." He smiled. "Happy to see me?"

"Defiantly." I smiled pulling him in for a kiss. "Tom I'm taking an early lunch I'll be back in forty minutes tops." I called grabbing me bag quickly and then pulling Benji out of the store quickly before Tom could say anything different, tom was the assistant manager and we covered for each other all the time. Besides he owes me one I covered for him when he left early to buy his wife and anniversary present because he'd forgot till the last minute.

"OK so you seem a little eager." Benji laughed as we got out of the store and I let go of him.

"Shut up do you want to spend time with me or not." I smirked.

"Course I do." He smiled giving me a kiss.

"Let's go for lunch somewhere." I said as this was my lunch even though I took it earlier.

"How about lunch at your place." he said seductively into me ear.

"Sounds good to me." I said with a smirk.

"Then lets go." he said taking hold of my hand as we walked to my car.

Let's just say my lunch break was spent doing anything but eating lunch with Benji back at my apartment all alone together. Unfortunately I did have to go back to work after an hour so thing had to be left 'to be continued' if you get what I mean. When I went back to work Benji followed me and decided to spend the rest of the day hanging out at work with me, more like mithering me and doing anything he could to distract me from my work. As much as I complain about him being here with me I did like it really it was so nice having him back around? When it was getting late and nearly time for closing there wasn't many customers around and most of the staff had left to. I was left locking up with two other guys from the store when Benji dragged me into the changing rooms.

"Benji what the hell..." I said being spun round to face him in the small tight space. He put his had over my mouth to silence me.

"Shh." He smirked then stared kissing me and I knew what was coming next.

"Benji can't this wait for half an hour, an hour tops?" I complained but begging to start getting into it as he was kissing and sucking down my neck his hand rubbing up and down my back and legs.

"No not now." He mumbled against my lips as I felt his obvious erection against my leg. Making me moan.

"Fine but you're going to have to be quick." I laughed.

"Quick I can do too." he smirked then started franticly pulling off our clothes.

We'd just finished getting dressed and making our selves look decent just in time before Rob the security grad walked in.

"Sophie are you ready everywhere locked up now we just need to give you these keys." Rob said seeming a little suspicious and why wouldn't he during lock up I just disappear into the changing rooms for a suspicious amount of time with my boyfriends that haven't seen in four months, yeah sure there's nothing going on there, note the sarcasm.

"Oh thanks Rob yeah you can go now." I said taking the keys off him and he left to go home.

"Ok see you in the morning." He smiled still looking suspicious but then left. I turned to Benji both of us bursting out laughing.

"Is that your new plan get me fired." I laugh playfully hitting him.

"I don't know what you're talking about; just let it go down in record it was you that brought it up not me." I said holding his hands up.

"I was only joking it doesn't have to be a completely taboo subject." I rolled my eyes. "Come on lets go home." I said. Getting my things and leading the way out of the deserted store.

When we got back to mine Joel was already there as where Billy and Paul and their new drummer Dean with Gabby. Gabby and Joel looked a little uncomfortable in each others company. I had spoke to Dean a lot over the phone but never met him in person, we got a long really well over the phone so it was really nice to finally see him in person.

"What took you so long I thought you where meant to finish work over an hour a go?" Gabby asked.

"Oh erm we got um held up." I said trying to hide the smirk and laughter as did Benji. The guys all smirked at each other and Gabby raised her eyebrows suspiciously.

"So erm I'm guessing your Dean." I smiled changing the subject quickly and moving over to Dean holding my hand out and smiling. He smiled back and shook my hand.

"Yes that would be me." he smiled.

"It's so nice to finally meet you in person." I smiled.

"Like wise." He smiled back. Then sat back down.

"So did you guys have a good flight?" I asked as I made my self more at home sorting all my things out before settling down in the living room with them all.

"Some as ever." Paul said with a laugh.

"How the tour been so far?"

"Good, same as ever really great shows, great fans usual boring promo's and then hanging out at the buses waiting for the next day of the same thing." Joel said.

"Yeah but at least now we don't have Benji moping around ever where." Billy laughed.

"No we just have him constantly talking about Sophie, Sophie, and Sophie all the time." Paul laughed roiling his eyes making me and everyone else laugh too and Benji get a little embarrassed.

"So are you still enjoying being part of the GC family?" I asked Dean.

"Yeah it's great, really good fun." he nodded.

We all talked and hung out for a little longer before Billy, Paul and Dean left and it was just me and Benji and Joel and Gabby. Joel and Gabby had hardly spoke and where very uncomfortable around each other. Gabby had gone up to her room for something and Joel was in the bathroom.

"What's going on with them two their acting really weird?" Benji asked me.

"Oh erm it's a long story which reminds me I need to talk to Joel. I'll explain everything to you later when we have more time with out them walking in on us." I explained quickly before either of them come in the room. Not long after both Joel and Gabby returned to the room. The four of us hung out for a bit longer before gabby declared she was going to bed. When she left I looked over at Benji hinting for him to leave me to talk to Joel.

"Oh um, I'm really tired too I think I'm going to go to bed too now babe, I'll see you later." He said making up a really bad excuse then kissing me and leavening. Bad excuse or not it work I was alone to talk to Joel. Me and Joel where sat there in silence at opposite ends on the sofa watching the TV.

"So um Joel How are you lately?" I said anything to start of the conversation.

"Alright why?" he asked slightly suspicious.

"No reason just I haven't really had a chance to talk to you as much lately we used to barely close and talk about anything and everything." I said which was true.

"Yeah we did I miss that." he smiled.

"Yeah me too. So what do you think for old time's sake?" I smiled.

"Alright so what's been going on with you? Benji behaving?" He asked turning to me it was starting to feel like old times.

"Nothing much same as ever working, works good still enjoying it no matter how stressful it gets and yes Benji's being exceptionally good lately he hasn't mentioned me join you guys on tour since the last big blow up. So yeah things are actually really good at the moment." I said. "What about you?" I said hopefully to get onto what I really wanted to talk about.

"Oh nothing really just the touring having a good time with the guys, you know the usual. I miss being home so much though but I wouldn't change it for anything."

"Any special ladies?" I grinned making him get slightly embarrassed.

" not really." He stuttered looking down.

"You sure? No one you like at the moment? You know you can tell me anything." I said.

"Nope." He sighed.

"What about you and Gabby you two seemed to e getting rather close before you left on tour?" I asked.

"IO like gabby I really do she's a cool chick. You can defiantly tell she's one of your friends." He laughed.

"But..." I pushed.

"But what?" he said trying to get out of it.

"But...there's a but. What's up Joel?" I sighed holding his hand and lifting his head to look at me.

"Nothing I did really like her and I thought she did and thing where going really great before we left but then when I found out we where leaving then all the shit that it caused between you and Benji I thought if she doesn't give ma nay clear signs that she likes me then I should just forget about it. It's hard enough keeping a relationship as strong as yours and Benji's when your on the road never mind one that's only just starting off." he admitted.

"Joel she really does like you, you know. She was really upset and thought that you weren't interested when you started backing off before you left. She's my friend for a reason she's a really cool chick and she will understand about you being away so much. She knows what it's like from me and accepts it. Joel she was waiting for you to make the first move and she thought that's what was coming next not the cold shoulder you gave her."

"Shit I really fucked things up didn't I?" he said.

"Well not really I explained all this to her and she just really wants to give you and her try. Just go and tell her how you feel and everything will be fine. I told her you don't like making the first move and she said she was too nervous to make the first move too so that why I'm talking to you now."

"So what do we do?" he asked.

"Well I think you and gabby need to have you heads banged together so that you realise how much you like each other." I laughed.

"Your right, so she defiantly likes me?" he asked one last time.

"Yes as much as you like her." I laughed.

"I'll talk to her tomorrow then." He decided.

"Good." I smiled thankful that as finally sorted out.
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