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Sensitive Boy JUNE 22

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Jamia's doctor's appointment, Ray and Christa come to dinner, Liv phones, Gee sneaks out

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Monica was sitting once more in the waiting room of the doctor's office. She picked up a magazine but unfortunately it was the same one she had looked at last time she had been waiting for Jamia. Her phone rang and she glanced at the caller ID, it was Gerard. She quickly got up and went into the hall to talk.
"Hi Hon" she answered.
"Hi, how are you?" he sounded out of breath.
"I'm fine but you sound funny, where are you?" She smiled at a very pregnant woman going by who waddled more than she walked.
"We just finished up a live TV interview and performance. We had to run to make it to our van. For some reason they had parked in the wrong place and the driver was being told he would either have to move or they would tow the van. Damn, I think I'm out of shape." He paused once more to catch his breath, "Getting old sucks."
"Oh shut up" she laughed, "You aren't old cause if you're old than that makes me ancient. So how did the TV thing go?"
"It went pretty good, there were lots of kids around the studio waiting to see us. One of the questions was about my fiancée. The guy wanted to know when we were getting married. I wanted to tell him in about a week but then I figured you've probably changed you mind already."
Monica laughed, "Get your cute butt home and we'll talk about it."
"My cute butt?" he said but then regretted repeating her words out loud,
"Gee has a cute butt." Frank yelled from across the van. "Fuck, I've said that for years so how come if she says it that's better?"
"Shut up Frank" Gerard answered then threw a breath mint at him.
"Monica he's throwing things at me" Frank yelled.
"Gee, you leave poor Frank alone." Monica giggled, "You know he's a sensitive boy."
"Ha! Monica called you a pansy." Gerard told him.
"I did not Gee. You tell him right now that I really didn't say that."
"A small pansy" Gerard threw at Frank.
"Gerard Arthur Way, you stop that." She tried to sound stern but there was laughter in her voice.
"Yes, Monica Veronica? I was just repeating what you said in my own words."
"Monica Veronica" Frank laughed, "I love that name."
"Tell him he can have it." She said with a mock sigh. "So where are you guys off to now?"
"We're gonna grab something to eat then get ready for the concert. I just wanted to tell you I love you while I had a chance."
"I'm glad you called. I love you too." She added, "Now be nice to Frank." Before she disconnected.
Jamia walked out of the doctor's office and Monica could tell by her smile that it was good news. "The bed rest and medicine is working, I've not dilated anymore."
"Excellent" Monica said, "Let's get you back home and on the sofa."
Jamia frowned, "I don't wanna go back yet. Lets check on Mikey and Alicia's cats."
"Donna and Don are taking care of them," she answered. She knew Jamia was tired of bed rest but it was important that she stay off her feet and get plenty of rest.
Jamia resigned herself to the fact that they had to go home. On the way she suggested they call Ray and Christa and invite them over for dinner tonight. The call was made and they readily accepted. Monica had hoped they would, she had been wondering how Ray's surprise for Christa had turned out. She sincerely hoped that tonight when she saw Christa she would be wearing the ring Ray had chosen for her.

The rest of the day went by completely uneventful. Monica and Jamia had decided that lasagna would be a good dinner for their friends so while Monica had prepared the dish Jamia had taken a nap. Monica had asked Jamia if she had told the doctor how exhausted she felt most of the time. Jamia assured her she had and that they doctor wasn't overly concerned.
When Ray and Christa arrived at five, dinner was just 30 minutes from being done. Monica smiled as she let them into the apartment. Her eyes went directly to Christa's ring finger. The ring sparkled and Christa laughed and held up her hand.
"Thank you for taking him yesterday to get this."
Jamia sitting in her usual spot on the sofa demanded to know that was going on. "An engagement ring? How come nobody told me?"
Christa skipped over to the sofa and offered Jamia an up-close and personal view of her newest bobble.
"That's some rock. Ray when did you get such good taste?"
Ray walked over to her and planted a kiss on the top of her head; "I called Monica yesterday morning and enlisted her in my plan to get Christa a ring." He looked over a Monica, "The plan almost hit a snag. When she got back to the apartment she asked me if I was gonna mention you had stopped by."
Monica was confused, "How did you know I was at the apartment?" She asked Christa.
Christa took a seat across from the sofa, "When I was leaving you hugged me. You smelled like Ray."
Monica began to laugh, "Are you kidding?" she turned to Ray, "What did you say?"
"I had to think fast so I said you had stopped by to talk about Gee." He didn't want to go into any more details but noticed that Jamia shot him a strange look.
Just then Frank called. The concert over and he was back at the hotel. "Hey Frankie guess who's over."
"Who?" he asked throwing himself across his bed. Gerard followed him and began looking for a certain shirt he wanted to wear. Jamia could hear Frank talking to him, "You're going out?" Gerard's answer was too muffled for her to understand and with Monica in the room she couldn't ask.
"Newly engaged Ray and Christa are here and so is Monica." Jamia told him.
"Newly engaged? Guess the lingerie worked out for him."
Jamia didn't understand so Frank told her to ask Ray. Monica giggled, "Yeah Ray, tell Jamia about your shopping experience."
Ray looked over at Monica, "I still can't believe you made me go in there and as if that wasn't fucking bad enough you tell Gee and Frank."
"Someone please explain." Jamia said looking at them.
"Long story but I wanted a pink teddy for Christa and Monica made me go into Victoria Secret to pick one out."
Frank could hear the conversation, "Yeah but Monica didn't snap us a photo. I really wanted to see Toro looking through silky underwear."
Monica moved into the kitchen to check on dinner. Jamia spoke quietly into the phone, "What's Gee doing?"
Frank glanced across the room at him, "He's getting ready to go out."
Gerard frowned, "Why does Jamia want to know what I'm doing?"
"Cause Monica is with her and Ray and Christa" Frank told him. He was about to add more but there was a knock on the door. "You ready?" Gee was asked when he opened the door.
Gerard nodded, "Yeah, just a minute." He went to grab another pack of cigarettes.
" "Frank?" Jamia's voice caught his attention, "Monica wants to know if Gee's there."
Frank looked over at him. He was at the door where several people were waiting for him. "Gee" Frank hissed, "Monica wants to know if you're here."
Gerard turned back towards him.
"Come on Gee, let's go" A hand was on his arm pulling him into the hall.
"I'll call her later." He said as the door slammed.
Frank sighed, "No, he's not here."

Monica was just taking the lasagna out of the oven when the kitchen phone rang. "Hello"
The voice was strangely familiar, 'Yes"
There was a slight pause. "This is Liv"
"Hello Liv" Monica said, "How are you?"
The question surprised Liv, "Okay" she answered. She really hadn't expected Monica to be pleasant.
Liv got directly to the point of the call; "Bert told me that you said you would watch Elle for me if I needed you to."
"Yes, I would he happy to watch her."
Once more Liv paused, "Could you watch her tomorrow?"
Monica glanced over and noticed that everyone in the living room was watching her standing in the kitchen doorway talking on the phone. "Sure, what time?"
"I'll bring her by about ten."
"Okay, I'll see you then." She hung up and looked at Jamia, Ray and Christa. "I'm babysitting Gee's daughter tomorrow." She said it matter-of-factly. Ray looked over at Jamia.
"What the fuck is going on? She's watching Liv's daughter?"
Jamia nodded, "She's already watched her once. Liv had Bert bring her over the other day and we babysat her." She glanced towards the kitchen to see if Monica was listening. When she saw that she wasn't she explained in a hushed tone, "I'm afraid Monica's gonna fall in love with the little girl and I'm afraid what that bitch Liv will do if she does."
Ray shook his head; "Has Frank said anything to you about who's over in Europe with them?"
"How do you know?" Jamia asked. She knew who Ray was talking about, she just didn't understand how he knew.
"I was looking at the Internet today." He shut his mouth as he saw Monica walk out of the kitchen; "It's ready" she smiled.
Ray and Jamia exchanged an unhappy look, Christa was confused and Monica was happy; tomorrow she would get to spend time with Elle again.
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