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Chapter 13 - Your Choice

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*A/N: Could people please comment after they read because it seems as if no one is interested in my story anymore. I can stop writing it if no one's going to read it. --Christiexox♥

Gerard's P.O.V:

After they told us the whole story we left for our tour bus.

" Fuck. I knew something was wrong with her but not to this extent," Ray said keeping his gaze on the rocks beneath us as we walked along.

" Yeah. They were right though Gee. You're her only hope and she's yours," Bob told me.

We entered the tour bus and sat down.

" I don't know if I can do it though." Mikey looked up at me shocked.

" Of course you can Gee! What makes you think otherwards? "

" I can't make her love me!" I practically yelled.

" Can't make who love you?" Andy asked stepping onto the bus followed by Joe Patrick and Pete.

" Gee's trying to seduce me but it's not working," Alicia quickly replied. I let out a sigh of relief and mouthed a thank you to her.

" Alrighty then... Well we have to go to the arena to get ready now so get up and movin! " Partick said.

" We'll be there in 10," Alicia told them. We got our stuff and started towards the arena. Holly and Derek stepped out of the bus hand-in-hand. We called them over and they joined us.

" He doesn't think he can, " Alicia told them.

" I can't MAKE her love me it's not fuckin right!"

" Gee, she already loves you. You just have to make her see that. Fight for her love. No matter what it takes, you'll get her in the end, I promise you that," Holly told me. I stared at the ground.

" She loves me?"

" More than you'll ever know. No matter what she says don't let her go. She'll try to make you let go but you'll never. You have to choose. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with her or with someone else. It's not a one-night stand thing. She's been hurt and let go of too many times. She's too fragile to play around with. Pick wisely. Spend the rest of eternity living with her or not. Your choice," Jake told me.

" If it's to spend the rest of my days waking up with her beside me then I choose her. I will love her and cherish her every being untill my dying day." Holly and Alicia were in tears as we arrived at the entrance to the backstage.

" That was so fuckin beautiful. You have my blessing as her friend and family. "

" Mines too. All of ours actually," Jake said. I stopped walking as I remembered.

Mikey... how can I do this? She'll hate me forever after I tell her that our parents killed hers.

Don't worry big bro. She'll learn to forgive and forget. It's not your fault.

Thanks man I love you.

Love you too. Now let's do this!

Jane's P.O.V:

I put on my black bermuda cargos, blue wide-strapped tank and plain black clandestins. I got out of the bathroom and went to put on my make-up. As I was putting it on I felt hot breath on the back of my neck.

" Why are you putting on make-up? You're beautiful just the way you are," His soft voice echoed through my every being. I shivered then regained my position and started to put on some eyeshadow. He but his hands on my shoulders and started to whisper, his lips gently touching my ear.

" You're so fuckin beautiful. You're an angel." Stop it you fuckin bitch! Get out there already!

Fuck off you jackass and leave her be!

Why should I she's my fiancé!

WAS is the key word to use.

Tell him baby, you love me and I love you. We're meant to be together. In life and death.

I felt his eyes bore into the back of my neck.

" I have to get up on stage now. Bye," I quickly said walking quickly towards the stage where I could hear my name being chanted throughout the standium. But before I could get there he grabbed my arm and spun me around. He gripped me to him then softly let go a bit. I stared into his eyes that were staring right back. We leaned in and....
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