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Not Posed To Say Hell JUNE 24

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Kelly and Kara meet Elle, Bob calls Kelly, Elle learns a new word

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Monica got a hold of Kelly bright and early. She asked her if she would like to spend the day with her and Elle. Kelly had been shocked at first. Monica hadn't told her she had baby sat for Elle the other day. Once Monica explained the situation Kelly told her she definitely wanted to get to know Elle. What she didn't tell her mother was that something about Elle and Liv was troubling her. She couldn't figure out what it was but she hoped that spending some time with Elle might help.
Monica had then asked to speak to Kara. Her oldest daughter had been grumpy and very unhappy. Bob had not called her at all. Monica was very surprised but tried to down play the situation. After explaining what was happening Kara agreed to come and stay with Jamia. She too was interested in meeting Elle. The fact that Kelly had seen the little girl and she hadn't annoyed her. They were going to arrive around 11:00. Liv was supposed to drop Elle off at 10:00 and she wanted to have a word alone with her before her girls arrived.
She made breakfast for herself and Jamia, cleaned the kitchen and took care of some laundry. Jamia was polishing her nails, her eyes following Monica around the apartment. When Monica finally sat down for a minute she spoke. "Okay, I tried to mind my own business but I can't, did he call last night?"
Monica wondered how long she could go without asking. "Yeah, around 9:30." She started to get up again but Jamia spoke quickly.
"Please sit down so we can talk. You keep zooming around the apartment and you're making me nervous. Are you sure Kara doesn't mind coming over?"
Monica nodded, "I'm sure, but let me warn you ahead of time her mood isn't good. Bob never called her at all last night."
Jamia was surprised, "Not at all? Well shit."
"Yeah, shit. At least my idiot eventually called, even if it was 3:30 in the morning where he was." She plucked at an invisible piece of lint on her sweater.
"Your idiot" Jamia replied with a laugh, "I like that"
Monica just rolled her eyes. "Just for the record I knew he was there last night when you asked Frank."
"Oh shit, I'm not good at lying am I?"
"Nope, I called Gee on it."
"Holy crap what did he say?" Jamia closed the bottle of fingernail polish and moved to the end of the sofa to be closer to Monica.
"Some people were waiting for him so he didn't have time to talk. I told him I would have been okay with that but the lying was what pissed me off." She sighed, "Do you think I was wrong to be pissed?"
"Hell, no. I would have been pissed too. So did he say he was sorry?"
"Yeah, then he asked me what I was doing today."
"Oh hell, you didn't tell him did you?"
Monica shook her head, "No, I just told him I was hanging with Kelly which isn't a lie. He's gonna be upset when he finds out the little girl he drew the picture for in the park was Elle."
They were silent a moment then Jamia asked, "Are you gonna try to talk to Liv?"
"I've been thinking about that. I at least want to know how to get a hold of her so when Gee gets back he can settle things with her."
"Just remember what I said about her. She can be the most manipulative person in the world. Hurting people is her specialty."
The doorbell rang and they looked at each other. "Speak of the devil" Jamia said. Monica opened the door and smiled. Liv was wearing a hoodie and dark glasses; she did not return the smile.
"Hey, Elle we're gonna have fun today" she said leaning down.
Elle grinned, "Mommyca!" she put her arms around Monica and gave her a hug. Beside her Monica noticed that Liv flinched.
"I'll be back around 4:00 to get her," she said in a monotone.
Monica stood up straight, "Liv I'd like to talk to you." She was about to suggest that Elle go in and watch TV with Jamia when Liv spoke.
"I have to go." Her tone was sharp. Then in the blink of an eye it changed. She picked up Elle and hugged her. "Mama's got to go but I'll be back soon. Be a good girl Elle." She kissed her daughter's cheek and Elle hugged her neck. She sat her back down and turned to swiftly walk away. Monica took Elle's hand and led her into the apartment.
"Elle guess what? I have two daughters and they are gonna come over to meet you."
Elle smiled, "O'key"
Jamia laughed, "Guess that's "Okay" for her.

Gerard threw the sketchbook across the room and watched as it hit the wall then slid down to the floor. The whole day had been shitty from the start. He had hardly gotten any sleep before the band had to get to the airport. The flight to Amsterdam had been bumpy and listening to Bob moan about how Kara hadn't called him back had gotten on his nerves. Then there was the whole situation with Monica. He knew he had been an ass and he just wanted to make it up to her. He had tried calling as soon as they had gotten to the hotel but she hadn't answered. Was she deliberately not taking his calls? He really couldn't blame her if that's what she was doing. He looked up as Bob came out of the bathroom of the hotel room they were sharing.
"Did you hear something?" Bob asked.
Gerard just looked at the sketchbook and nodded, "Yeah"
Bob walked over and picked it up then began to straighten the pages that had gotten wrinkled.
"Gee, did you get a hold of Monica?"
Gerard lost his patience, "No Bob. Not since you asked me that ten minutes ago. Why don't you just call my mom's house phone? It's Saturday, Kara is probably at home."
"I'm sure she'll call me when she can." He said. Truth was, his feelings were hurt. Yeah, he had been calling kinda late every night but would that make her get so angry she wouldn't talk to him? Suddenly he had a thought. "I'll call Kelly. What's her number?"
Gerard rolled his eyes but took out his phone and looked up the number for Bob. He sat watching Bob wondering if Monica and Kara were somewhere together.

Kelly felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. She had just gotten to Jamia's and wondered who would he calling her. "Hello"
"Kelly, it's me Bob," he added nervously. "Uh, Bob Bryar."
Kelly giggled, "Yeah, I know who you are."
Bob cleared his throat, "I was wondering if you knew where Kara was?"
Looking across the room she saw her sister talking with Jamia. "Yeah"
He waited but she didn't elaborate.
"Where is she? Is she okay?"
"Of course she is. Wanna talk to her?"
He lowered his voice, "Kelly, is she mad at me?"
Kelly suddenly had a bad feeling, She spoke softly, "How come you didn't call her?"
"But I did. I called right after the concert and it rang then went to voice mail. Then I tried again a bit later and it just went to voice mail again. I left a message for her to call me but she never did."
"Oh hell" Kelly muttered. She really had thought her sisters' phone was okay after the accidental bath she had given it.
Elle who was standing beside her tugged on her hand, "Not posed to say hell"
She grinned, "Sorry, Elle."
In the background, Kara laughed loudly at Jamia's latest babies story. Bob heard her and the long hours far from home, coupled with his lingering cold overrode his common sense. He snapped, "Don't bother. I wouldn't want to interrupt her." He quickly hung up before Kelly could give the phone to Kara.
Kara heard Kelly. "Is that Bob?"
"It was Bob."
"My Bob? And he didn't want to talk to me? Why was he calling you? Why didn't he call me?" She turned and stomped toward the kitchen. "I was up all night waiting for his call and what happens? He calls my stupid..." Kara's voice became indistinct as she left the room.
"Oh shit"
"Uh oh"
Kelly looked down to see Elle looking up at her.
"You can say that again."
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