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Interrogation is an art - or is it just a bully?

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My hands were clammy and squeezed tightly together on the table. The officer opposite me wasn't unreasonable in his interrogatories; they just needed to establish the facts but nonetheless, it was difficult and I felt the pressure.

"When was the last time you saw Miss Redwood?"

"Um, about 3 days ago."

"Was there anything during that time you found odd or would imply she was in danger at all?"

"No, no nothing in fact-" I stopped.

"Go on..." he said, dragging it out of me.

I was finding this hard, here I was disclosing details of the last encounter I had with, who would undoubtedly be, the most incredible woman who existed in my life.

"She was happy.." I croaked weakly.

He made a few notes and looked back over his notebook.

"She made a call to you on the evening she died, what did she say?"

I could feel the frown growing in confusion on my face.

"I....I don't understand, I never spoke to her on the phone." I replied.

He re-checked his paperwork.

"10.27pm, she made a call to your cell, the call lasted 43 seconds." He said, letting the sheet of paper float back down.

"I didn't get that call, I never spoke to her..." I said, realising a horrible horrible error on my part.

Ok, now he was eyeballing me and it wasn't pleasant.

"Mr Stump - where were you on the evening of May 5th?"

I stared at him, he could not be serious, was he really implying what I thought he was. Wait, the 5th of May was 3 days ago, that Tuesday night....My eyes widened slowly and I stared at the officer.

"I was with her...." I said weakly.

Both gentlemen who were opposite moved their body language to show major interest in my admission.

"She left about 9..." I said, recalling our last encounter.

"Is there anyone who can confirm that?"

"" I whispered, that was the flaw within our relationship, the secrecy...

"Mr Stump." The other gentleman addressed me now, I could tell this was developing into something I was sure I didn't like.

"To confirm I have this right....You were in fact with Miss Redwood up until around 9pm when she left your company, where were you?" he asked, digressing slightly.

"Um, at my apartment." I mumbled, I was beginning to feel very sad at about everything again.

"So, she left at 9pm from your apartment and we assume she made her way home, she then called you at 10.30pm however, you have no record of that 10.45pm LAPD received an anonymous call to investigate the report that her body had been found in her apartment..."

I felt sick.

The corners of my eyes stung as they told me the details, tears wanting to come but my will to be strong pushing them back.

"Where were you from 9pm that evening?"

"At home." I frowned at them.

"Do you have anyone who can confirm that?"

"I don't need anyone to confirm it - that's where I was!" I said angrily.

They had no right to begin to point accusations my way.

"If I was with her - then why was she trying to call me??" I asked angrily.

Yeah, that got them, stupid assholes, trying to screw me over.

Now I just waited while I assume they played the silent intimidation card on me.

"Mr Stump-"

"-No, you listen! You need to be spending less time in here interrogating me and more time out there trying to find who did this because Charlie deserves THAT at least!!" I shouted.

"That's exactly what we're doing, it's just at the moment, you are the prime suspect."

"This is ridiculous!!" I yelled, standing up and shoving the table. They both looked at me in shock.

I brought my fists down on the table hard and I tried to contain my breath within my chest and now the tears pricked again.

"Mr Stump, we're arresting you on suspicion of the murder-"

"-You cannot do this!!"

"- of Miss Charlie Redwood" He finished.

"I did not murder her - I would never have done that to her!!" I shouted again.

"On the basis of the evidence we have now - we have no choice."

"You have a choice! Get out there and find out who really did this!! She's dead now - don't you get it?!!"

"Calm down." He said to me sternly.

I tried to calm down, I knew they had a job to do, I knew I was the easiest suspect. But I didn't do it. The thought of hurting her just filled me with terror. I couldn't have put a firm finger on her, she was the most important person in my life.

I lay on the bed in the holding cell, I hoped that if I kept my eyes closed that maybe I would disappear.

They came into do swab tests and took my blood, they took more details. They could kiss my ass....

I didn't kill her.

But I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't kill the person who did this to her...
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