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Wings, Wides, and Teetotters - JUNE 25

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Bob has a bad day, Monica has a good day, Gerard's day goes downhill after a phone call

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Bob snapped the phone shut with more force than was necessary. 'Count to ten...count to ten....shit' He flung the phone out of frustration. It landed on the bed and bounced onto the floor. That definitely caught Gerard's attention.
"What the hell?" he stared at Bob like he had lost this mind.
"Don't want to talk about it." He stomped out of the room slamming the door in the process.
Gerard stared at the door, Bob had a temper but he had never seen it that bad. What had Kelly said to him? He picked up this own phone intent on calling Kelly. It vibrated with an incoming call. He checked the caller ID and smiled.

Monica, Kelly and Elle had headed for the park soon after Bob called. Monica didn't understand exactly what was going on between Bob and Kara and to be honest she really didn't want to deal with her oldest daughters latest drama right now. She was still irritated with Gerard and that was enough to deal with. Elle had hopped up and down when they suggested the park. She grabbed Kelly's hand as they left the apartment babbling about 'wings, wides, and teetotters'. Kelly had assured her that she too like swings, slides and teeter-totters.
The park turned out to be a great idea. Monica had a wonderful time following the girls around and listening to Elle's sweet childish voice put her in a much better frame of mind. The little girl was so sweet and full of life. Often she would stop and hug Monica telling her how much fun she was having. When it was time to go back to Jamia's, Elle just smiled and asked Mommyca to pick her up cause she was ty-rod.
Monica scooped her up into her arms. "So you're tired are you?" Elle's arms circled her neck and she nodded.
"Well, are you hungry?" This got a very positive response from Elle. "Well, let's see what Kara and Jamia want for lunch and we'll take it back with us." She turned, "Kelly, call Jamia and ask her what she wants for lunch. She's had some weird cravings lately. I'd hate to bring her Bar-B-Que with wasabi when she really wanted frog legs and chocolate sauce." Monica said.
Kelly took the opportunity to try Kara's cell phone. She didn't know whether to hope that her phone worked or not. It wasn't going to be pretty one way or the other. Crap, it went straight to voice mail. Oh man, her phone really wasn't working and she knew why.

Kara was ready to pull her hair out. All Jamia talked about was babies, babies, babies and more babies. Oh well, it was still better than going to the park with the midget. The house phone rang and she answered, "Kara, what do you and Jamia want for lunch?'
Kara relayed the question to Jamia who thought a moment, "How about pizza? I don't know why but a veggie lovers pizza with pineapple and jalapeno peppers sounds so good."
It was all Kara could do to keep from cringing. She told Kelly what Jamia had suggested. "Yuck" Kelly said making a face. When she told Monica her mom just laughed. "We'll get that and something a bit more normal," she told her.
Kelly told her sister they would pick up the pizzas so it would be about an hour. She took a deep breath and added, "Uh Kara I think something might be wrong with your phone. I tried to call it and it went directly to voice mail." She held her breath.
"What?" Kara screamed causing Jamia to jump. She grabbed the phone and flipped it open. It looked okay at first glance but then she looked a bit closer. "Fuck, the screen looks foggy at the bottom." She popped off the battery and saw the condensation. "What happened? It looks like it got wet."
Kelly knew her mom was watching so she said, "You better check to see if you can call out."
"Yeah, right" Kara popped the battery back in and punched a number. The phone was deathly silent. "Oh shit, it's broken."
"Gotta go, we'll be there soon." Kelly snapped her own phone closed and took a deep breath. Monica was talking to a giggling Elle. Good she hadn't noticed the guilty look on her face.

Gerard walked across the room to glance out the window, he saw Bob with Frank crossing to the waiting car. He answered his phone once he sat back down on the bed. "Hey, man." he said knowing it was Ray. "How ya doing?"
"I'm good, Gee how about you?" How's the tour going?" Ray asked trying not to let his annoyance at Gerard show.
"Great, but we all miss you and Mikey. It's just not right without you guys."
"Yeah, Frank and Bob both said they same thing when they called me. Your brother called me too. You know, he took time out from his honeymoon to see how I was doing."
Gerard caught on, "Look Ray it's just been really hectic, it's not that I haven't been thinking about you. It's just that by the time we get to the next country, it's usually time to get to sound check, you know how it is."
"Yeah, and then after the concert there's no time, right?"
Gerard suddenly had a strange feeling, "What are you getting at Ray?"
"I've been watching some of the videos of the concerts fans have posted on YouTube. A couple of them have been very close to the stage and the side stage." He waited to see how his friend would respond.
"Okay, so some of our friends have been on the side stage, so what?" He lit a cigarette, "Are you trying to imply something, man?"
"I thought that was over, she had moved on. Are they still with you guys?"
"Yeah, but so what? They are just friends. Always have been."
Ray lost his temper, "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to? Someone who wasn't there?" He glanced up to see Christa retreat back into the kitchen, "Look Gee, you know as well as I do it wasn't just friendship. You have a wonderful woman here at home waiting for you. Fuck man she and I almost died a few weeks ago, doesn't that mean anything to you?"
Gerard's eyes narrowed, "I don't know where the fuck this is coming from. I'm on tour we met up with some old friends and you're acting like I'm screwing around on Monica. How could you even think that?" He snuffed out the cigarette and immediately lit another. "Sorry Ray but I don't have to explain shit to you. Bob and I have gone out a few times with them, so fucking what?"
Ray tried to regain control of his temper, "Gee, I saw the videos, do you really think it won't get back to Monica? I'm pretty fucking sure you haven't told her, have you?" he challenged.
"I've told her I've gone out with friends, she trusts me." he said with venom in this voice.
"Should she?" Ray blurted out before he could stop himself.
Gerard totally lost control, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Do you really think I would do anything to jeopardize what I have with Monica?" I love her," he practically shouted. "I wouldn't be unfaithful."
Ray's tone was deadly; "You said that once about Liv, too."
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