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Some Ideas are tossed around at possibilities for helping Joe get out of his predicament. Some ideas prove helpful, while others are quite ridiculous but maybe possible.

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"So what are we going to do?" Joe asked looking to Steven and Tom for some answers.

Steven looked at Tom then turning towards Joe said, " I don't really know, but I'm thinking."

"Hey Joe, I'd love to help you, but I don't think I can, unless I get breakfast cuz I'm brain dead." Tom said shaking his head.

"Well, what are we going to do? If you haven't noticed I can't exactly walk into a restaurant!"

"There's always room service!" Tom said in a happy tone, before adding "It would make things a whole lot easier, if I got some breakfast."

"Fine order some breakfast." Joe said pouting.

"Do you want anything? What about you Steven want anything?" Tom asked as he grabbed the phone to dial room service.

"Yeah, see if they can bring up some oatmeal and fresh fruit," Steven said then seeing the look he was receiving from Joe said "What, I need breakfast too you know."

"Fine then just get me some juice and fruit too," Joe said as he sipped down the last of his third water bottle.

"Ok, juice and fruit for you, oatmeal and fruit for Steven, and cinnarole and apple juice for me. Hey you sure you don't water instead, seeing how you've gone thorough three already." Tom quickly backtracked when Joe sent him a look that purely said 'I will kill you and not even care'. "Never mind Joe I just talk out of my ass sometimes. I swear I should have a permanent pass to the doctors, for all the time they have to remove my foot from my mouth." He said laughing off the death look he had just been given.

Dialing up room service he waited for an answer.

Finally he was greeted by a heavy Spanish accented man saying, "room service how may I help you?"

"Um, yeah I was wondering if you could deliver breakfast up to room..." he mouthed to Joe what room are we in? " to room 523." Tom asked.

"Yes, we can arrange that. What do you need delivered?"

"Um, I'm gonna need some oatmeal with fresh fruit, some juice and fruit, and a cinnarole with apple juice."

"Is that all your going to need?"

"Yes, that should do it." Tom said

"It will be delivered shortly."

"Ok thanks," Tom said hanging up the phone. "Well looks like the breakfast will be here in a bit."

Just then there was a knock on the door. 'That was quick' Tom mouthed towards Steven.

Tom walked over to answer the door, only to be greeted with by a tall that looked oddly familiar, but he couldn't place his face.

"Here you go, your breakfast," he said pushing the cart into the hotel room. He walked past Joe and Steven not even paying attention to the fact that a fin was sticking out from underneath the blanket Joe had haphazardly thrown over his new attachment. Once he placed the cart in front of them, he walked out the door.

Tom closed the door while saying "that was weird. Oh well let's eat."

"What about talking over some ideas while we eat," Joe asked.

"Yeah, besides we need to start throwing some ideas around anyway," Steven, said gulping down a bite of oatmeal.

Once they were situated eating their meals the ideas began to flow.

"I got it!" Tom exclaimed. "We can go outside tonight in the pool just like how Joe was, and we can make another wish. You know wish that he had legs again." Tom said beaming at his idea.

"Well what were the chances of this wish coming true?" Steven retorted back. "Do you know what the chances are that this wish, this re-wish will come true?"

"Although I'd hate to admit he's right, but Tom he is right. What are the chances that it'll come true?"

"Fine then Steven do you have an idea?"

"Uh, yeah I think I do. We could call one of those physic people or something and get them to find out why you were turned into a merman, if you don't mind, and how you can be turned back into a full human," Steven said giving Tom a look that said 'what do you think of that?'

"Uh Steven, do you even know any physics?"

"No, not really," he said shaking his head.

"Well looks like that idea's a bomb," Tom said.

"Well yours wasn't any better ya know." Steven said sinking into a sulking state.

Joe was about to clear up the fight that was brewing, when the man who had served their breakfast came barging into the room.

"I did see a fin, I knew it."

"What are you going to do? Are you going to tell the world?" Joe asked anxiety creeping into his voice.

"No, why'd I go and do something like that? Actually I can help you. You see my friend Ewan had the same thing happen to him. Well almost, he actually got turned into half a pig," The waiter said shaking his head as he mulled over what he had just said.

"Really you can help us?" Steven asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, all you have to do is swim in the ocean and get this coral looking thing, and some sea weed, a fish scale, oh and a jellyfish. Yeah, that's all you need, then you blend it together with a fruit base and swig it down, and you should turn back to normal within 8 hours. However, I must warn you, the metamorphosis back can be draining and possible quiet painful."

"So your telling me I have to swim in the ocean and find those things, mix it with some fruit juice and chug like there's no tomorrow, and only then will I be turned back human?" Joe asked looking at this man like he'd grown a second head.

"Yes, that's all you have to do."

"Well what are we waiting for Joe let's head out to the beach before it gets to late," Steven said hopping up.

"I Can't walk remember." Joe stated plainly.

"Who said anything about walking. Hey can we use your food cart?" Steven asked the waiter.

"Sure anything to help out some friends."

With that they made their way out the door and to the elevator, making sure Joe's fin was covered.

Tom turned back though to ask the waiter a question. "Hey who are you? You look familiar."

"Just a person helping those in need. But if you want a name, my friends call me Manu."

Even with that knowledge Tom couldn't place him so giving up on figuring where he knew him from he left to join the guys in the elevator.
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