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Bad Wud - JUNE 26

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Mushroom pizza, tattoos, and a shower

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To say that Kara was upset would have been the understatement of the century. She had worked herself into frenzy by the time Monica, Kelly and Elle arrived at the apartment with the pizzas. She launched into a tirade as soon as they walked in. "Mom my phone is broke. I don't know what happened. I've been so upset about Bob not calling last night but he tried. I used Jamia's phone and called my voice mail. He left me a message asking me to call him as soon as I could. He probably thinks I blew him off." She looked ready to break into tears.
Monica spoke while walking towards the kitchen to set the pizza boxes down on the table. "So use my phone and call him" Lord, her daughter could be so dramatic.
"Mom, they should be getting ready to go on stage about now. Hell, they might already be on stage."
"Bad wud" Elle said looking at Kara.
Kara looked over at her but knew better than to say anything especially in front of her mother. Monica smiled at Elle, "You're right Kara shouldn't say that word."
"Mom, important issue, here" Kara said to redirect Monica's attention, "Bobby probably thinks I just didn't want to talk to him." She looked over at Kelly, "What exactly did he say to you?"
Kelly looked uncomfortable, "He asked if I knew where you were."
"He didn't ask to talk to me?" Kara's eyes narrowed.
Kelly didn't meet her sisters eyes, "Uh, no."
"That doesn't make any sense." She paused, "Unless he thinks I didn't want to talk to him. See I'm right he thinks I don't want to talk to him. Oh crap."
Elle started to open her mouth but Kara glared at her, "Yeah I know bad 'wud.'
Elle nodded her head in agreement.
Kara grabbed Monica's cell phone and quickly dialed Bob's cell. She was right. It went straight to voice mail. She pouted but left a quick message explaining the situation.
They all sat down to have lunch. Kara picked at her piece of pizza with great detachment. Kelly tried not to think about her sister or Bob. Jamia happily chewed her strange topping pizza and Monica was just enjoying watching Elle eat. The little girl had pizza sauce from one side of her face to the other. "More peas?' she asked when her slice was gone.
"Are you sure you're eyes aren't bigger than you're tummy?" Monica asked her with a smile.
Elle gave her a serious look, then looked down at her stomach. "Tummy not big."
Kelly giggled, "Tell mom you want another piece cause you're still hungry."
"Me hungry Mommyca" Elle said quite seriously.
Monica placed another piece of mushroom pizza on her plate. She watched as Elle picked all the mushrooms off and set them to the side. "Don't you like the mushrooms?"
"I like em'" she said happily "I eat em'"
"She's saving them for last, I bet" Kelly said. Elle nodded.
Kelly took her fork and pretended like she was going to steal a mushroom off her plate. Elle just watched. "You can take em' Kewee" she said to Kelly.
"Elle, I'm just teasing you, I won't steal your mushrooms."
Kara rolled her eyes; Elle and Kelly were just too cute. She looked down and absentmindedly traced her tattoo. God, she missed Bob. Did he miss her? A single tear slid down her cheek and landed on her tattoo. She looked up to see everyone staring at her.
"So are you done yet?" she snapped at Kelly.
"Are you gonna leave already?" Jamia asked. She was enjoying having people over.
"Yeah, I've got to get a new phone." Kara told her seriously. "I have to talk to Bob."
Once Kelly was done the sisters said their goodbyes and headed for the door. Kelly leaned over and picked Elle up, "I'll see you soon." She told her.
Elle hugged her, "Bye bye Kewee." Kelly sat her down and was surprised when Elle ran over to Kara and waited to be picked up. Kara looked at her a moment then lifted her up. "Bye Bye Kawa."
Kara had to admit the midget was cute, "Be good Elle." She set her down and patted her on the top of the head, rather like one would a puppy. Elle went over to the sofa and sat by Jamia who had just turned on cartoons for her.
Monica walked the girls to the door. Kara turned to her, "She's sort of our sister isn't she?"
Monica nodded, "Yeah, hate to admit it but you like her."
Kara shrugged, "She's okay for a midget."
Monica was surprise when she turned to face Kelly. Her daughter was looking over at Elle with a strange look on her face. "Kelly what wrong?"
Kelly shook her head, "Oh nothing." She said. She gave her mom a kiss and walked out. Kara who had been watching just shrugged her shoulders.

The first song of the night and Bob messed up. It wasn't a big mess up but he still was angry with himself. He had just started a riff and looked down and spotted his new tattoo. The world stopped for a few seconds before he came back into himself. What the hell was up with Kara? What the hell was up with him? This past week had been a nightmare. He knew he needed to get his mind off Kara and into the concert. Gerard turned his back to the crowd and gave him a strange look. Shit, he thought shit... shit... shit. As soon as he got back to the hotel he was going to call Kara and find out what was going on. Gerard would just have to be pissed at him but he wasn't going out with them tonight.

Elle was sleeping when Liv arrived to pick her up. Monica asked if she wanted to come in while she got her but Liv refused. Elle was sleeping so soundly that Monica ended up picking her up and carrying her to the door. "The park wore her out." She told Liv.
Liv simply nodded and took Elle from her. She turned and began to walk away. Monica's words caused her to stop momentarily, "Thank you for letting me watch her."
Liv turned to face her. She looked like she was about to say something but then turned and quickly walked away.
"Told you she was a bitch" Jamia said, she had been listening, "Didn't even say thank you."
Monica walked to the sofa and sat down by her, "I really didn't think she would. I don't care I meant what I said to her. I loved spending the day with Elle. She' so sweet. I look into her eyes and I see Gerard."
Jamia sighed, "Are you are Gee gonna try to get partial custody?"
Monica looked away, "We haven't talked about it. Gee has had a hard time dealing with the fact he has a daughter he didn't know existed." She added reluctantly, "And I know dealing with Liv is hard for him."
"Yeah, I'm sure it is but he's gonna have to deal with all this sooner or later. I love Gee but sometimes he's so good at running away from things he doesn't want to handle. He seems to just think that if he ignores what he doesn't want to deal with it will just go away."
"Well Elle isn't just gonna go away." Monica's tone was sharp, "As soon as he gets back he and I will talk about it. I'm sure as soon as he gets to know Elle he will love her, how could he not?"
Jamia knew not to say anything else. Monica was already in love with Elle and in her mind she just knew Gee would be too. For everyone concerned she really hoped that's how it would turn out.

Frank had just gotten back to the hotel when Ray called. He was tired and not feeling very good. All he wanted to do was shower, talk to Jamia and slip into bed. He was glad he had his own room cause he really didn't want to deal with anymore of Gerard's late night antics.
Ray spoke a few minutes before coming to the point, "Frank, what the hell has Gee been doing?"
Frank was surprised by the question, "What do you mean?"
Christa visited with Jamia the other day and Jamia told her that Monica had mentioned that Gerard seems to be calling her later every night."
Sitting on the bed, Frank took off his Etnies and fell back, "Yeah, I've been rooming with him and it' been a pain in the ass. He and Bob go out after the concerts and get back fucking late. I'm glad I've got my own room tonight."
"Who's Gee rooming with tonight?"
"Uh, he and Bob got a room together, there weren't enough rooms for all of us to have our own."
"Well that's fucking convenient." Ray said sarcastically.
"Ray, what are you getting at?" Frank had an idea but he couldn't figure out how Ray could know what had been going on.
"I've been watching videos of the concerts I've seen who's there." Ray looked up to see Christa standing in the doorway. She smiled and mouthed that she was going to take a shower. He nodded and waited for Frank to speak.
"Look I really don't think that they are doing anything wrong. I mean Bob talks about Kara all the time. He was off tonight cause I think they had an argument or something but I know he loves her."
"What about Gee? He loved Liv but we both know what happened."
"Fuck, Ray that was a different situation. Liv dumped on the guy all the time. You are I were both glad when he cheated on her." Frank reminded him.
Ray thought back, yeah they had all been glad at the time but that still hadn't made it right. Gee had loved Liv but that love hadn't kept him out of her bed. Why is she there and how come now?"
Frank thought back to London. "They're on vacation. Just traveling and seeing Europe."
"It's gonna turn out bad" Ray predicted, "Talk to Gee, remind him of who he has waiting for him back home."
"Ray, I fucking have tried to talk to him about it." Frank rolled over and looked at the clock. He wanted to talk to Jamia.
"Yeah well I've talked to him too and we just ended up being pissed at each other." Ray heard Christa start the shower. "I'll let you go, I know it's late there and you are tired."
Frank laughed, "I must be getting old, I just want to talk to Jamia a few minutes and crawl into bed." They talked a few more minutes then said goodbye.
Ray sat back and closed his eyes. He really worried about Gee and Bob for that mater. Fuck, he thought I should be on this tour with them. He physically shook his head to clear his thought. Standing he decided he knew just the way to put Bob and Gee out of his mind. He walked into the bedroom and listened. The shower was still running, that was good. He quickly striped off his clothes and walked quietly into the bathroom. As usual Christa surprised him. "I thought you'd never get here," she said in a throaty tone as he pushed back the shower curtain and joined her. "I need someone to wash my back, think you could do it?"
Ray nodded and took the sponge from her hand. "Oh yeah, I'm pretty sure I can handle it." The shower took so long they were late getting to his mom's house for dinner.
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