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Just A Straight Honest Answer - JUNE 27

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Bob calls Kara and Gee Calls Too Late

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Bob barely waited for the last chord to end before he bolted back stage. As he exited, a hand reached out to grab him by the arm.
"Bob, wait until you see where we're going tonight. We found the greatest underground club. They play nothing but 80's hits. I can't wait to see you in your boogie shoes."
Bob barely hesitated before moving past and into the green room. Crap, it was full of people. There wasn't a quiet place anywhere backstage. He'd get a ride back to the hotel. Hopefully, he'd have the room to himself for a while. Hell, since he was sharing with Gerard, he'd have it to himself most of the night if Gee stayed true to form. He looked up and spotted Frank and James heading out. He gave a shout and ran to join them.
At the hotel, Bob keyed into the room. He was actually excited to call. He took a deep breath and flipped the phone open. He ignored the 'you have 1 voice mail' message and pulled up Kara's number. Another deep breath before he hit 'talk'. She answered on the first ring.
"Bob, I'm so glad you called. I don't know what happened to that stupid phone. There was water in it. Stupid thing. So I missed your call. But why didn't you call the house phone? Why'd you call that stupid sister of mine instead? Why didn't you talk to me? Bob, are you mad at me?"
Although he didn't quite catch all of Kara's ramblings, it was clear that something had happened to her cell. That explained a lot.
"No, Honey. I just had a very long night and I was sure you were just blowing me off. Are you mad at me?"
"No, Pookie. I'm sorry I missed your call. I wanted to talk to you so bad and then I thought you didn't call... and then today I figured out the cell phone wasn't working and I had to wait to get a new one. Boy do they eat slow... and do you know what Jamia ate on her pizza? Pineapple and jalapenos. Can you imagine? Those babies are going to be seriously messed up..." Kara continued on as Bob leaned back against the headboard of his bed. He inhaled deeply and smiled to himself. It was going to be all right.

Monica lay in bed staring at the clock. She tried to close her eyes; she just wanted to fall asleep. It was 3:38 in the morning for Gee. Had he been so tired that he had fallen asleep after the concert? Jamia and Frank had talked hours ago. She had heard Jamia ask Frank if Gee was rooming with him but he had told her that he had his own room. Did Gee have his own room too? If so, was he alone? Monica rolled over refusing to look at the clock any more. She closed her eyes and thought back to the park. It had been a wonderful day. Every time Elle said her name it touched her heart. She prayed that she would get to be a mommy to Elle. Once she and Gee married, she wanted them to have Elle part of the time. Even if he was away on tour she wanted Elle to stay with her and the girls in their new home. In her mind she tried to picture how the guest bedroom could he turned into a room for Elle.

Gerard glanced at this watch and mentally smacked himself in the head. It was almost four in the morning. Where had the time gone? He was still pissed at Bob for not joining them; they had had a great time. It had been a fun night sitting in the bar listening to old American songs from the 1980's. Bob would have had a good time he was sure.
As they waited for the elevator she linked her arm with his, "So tonight was fun, wasn't it?"
"For sure, it was. When they started playing 'The Safety Dance" I thought I was gonna lose it. You guys did a great dance."
"Well thank you, Mr. Way." She smiled. "Tonight was just like old times."
Gerard smiled, "Yeah, just like the tours used to be." The elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. As the door slid closed he frowned, "This whole tour seems so wrong with Mikey and Ray missing."
Reaching out and took his hand, "You really miss your brother, don't you?" She gently stroked his cheek.
Gerard nodded, "Yeah I miss Mikey." He laughed softly, "Weird a guy my age missing his brother but me and Mikey have always been so close. I guess things have to change, he's married now and I'm getting married soon too." She noticed he didn't look happy.
"Oh, that's wonderful, how soon?" She asked. The elevator doors opened.
As they stepped out into the hall he answered, "Well I'm not sure. Monica is kinda unsure I guess." He suddenly felt he should defend her indecisiveness, "The accident sorta changed things."
"Oh, of course." They walked down the hall towards their rooms. "Night, Gee" she leaned foreword and brushed his cheek lightly with her lips. "Thanks for the wonderful night."
He smiled at her then continued down the hall towards his room. He looked up and noticed Frank standing in the doorway of his room. "Hey" he said.
Frank shot him a look of disgust and slammed his door.
Gerard was momentarily shocked by Frank's actions. Shit, he thought what the fuck did I do to deserve that? He got to his room and slammed his own door but seeing Bob sleeping made him regret his actions. He walked into the bathroom quietly and took out his phone. He stood still and stared at it. Suddenly he felt very tired and very guilty. The guilt seemed to overwhelm him. Monica had to be waiting for him to call and she would definitely know he was calling at four in the morning. Briefly he thought of lying and telling her tomorrow that he had fallen asleep after the concert. Would Frank or Bob rat him out if he did? Once more guilt took over and he knew he couldn't lie to her.
She answered on the third ring. "Hey honey." He said softly.
Monica spoke in an even, unemotional tone, "Gee I need an answer from you. No bullshit just a straight, honest answer. Did you just get in?"
He wasn't expecting this. "Uh, yeah."
"Fine, I'll talk to you tomorrow."
The phone connection was dead and suddenly his emotions felt the same way.
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