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Your Stupid Friend JUNE 28

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Monica bakes, Alicia and Mikey return, Ray rats Gerard out

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"Something smells so good." Jamia said as she walked into the kitchen, "I woke up and thought I was in heaven". Smiling she took a seat at the kitchen table. Monica's back was to her but as soon as she turned Jamia saw her face. "Monica what's wrong?"
The sleepless night combined with the crying had taken their toll on Monica. "Jamia, I don't know what to do."
Standing up Jamia took control of the situation. She checked on the cinnamon rolls then lead Monica by the arm to the table. "Sit down and tell me what happened."
"Gee didn't call till after ten last night."
Jamia did a quick calculation in her head, "Four in the morning."
"Yeah it was after four in the morning where he is." Anger made Monica swipe at her eyes. "He had just gotten in."
"He told you that?" Jamia asked.
"I asked him first off not to lie. I told him no bullshit then asked if he had just gotten in. He said yeah."
"What did you say to him?"
"I pretty much just hung up. I didn't want to talk to him."
Jamia saw the dark circles under her friends eyes, "You haven't slept have you?"
Monica just shook her head. "I just don't understand what is going on with him. I'm trying to be understanding. I know that after a concert he is wired and needs to come back off the high, I get that. I understand he likes to go with his friends. I'm fine with that. But last night I know Frank wasn't with him cause he told you he was going to bed after he talked to you. I know Bob wasn't with him cause he called Kara after the show and they ironed out their differences. I guess he could have gone with Matt and the other guys but until four in the morning?"
Jamia honestly didn't know what to say. Right now she just wanted to kick Gerard's butt.
Monica shook her head sadly, "Whatever he was doing he wanted to do it more than he wanted to talk to me."
"Monica you need to talk to him. Tell him how you feel. Shit it's so wrong he doesn't know what you're dealing with here."
"Remember what you said about Gee? How when he doesn't want to deal with something he just ignores it until it goes away? What if that's what he's doing? Maybe he realized that what he and I have isn't really what he wants? What if he just wants me to go away?"
"Okay enough, that's just stupid. The man loves you with every bit of his heart. He's just being a jackass." She smiled and nudged Monica's arm, "You know guys are like that sometimes they can't help it. Just talk to him and tell him how you feel. Tell him he's being a jackass and that he needs to stop it." She took a breath, "you can also tell him that I will personally kick his ass if he doesn't stop it."
Monica smiled, "I'm sure he would be afraid."
Jamia looked at her, "He should be. Sometime I'll tell you about when I kicked Frank's ass. Let me just say he needed it."
The timer on the oven went off. Monica rose from the table and walked to the oven. "Hope you're hungry." She turned back to the table but it was empty. Jamia was in the living room grabbing her cell phone.

Alicia smiled at her husband, "I'm gonna hate leaving here but I do want to get home." She and Mikey were walking through the penthouse one final time to make sure they hadn't let anything unpacked.
"You miss the cats," Mikey said as he pulled open the drawers of the nightstand.
She laughed, "Yeah, I do. Think they missed us?'
Mikey smiled, "Oh sure they did but when they see you brought them each home a gift from Vegas they will forgive us for leaving them."
"I can't wait to see how they will look in their collars." They had bought the cats new collars with dice shaped name tags.
Mikey stopped looking through the drawers and glanced at the clock. "You know we don't have to leave here for another forty five minutes."
Alicia giggled, "Oh really? Should we go down to the casino?"
He walked across the room and pulled her into his arms. "I can think of something I would rather do." His lips touched her neck lightly.
"Just what would that be?" she said feeling his hands run up and down her back.
"Want me to show you?" he asked
Alicia closed her eyes letting the passion she felt consumer her, 'Yeah you show me." She whispered.

Jamia walked into her bedroom and closed the door. She sat down on the bed and waited impatiently for Frank to answer.
"Hey what's up?' he answered knowing it was Jamia.
"Frank, this shit has to stop." She said without preamble.
Frank slowly backed out of the room where the band was having a meeting. He racked his brain trying to think what he had done. "What did I do?'
Jamia snorted, "Not you, Frank. I'm not pissed at you. It's your stupid friend."
He had a good idea he knew just what friend she was talking about. "Gerard?" he guessed.
"Yeah Gerard" she said with anger in her voice. She forced herself to remember he didn't know Monica was staying with her. "Monica just stopped by and she is so upset. He didn't call her last night until after four in the morning there. Just what the fuck was he doing?'
The scene he had witnessed last night in the hall crossed his mind, "I'm not sure," he answered. "But if it makes you feel any better he looks like shit today. He's not talking to anyone and looks miserable. I tried talking to him earlier but he just looked away and wouldn't talk."
"Tell him what he's doing to Monica. Make him understand Frank. She's fragile and she doesn't deserve this. Remind him he's engaged and shouldn't be running around with other women."
Frank looked back towards the others who were obviously waiting for him to return. "Look Jamia, we're having a band meeting right now. I promise I'll talk to him, okay?"
She felt some of her anger fade, "I love you Frankie. Call me when you can."
"Love you honey, I'll call you later." He walked back into the room where the guys were.
"Everything okay?" Gerard asked looking over at him.
"You tell me," Frank said staring at him.
Gerard looked shocked by his answer but didn't have time to respond, their schedule was bring changed and he need to pay attention.

Monica puttered around the apartment doing odd jobs and trying to keep her mind occupied. He could have called before now she was sure. It was a free day for the band and she knew they wouldn't be leaving for Paris until tomorrow. Once again he must be too busy she thought sadly. She had just folded another load of laundry when Liv called.
"Could you watch Elle on Tuesday?" she asked skipping any pleasantries.
"Of course." Monica responded. "I would love to, what time?'
"I will bring her by around eight."
Monica thought she had hung up but she heard her add, "Thank you" before disconnecting.

Gerard had spent most of the day in his room; the only time he had left it was to attend the meeting. Afterwards he had returned to his room basically to mope. He didn't answer the phone or the knocking on his door. He knew the girls were mad at him. They all had planned on spending the day exploring the city, checking out all the bookstores and record shops. However after his last conversation with Monica he hadn't felt like going out. The only thing he felt like was sleeping but every time he laid down and closed his eyes sleep wouldn't come. He ended up taking his sketchbook down to the lobby and drawing. It helped, putting some of his feelings down on paper through his drawings.
"That's sad," she said looking at the work he had done. "You must be sad, I remember your drawings always reflect the way you are feeling." She pulled up a chair and sat down next to him. "We missed you today, you should have come. There are some great bookstores."
He sighed and sat down his drawing, "I just didn't feel like it."
She reached into her messenger bag and pulled out a wrapped package. "I picked this up for you." She handed it to him.
He took the package and slit the tape with this fingernail. He was surprised when the wrapping fell away to reveal a copy of the book, "Catcher in the Rye". "I know it's your favorite and when I saw this First Edition, I thought of you."
"Oh man, this is too much but you shouldn't have." He ran his finger lovingly over the dust jacket. "This had to have cost a lot."
She smiled, "Seeing the look on your face when you opened it is so worth it."
He looked up at her and their eyes met, "Thanks" he said softly.
Bob cleared his throat, "Uh Gee, can I talk to you a minute."
She stood, "I'll see you later." He and Bob watched her walk down the hall.
Gerard look at Bob, "What's up?'
"What's up with you?" Bob responded, "You two were fucking gazing into each others eyes when I walked in."
Gerard stood and grabbed his stuff, "I'm fucking sick and tired of this shit. I haven't done anything wrong." He stormed out of the room.

The airport limo dropped Mikey and Alicia off in front of their building. As they got out it started to rain, "Hey nice homecoming" Alicia said looking up at the sky.
Mikey laughed, "Yeah, about normal."
Once they were in the apartment and had given love and gifts to each cat Mikey brought up the subject he had been avoiding. "Do you think when they take off for Canada I should go with them?"
Alicia was shocked by the question, "Of course you should go with them. Mikey, thank you for giving me this honeymoon and spending this time with me. This has meant more to me than you will ever know. But I understand that you are gonna have to get back on the road. I'm okay with it, really." She put her arms around his neck, "I love you Mr. Way."
He smiled, "I love you, Mrs. Way."
They broke away when Bunny began to meow her sad tune of 'Feed Me If You Love Me' "I'll feed the cats. You check the phone messages." Alicia told him as she made her way to the kitchen.
Mikey walked over the answering machine and pushed the button. There were quiet a few but none sparked his interest until he heard Ray' voice...
"Mikey, call me as soon as soon as your ass gets home. Give me a call when you get a chance, we need to talk about Gee."
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