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A Nemesis appears

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A new girl appears and Atlanta is threatened could this girl be trouble? well obviously

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A deadly Nemesis

Chapter 1: A Nemesis appears

Here we go a brand new story I hope I can get it done fast-ish


Archie let out a groan as he awoke to the sound of Neil screaming about someone using his expensive shampoo again. He sat up and looked at his clock 8:48. "Oh No! I'm going to be late!" he said as he jumped up and threw on his usual shorts and hoodie. He grabbed his backpack and shot downstairs to get some breakfast pushing his dream to the back of his mind


"Good morning everyone" said Mr Arez (Ares as a gym teacher) "I'm pleased to say that we have a new student joining us today he name is Melissa" he turned aside to reveal a tall girl with shoulder length blonde hair with light blue eyes wearing a pink top and a pair of jean shorts. She smiled sweetly as she looked around the room her eye's stopping for a moment at Atlanta.

"Atlanta what's wrong?" asked Theresa who was sitting next to her "You look like you just saw a ghost"

"Uhhh it was nothing" she lied "I just spaced out for a second there"

"Oh okay" said Theresa still eyeing her friend carefully.

"Now are there any volunteers to show Melissa around?" Mr Arez asked. Immediately every guys hand and many of the girls shot up. "ok how about you two Archie and Jay, you seem the most eager" he said smirking at the two boys who were now standing up.

"Yes!" They both said as they high fived. Atlanta and Theresa looked at each other, rolling their eye's trying not to show their jealousy.

"Now that that's settled we can start our class with 10 laps around the Track" He said smiling at the groaning Teens. By then Atlanta had already dashed of to the track eager to race. By the time the others had gotten outside Atlanta was waiting impatiently for her usual race against Archie. She skimmed the crowd for his purple hair.

"Archie! Over here" she called out as she spotted him, "Hey Archie-" she trailed off as she saw that he was busy following the new girl like all the other guys. " Awww forget it" she said angrily and took off around the track. After a few laps she forgot about the new girl and how stupid all the guys were acting. Suddenly she saw someone behind her, it was Melissa!

"Well hey there" she said as she caught up to Atlanta "I'm Melissa, but you already knew that." she said with a irritating giggle "What's your name?"

"Uhhh I'm Atlanta" she said cautiously as she noticed the strange look in the girl's eye's.

"Oh Atlanta is it?" she said sourly knocking Atlanta over.

"Hey!" she yelled angrily as she started to get up "What was that for?"

Melissa grabbed Atlanta by the collar of her shirt " I'm just gonna say this once ok. Stay away from the guys and out of my hair and we won't have any problems." she snarled

"And what if I don't?" asked Atlanta

"Lets just hope you never have to find out" she said throwing Atlanta back against the ground "Now if you don't mind I have a race to win and some guys to see" she said as she ran ahead leaving Atlanta in the dust

Atlanta sat there for her mouth wide open taking it all in. 'What did she do to this girl and could she really be dangerous? And what did she mean by get in her way?' She watched as Melissa crossed the finish, immediately all the guys swarmed around her cheering.

"Atlanta what's wrong?" asked Theresa as she caught up to her helping her up "Why did you fall over like that and let that new girl Melissa win?" she asked as she looked at the girl being carried by the large crowd of guys.

I don't know she asked me my name and when she heard my name she just knocked me over and said to stay out her way" she said confused

"Well call it a hunch" said Theresa "but I have a very bad feeling about that girl, a very bad feeling"


Ok there we go chapter 1 complete I won't be able to post this till my stupid internet is fixed so I might get a lot of this done by the time it's back. Maybe anyway I hope you liked it and tell me if you like me being very descriptive or not?
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