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An Angered Nemesis

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the guys are acting oddly, could this have something to do with the new girl

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Chapter 2: An Angered Nemesis

Sorry that this is going to not be up right after its done my internet is still down and I can't seem to fix it so I'll just occupy myself by writing this.


"Theresa promise me you won't say anything to Melissa" said Atlanta as she dropped her Binder in her locker and slammed the door shut "I don't want you to get involved"

"Relax Atlanta I won't say a word to her" she said as they walked to the cafeteria 'but I might say something to Archie' she thought with a smile 'after all he is super protective of her', "Now lets get some food and wait for the guys"


"Ok Archie" said Jay as he closed his locker door " I'm just going to say it now and get it over with, Melissa likes me so you should just back of and let US be together"

"Oh really" he said clenching his fists "what gave you that ridiculous idea?"

"Yeah I mean after all its obvious that she likes me more" said Neil walking towards them "after all look at me I'm gorgeous" he said looking in his mirror

"Uhhh hate to burst you bubble guys but she likes me" said Odie butting in " she's a girl who likes brains in a guy"

"Oh is that so" said Herry picking up Odie and Neil "I thought she liked muscle"

"No she likes fighters" said Archie as he jumped on Herry's back. Herry dropped Odie and Neil who started to fight. Herry grabbed Archie from off his back by the scruff of his neck

"I'll show you fighting Archie" he said raising his arm to punch him.

"Everyone stop!" yelled Jay "Wouldn't it just be easier to just ask Melissa which one of us she likes?"

"Yeah but pounding on Archie sounds like a lot more fun to me!" said Herry

"Oh hi guys" said Melissa as she walked by along with the other 20 guys behind her "what are you doing?"

"Uhhh nothing" said Herry as he dropped Archie who landed with a large thud

"well I was just heading to the cafeteria and I was wondering if you boys wanted to join me?" she said sweetly. Within an instant the boys jumped up and joined the crowd of guys.

'Its nice having this kind of effect over boys' she thought.


"ok the guys were supposed to be here ages ago" said Atlanta impatiently looking at her watch "I mean its not like them to be late and they always eat lunch with us"

"I think I know where they might be" said Theresa pointing behind Atlanta. She turned around to see that Jay and the other guys were sitting next to Melissa practically drooling.

"I can't believe those guys" she said angrily "as she got up to leave

"Where are you going?" Theresa asked grabbing her arm "you aren't going to say anything to her are you?" she asked gripping her arm tighter

"Relax Theresa" she said pulling her arm away "I just need to go for a run- ok" she said running off

"Atlanta!" Yelled Theresa "come back!" she said running out the cafeteria doors.

"Atlanta!' said Archie snapping out of a dazed state. He looked around and found himself at a table surrounded by guys and some girl " Hey Jay have you seen Atlanta?" he asked poking him on the arm

"Archie leave me alone" he said angrily "I don't know any Atlanta I only know Melissa he said in an eerie way.

"Don't know Atlanta!" he said shocked "Something's up with you and I'm going to Hera to find out" he said as he started to push his way out of the crowd

"Archie where are you going?" asked Melissa concerned that someone was trying to leave

"I'm going to find Atlanta and Theresa my friends" he said as he squeezed between to guys "I'm worried about them"

"You don't need friends, you have me all of you boys do" she said as she took hold of his arm "Now come back and enjoy my company" she ordered starting to get irritated

"No" he said pulling his arm free "I need my friends, so I'm leaving to find them" he said running out the doors of the cafeteria

"NO THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! NOBODY BREAKS MY SPELL AND GETS AWAY WITH IT, NOBODY!" she yelled, suddenly a thought came to her mind 'I did warn her not to interfere, but she left me with no choice, if Atlanta breaks my spell then I'll break her' she thought with a smile.


Gasp!! WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS GIRL AND WHAT DOES SHE HAVE AGAINST ATLANTA? Find out when I update next which might be a while because my best friend has come 4 a visit to NS so I'll be spending a lot o time working and hanging out but I'll try to get this done soon.

Korikian J hope you liked the chapter
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