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A serious Threat

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Chapter 3: A serious Threat

Ok here we go I'm going to try and write this before I have 2 go to work yippy. I just got back from school and I got my report card so I'm finally done


Atlanta panted as she ran through the halls her mind raced with the thoughts of Melissa and how all the guys were practically worshipping her. 'how could he ever like her?' she thought as she turned a corner almost bowling over a couple 'what does Archie see in her and the others are just as bad,' suddenly a thought came to her head and she skidded to a stop 'why am I more mad about Archie spending time with that girl?'

"Atlanta where are you!" shouted Theresa down the hall "There you are! Now why did you run off like that?" she asked gasping for breath

"I don't know why" she sighed as she sat down against the wall "I just got really mad when I saw Arch- I mean the guys with her" she stuttered

"You mean you were jealous!" asked Theresa a small smile appearing on her face "Your jealous because of Archie aren't you?" she said hugging Atlanta

"No that's not why" she lied pushing Theresa away

"It is admit it!" Theresa said

"No I don't like- that new girl Melissa" she stuttered as Archie came round the corner

"There you are Atlanta" he said helped her up "I saw you run out and I got worried" he said blushing slightly

"Oh really I thought you'd rather spend time drooling over Melissa?" she said angrily

"that's what I wanted to talk to you 2 about, but I might be better if we went to see Hera about it first"


"So after you heard Atlanta's name you seemed to snap out of some sort of trance?" Hera asked suspiciously

"Yeah and she yelled something to me but I didn't hear it" he admitted "I think whatever happened to me happened to the other guys"

"Is there any explanation for why Melissa would have that kind of effect on the guys?" asked Theresa

"I couldn't say, but I will get Hermes on the job right away" she said "and you better get to class, I'll give you a call if we find anything out"


"I can't believe her!" Theresa whispered to Atlanta "She even has control over the teachers"

At least the male ones" Archie said butting in "I mean she's gotten every guy teacher to leave the room for the whole class"

"Well at least we don't have to do any math" said Atlanta optimistically "by the way how are those glasses we gave you working?"

"Fine but I don't think I can wear these all day" he said with a sigh " we still need to find a way to get Jay and the others away from her"

" we'll just have to wait till we can get to the dorm, once they're away from her then maybe we can break their trance" Theresa said as she doodled on her binder


"Come on Atlanta we have to get back to the dorm now Theresa is waiting for us" Archie said Impatiently "What's keeping you so long anyway?"

"I can't get my lock open" she said as she angrily tugged on her lock "It's almost as if it's been glued shut!"

"Hang on let me open it" he said as he pulled out his Hephaestus whip and cut it in half "Now come on we have to go Melissa will be coming by soon"

"Fine just wait a minu- oh no what happened to my locker!" she gasped. Her locker had been entirely coated in a strange purple goo. She tried picking up her weapon but it was stuck fast "It's glue!"

"Do you think Melissa had anything to do with this?" Archie asked

"Probably" she said slamming her door "Come on we better hurry before we run into Melissa" she said as she grabbed Archie's arm an dashed off not noticing the girl who had been hiding around a corner

"You better be careful Atlanta" she spat "I won't rest until I get revenge for what you did to my ancestor"


Well there you go chapter 3 and I have enough time to write another chappie if I'm lucky I will prolly reveal some stuff bout Melissa and her connection with Atlanta's ancestor in the next chapter. Hope this is interesting enough. And thanks for you reviews' it's encouraging.
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