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learning the truth

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Theresa,Atlanta, and Archie learn the truth about Melissa's ancestors but something terrible happens

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Chapter 4: Learning the truth

Ok my 4th chappie I hope I an finish before I have to go


"What happened to you guys I was beginning to get worried" said Theresa as the two barged in through the door "Hera called and she wants to talk to us"

"But what about Jay and the others? We still haven't freed them from Melissa's spell" said Archie

"They'll have to wait" said Atlanta as she ran upstairs "We need to talk to Hera as soon as possible" she said as she came downstairs carrying her extra PMR and laser crossbow.

"Ok then lets go!" Archie said "Melissa might get the others to let her into the dorm, they could be here any minute"

"Right" nodded Atlanta and Theresa


"I'm glad you made it here ok" said Hera as the three hero's burst through the door "Hermes has uncovered some interesting information about this girl Melissa"

"Well I did a little research and found out that this girl is a direct descendant of Meleager" Said Hermes

"Who?" asked Archie "I've never heard of him"

"Jay would know about him, he was the youngest Argonaut and was the one who killed the King Aeetes on the island of Colchis during Jason's quest." said Hera "Also he was second to Hercules in ability."

"well what does that have to do with Atlanta?" asked Archie curiously

"Because" said Hera "Atlanta also took part in Jason's quest for the golden fleece"

"But there were lots of other Argonauts so why would he have something against Atlanta?" asked Theresa

"Well Meleager was in love with Atlanta and invited her in a hunting trip with him and his 2 brothers, and there was a prize for whoever killed an animal first " Hera said " Anyway Atlanta managed to shoot the Calydonian Boar that Meleager had helped her kill, but since she was the first to draw blood she won"

"That sounds fair to me" said Atlanta

"Well to Meleager's brothers it wasn't and a fight broke out he ended up killing both his brothers, His mother who when he was born went to the fates who said that he would die when the log on their fire would burn out. She kept the log and locked it up so that no one would find it. But when she learned of what he had done she burned the log, killing him." Said Hera "This is likely why this girl is trying to hurt you"

"but that still doesn't explain why she has a strange effect on guys" said Theresa

"Well his grandfather was the son of Odysseus and Helen so it is likely that Helens spell like beauty has been passed on to her."

"Well what do you suggest we do about her?" asked Atlanta "She's still after me"

" well you could just let me take care of you" said Melissa from the doorway

"What are you doing here?" yelled Archie "How did you get in?"

"Well one of the boys was happy to let me in" she said with a laugh holding up a necklace "I mean they can't resist me, and they're even going to help me destroy you"

"Atlanta!" yelled Theresa "Get out of here quick!"

As Atlanta dashed towards the elevator doors, but was cut of by Melissa who was carrying a crossbow. Now you can die the same way you killed my Grandfather!" she yelled aiming the crossbow at Atlanta's head


Bwahahahaha I'm just gonna leave this hanging right here I am still not sure how I should end this so I'll let you guys pick

Atlanta is knocked down by Archie who gets shot
Atlanta is shot but maybe on her shoulder because Melissa's crossbow is hit by another weapon
An idea of yours that I like just review what you think should happen next btw I'm not a big fan of character death.

Also if you actually Google Meleager's name you will find that he is fr greek mythology and I just altered the story a lil

I only want to know what you think should happen next I already have the most of the ending thought up I have to get ready for work so I might start writing the next chappie when I get home if there are any good ideas so please post I'm giving you a chance to help you write this ')

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