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Well your whole what was it 3 votes have been tallied and it was unnaminous so here ya go

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Chapter 5: Trapped

I would like to dedicate this next chapter to Draykor who is going through a tough time and I know what its like and how big an impact it has on your life. So I only hope that you will feel better soon because I really enjoy reading your fanfic's. So here it goes chapter 5


"What are you talking about?!" screamed Atlanta "I never did anything to your grandfather" she said as she began backing away from the crossbow aimed at her head

"STOP LYING!!" Melissa screamed tightening her grip on her weapon "I know it was you who killed him! There was even a witness"

"Who told you this?" Archie asked as he walked closer trying to coax her away from Atlanta as he watched Theresa slip out the portal to get help

"Why I did sweetie" said a voice from behind Archie. He whipped around to see a woman who was standing over him with a knife in her hand. "Now I suggest you don't interfere with my duties or you may meet the same ending as your friend," she said placing a hand on Archie's shoulder "Now go ahead Melissa dear, finish your job"

Melissa then turned to Atlanta again "I'm sorry it has to end like this but I asked you not to interfere and you did" she said as she aimed her weapon

"Wait!" shouted Archie "How do you even know that this person is telling the truth?" he said, trying to stall

"Because it is my job as the goddess of revenge to avenge the murder of her Grandfather" answered Nemesis angrily

"But Atlanta hasn't done anything wrong" shouted Archie

"According to the witness she has" said Nemesis

"Who was the witness?" asked Atlanta nervously starring at the crossbow

"Why I was" laughed Cronus as he stepped out of his portal

"Melissa you've got to believe us that he's lying" yelled Archie as he turned to Melissa who began to lower her weapon

"You lied to me!" she screamed at Cronus "It was you who killed my Grandfather wasn't it?"

"Of course I did you fool" he laughed "now Melissa I command you to kill her" he said raising his hand as he chanted a spell in Greek

Melissa's eye's went black and she turned the crossbow toward Atlanta and pulled the trigger

"No!!!" Yelled Archie as he broke free from Nemesis' grip and dove at Atlanta, knocking her to the ground.

"Archie!" Atlanta yelled as she watched in horror as the arrow struck him. She rushed towards him "Archie why did you do that?" she asked as tears began to trickle down her cheeks.

"Because I- I lov-"he said going unconscious.

"Oh how touching" smiled Cronus "Now, Melissa dear kill Atlanta and don't miss this time" he said laughing

"Melissa I command you to stop" commanded Nemesis. Melissa stopped dead in her tracks and her eye's became normal again and she collapsed

"Well I guess I'll just have to kill you myself" said Cronus angrily his scythe things appearing in his hands (I'm very tired I've just spent the last 4 nights sleeping on a couch and staying up till 4 at my best friends place so give me a break if I can't remember what they're called)

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that" said Nemesis as she stood in front of Atlanta "you lied to me and since you killed Melissa's grandfather " she said signalling to Atlanta to sneak out the back. Atlanta grabbed the unconscious Archie and started to drag him towards the door while Melissa began to wake up.

"Huh what's going on?" she said picking herself up off the floor she glanced over at Atlanta "who are you? And what happened to him!!" she gasped as she got up to help her

"I'm Atlanta and this is Archie" she said as they reached the portal "and he has obviously been shot in his chest so we need to get him out of here before Cronus gets past Nemesis" she said as she struggled to lift him "now help me lift him"

"Let me pass you fool" shouted Cronus as he slammed his fists against the force field that now surrounded him "They're getting away!" he screamed angrily

Atlanta jumped through the portal and suddenly everything around her went black


Atlanta opened her eyes and found herself looking at the ceiling of Chiron's study. She sat up and looked around, she spotted Theresa sitting by the window looking outside sadly.

"Where's Archie? Is he alright?" she asked. Theresa jumped at the sound of her voice and turning around to face her "Archie's in the other room with Chiron, they don't know if he'll be alright" she said sadly

"Can I go see him?" Atlanta asked as she tried to sit up only to fall down again.

"No nobody has seen him since you were brought here" she said as she took a seat next to Atlanta's bed

"Who brought us here?" she asked "I remember going through the portal and everything went black"

"Well after I got through the portal I managed to find the guys and I was trying to break the trance they were in when suddenly they all seemed to snap out of it I assumed that you something had happened to Melissa. When we got to the portal to help you we found all three of you unconscious that's when we brought you here" she said with a sigh

"But what happened to Cronus?" Atlanta mumbled

"Well Jay and the others went down there to fight him while Herry and I brought you here but all they found there was Nemesis. She hasn't woken up yet so we don't know what happened to Cronus"

"She saved us" Atlanta whispered softly

"Well I don't know about Archie" said Chiron as he opened the door "You may now go in to see him but I'm afraid he might not make it" he said as he hung his head sadly


Gasp will Archie make it???? I don't know all I know it that I finally updated I hop this chappie is satisfying I should explain everything in the next chapter so stay turned

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