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I Need Chocolate JUNE 29

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Monica shops, Bob and Gerard talk, Bob and Frank talk, Gerard and Frank talk

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"Jamia I'm gonna go to the store, you want anything?" Monica asked walking out of the bedroom. She paused on her way to the door waiting for an answer.
"There might be a good reason he hasn't called." Jamia said quietly. She knew Monica had been waiting for hours for Gerard to call. Frank had called her back after the meeting and told her that Gerard had disappeared as soon as the meeting was over. She had hoped Gerard would call so he and Monica could talk out their problems. It was now almost noon and so far no call.
"It's almost six where he is, that means he's had most of the day to call but I guess he's just too busy." She picked up her purse. "I'll be back before you know I'm gone."
Jamia watched her go out and sighed. Frank had promised to talk to Gerard when he found him. Hopefully he could make his friend realize he was hurting someone he loved before any more damage was done.

Bob followed Gerard to the room. "What the hell is your major malfunction?'
Gerard ignored him and keyed into the room. Bob followed, catching the door before it broke his nose. "Listen, Dick Weed. We've both been acting like idiots. It's got to stop. We've got great girls waiting home for us and I don't think that either one of them would like what we've been doing lately."
"We haven't done anything. I'm sick of all of you attacking me when I'm just trying to make it through this fucking tour. Look, maybe you have something to be ashamed of, but I don't. I'm hanging around with friends and blowing off steam and you all can get bent."
Bob gave him a disgusted look turned and walked out of the room slamming the door so hard a picture on the wall hit the ground. Gerard stared at the door wondering why the hell everyone had turned against him.

Monica walked up and down the aisles of the store glancing at items. Her mind was a million miles away. Well, not exactly a million but however many miles it was to Amsterdam. She had to admit to herself she really believed Gee would have called and explained what had happened last night. Maybe he really didn't believe she had a right to be upset by his actions. What was happening to them? Everything had been wonderful between them before he left and now... Why was he staying out so late? Was she wrong to be upset? She sighed and picked up some apples and bananas. Fresh fruit was good for Jamia. However, her own mood demanded something else. She made her way to the front of the store and picked up several chocolate candy bars. Yes, she decided she was in definite need of chocolate.

Bob stomped back down to the lobby. He lit a cigarette and fell into a chair. He angrily puffed, thinking of the scene he had just witnessed down here. 'What was going on with Gerard? He was acting so stupid. It was going to bite him in the ass.' He took another drag on the cancer stick, and then crushed it out. He sprang up, his mind made up. He left the lobby and headed for another room.
Frank answered, talking on his cell phone. He motioned Bob into the room while continuing his conversation. After a few seconds, Bob figured out he was talking to Jamia and they were discussing Gerard. This was definitely getting out of hand.
A few minutes later, Frank hung up and looked at Bob. "Wazzup, Amigo?"
Bob tried to formulate all he wanted to say into something cohesive. It wasn't coming to him.
"What's wrong, Bob?"
"Shit. You can say that again. Just what have you two been up to anyway?"
"Nothing. At least I haven't. I don't know what's going on with Gee. At first it was just nice to hang around someone you knew. It was like old home week. Like the old tours, you know. But it started to change. Shit, I didn't even want to go with him really, but he looked so hurt that you guys refused to go. I thought one of us should go with him. I don't know. I think that he fell right back into the old patterns. I just don't think Monica is going to understand it. I don't think I understand it. What are we going to do?"
Bob looked at Frank expectantly. Frank fervently wished that Toro was here instead. Hell, Toro was the mother hen. Ray kept them all in line, not him. Hell, he was usually the one causing some sort of trouble.
"I already promised Jamia that I'd talk to him again. Do you know where his nibs is?"
"I left him in the room."
Frank sighed and rubbed his face with both hands, growling. "Okay." He said heading for the door.
"Hey, you should know that he was just down in the lobby playing footsy with her. They were looking really chummy."
"She scares me."
"Ah, all women scare you, Bob."

Gerard was just walking out the door when Frank appeared and pushed him back into the room. "Dude, we so need to talk."
"I was just leaving." Gerard said trying to push past him.
Frank wouldn't let him pass, "Gee, come on sit down." Gerard glared at him but crossed the room and took a seat. Frank sat across from him. "This situation has gotten out of hand."
"What situation is that?" Gerard asked sarcastically.
"What the hell have you been doing, staying out all night, playing footsy with her?"
Gerard exploded, "Fuck, did Bryar tell you that? He needs to mind his own fucking business. Not that I have to explain but she had just given me a book she had bought for me today."
"You didn't go out with them? I thought when you disappeared after the meeting that you had gone with them."
"No I didn't. After the call I made to Monica last night I thought I better just stay here. Now I wish I had gone. This is fucking stupid cause I haven't done anything wrong. Just hanging with friends. Everyone need to just fucking leave me alone." He stated to get up but Frank's words stopped him.
"Gee, you know what you're doing is wrong. How would you feel if Monica started hanging with a guy she used to have a relationship with?"
"She and I have been friends a long time." Gerard said.
"You aren't listening, how would you feel? Would you trust Monica completely even if she stayed out all night?
Gerard just stared at him. "I would trust her." He finally said.
"Yeah, right. You know the sad thing is I'm sure you really could trust her. She is an incredible woman who would never do anything to hurt you."
"Are you saying I would do something to hurt her?" Gerard's tone was icy.
"I'm saying you are doing something that will hurt her. How's she gonna feel with she finds out who you've been hanging out with all night?"
"I've just been hanging with an old friend and her sister."
"Gerard we both know she's liked you a long time. Fuck, dude you cheated on Liv with her."
The anger on Gerard's face didn't stop Frank; "She was there for you during a lot of the dark shit but Gee that's all in your past."
"Oh so you're saying that since I'm not having problems that I don't need her as a friend. Well, that's fucking nice. I'll just tell her 'thanks for being a friend when I really needed you but I don't now so fuck off"
"I never said that, I know how close you two were. I'm just saying that we both know it went beyond friendship. So pretending that she's just a friend is fucking stupid. The woman still wants you Gee, can't you see that?"
Gerard stood, "The only thing I can see is my so called friends are sticking their noses in my fucking business. Leave me alone."
He walked over to the door, "She's waiting you know" Frank said quietly.
Gerard tuned to him, "What?"
"Monica." Frank stood, " Jamia told me that Monica has been waiting for you to call all day. Jamia said she's called several times today and she's upset and confused."
Gerard stood completely still as Franks words sunk in. "I'll call her." He whispered.
Frank walked by him, "Don't hurt her, Gee. You almost lost her once. She loves you so much."
"And I love her," he said as the door closed he shut his eyes and lowered his head.
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