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Things Aren't Always As They Seem JUNE 30

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Frank confronts the problem

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Gerard walked across the room and sat down on the bed. He took the cell phone from his pocket and stared at it. He needed to call her, he had to call her. Was she still as upset as she had been last night or was it worse now? He was just about to call when there was a knock on the door.
He crossed the room to the door. She noticed the phone in his hand. "Hey, Gee sorry to bother you but have you seen my sister? She said she was gonna give you the gift she picked up for you today then come back to the room."
"Last time I saw her was in the lobby. She gave me the book."
"Oh, wonder where she went?" She looked confused but added, " So you liked the book?"
"For sure, I love it." He said with a smile.
"That's good, she was so happy when she found it. She kept going on and on about how much you would love it."
"She knows me well"
"Well yeah, she does. Probably better than you realize. Well, I better go look for her, it's strange she didn't come back to the room. I'm kinda worried." He watched as she walked down the hall.
"Hey wait up, I'll help you find her." He pulled the door closed behind him.
"It's not necessary if you've got a call to make." She nodded to the phone he still had in his hand.
He put it in this pocket, "It's not important, I can call later."
It didn't take long to find her she was in the dining room of the hotel sipping a cup of herbal tea. She laughed when she heard they had been worried.
"Sorry I just felt like having some tea."
"So are we still going to go out to eat?"
"I'll be up in a minute."
After her sister left she turned to Gerard, "Like a cup of tea?'
He shook his head, "I've got to call home. See you later."
Her laugher stopped him, "You've GOT to call home? That doesn't sound very happy. Don't you want to call home?"
He gave her a half smile, "Actually Monica is mad at me."
She pretended to be surprised, "Why?'
"I've been out so late, she's upset." He decided to sit for a minute.
"She's upset cause you're out with your friends? Why?"
"It's just that she knows I'm staying out so late, I guess."
"But you're just having a good time, you're not doing anything wrong." She reminded him.
"Yeah, I know." He sighed.
"Does Monica have a job?"
He looked surprised by the question, "Well she did, she used to work for Brian but since we got engaged and well, the accident, she quit working."
"So what does she do all day?" she added quickly trying to plant a small seed of doubt in his mind, "I mean maybe she's so focused on what you're doing cause she had a lot of time on her hands. Maybe that's why she doesn't trust you."
He thought a minute, "I don't think she doesn't trust me" he said slowly, "It's just that I've been staying out so late." He didn't want to think about it, "As for her having a lot of time on her hands she's busy working on our new house."
She laughed, "Well that sounds fun, maxing out your credit cards."
Her shook his head, "No, she's not like that. Actually she hates spending my money but I keep telling her it's ours."
She took a sip of her tea, "Is that what she told you?" She paused and then laughed as if joking. She continued. "Would it help if I talked to her? I could tell her that you have been hanging with me and Katlin."
"Uh, no that's Ok." He stood "I'll catch up with you later." Gerard walked back to his room quickly. He needed to talk to Monica.

Frank walked back to his room looking defeated. He had hoped that he could talk some sense into Gerard. Monica was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Why couldn't he see that he was running such horrible chance of losing her. She was a wonderful woman who loved him so much. Frank thought back to the day on the bus when she had told them all about her past, about her husbands death. That day she had become special to each of them. She had become family that they all would protect. Shit, he thought, Toro had almost died protecting her. So how could he stop what was happening now?
Once inside his room he fell on to the bed and stared at the ceiling. What if he talked to her because talking to Gerard wasn't working? Maybe he could make her realize how much Gee loved Monica? Would she back away? He got up quickly and decided to give it a shot.
Several minutes later he walked in and scanned the dining room patrons. He had called Katlin who had told him she was down here. He hoped she hadn't left. He spotted her sitting alone looking out the window by her table.
"Hey" he said taking a seat across from her.
She looked surprised to see him, "Hey, yourself. What's up, Frankie?"
He decided a little lie was in order, "I was just passing by and saw you sitting her. How come you're all alone?"
"Gee was here with me but you just missed him," she said with a smile.
Frank tried to downplay his annoyance. "Oh, you guys have been pretty tight since we met up with you."
Her smile grew, "Yeah, but then he and I have always been very close, you know that. I remember the first time I saw him I just knew we would always be that way. He stumbled off the bus, took a drag off his cigarette, saw me and just stared. He asked me if he had seen me some place before." She laughed at the memory. "I knew then he would always be an important part of my life."
As Frank was listening to her he was becoming more and more depressed. Could it really be that she didn't understand the problems she was creating?
"I just feel so bad for him. He's not happy you know." She said lowering her voice.
"Yes, he is" Frank answered without even thinking. "He and Monica are in love."
She just shook her head, "Things aren't always what they seem". With that she put some money on the table and exited the room without a backwards glance.
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