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It seems I do more harm then good

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One secret down, two to go!

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"Papercut" Part 9: It seems I do more harm then good

So take take everything and leave me scrambling
Reaching for something that wasn't there in the first place


Patrick was trying hard to work on Katy's music without thinking about Katy herself, but the task was proving nearly impossible. He pulled his headphones off and unplugged them, letting the hook he made just fill the room, trying to feel inspired, trying to forget about his new and sudden life troubles. He turned around towards the door when something on the floor caught his attention. They looked like sheets of paper, so he stood and walked to pick them up. He flipped them over and saw words listed, six pages long:


And the list went on. Patrick felt deeply disturbed reading this list, wondering who put them there. He shut off his equipment and opened the door, heading downstairs just in time to see Destiny walk through the back door.

"Hey, where've you been?" Patrick asked. Destiny tried hard to fight her skin from turning bright red, she didn't want him getting suspicious of anything.

"Um, I went to shop and I couldn't find anything I liked. I just needed to get out of the house," she replied, scooting past him heading for the stairs.

"You should know our daughter didn't take the bus home today and only came home a little over an hour ago. Connor doesn't know where she was and she looks sick," Patrick added. Destiny stopped and looked at him, she had been growing increasingly suspicious of Morgan's behavior. She'd been turning into herself and staying quiet. She was talking less gossip about kids in her school and she was rarely on the phone or internet anymore.

"Something is going on with that girl, Patrick. She's worrying me," Destiny replied honestly, sitting her bag on the counter.

"You really want to get freaked?" he asked, holding out the stack of papers. Destiny looked at Patrick funny and took the sheets from him, her eyes widening as she scanned the words on them. She sat them on the counter and turned to run up the stairs, seeing Connor typing away contently at an Instant Messenger screen, so that only left one other child to be worried about.

"Destiny, don't!" Patrick yelled. She stopped and turned to him, "If something is going on with her, you aren't going to be able to get it out of her. Let me see what I can do," he said. Destiny absolutely loathed the fact that Patrick had a relationship with her daughter that she was never going to achieve, she wanted Morgan to be able to cry on her, she wanted them have girl talks and she wanted to be her friend, but Morgan would never let Destiny into her world.

Patrick gave Destiny a deep kiss, holding her to him for a minute, feeling small comfort in her arms before he backed away and heading up the stairs. Destiny felt ill, spending even a minute in Patrick's arm like that made her want to scream out in guilt, she didn't deserve him, she never had...

Patrick knocked on Morgan's bedroom door softly. He waited a moment but she didn't answer, so he gently turned the handle and let himself in, all he saw was Morgan face down on her pillow, her chest gently rising and falling with her breath. He walked around her bed, shaking his head at her dirty laundry leading a trail to her bathroom. He picked them up and stopped short at the bloody panties on her bathroom floor. He looked to see if she had her period, evidence of which could be found in the trashcan most times, but he didn't see any discarded pads. The sight of them alarmed him more then he would've liked, now knowing that it was something out of the ordinary. It was almost as if she was leaving him clues to try and figure out the state she was currently in. Patrick tossed the clothes into her laundry basket before sitting down in her desk chair, watching her sleep.

"You really do need a nap, cranky pants," he said as he leaned down and pick Morgan up out of her crib, carrying her with him over to the chair in the corner. He took the binky out of her hand and put it back in her mouth as she continued to wail before he started humming softly. Morgan quieted substantially; it seemed she could never be loud when Patrick was singing to her. Only a few minutes later he was halfway through his song when Morgan had finally passed out on his shoulder, humming softly herself.

Morgan stirred slightly, letting her eyes squint open, she felt someone looking at her and turned over to her back, smiling slightly when she saw Patrick sitting there. It calmed her down to see him near by, at least he cared about her, when she realized no one else would. She sat up and pulled her knees to her chin.

"Hi, Daddy," she said softly. Patrick didn't smile back or give her any indication that he was feeling particularly warm to her right now.

"What is this?" Patrick said sternly, holding the papers in his hand in the air. Morgan's smile faded and she shrugged, she felt a little foolish at her lashing out actions like the papers and her clothes strewn across her floor, which she noticed where now placed in her laundry. "Don't shrug at me Morgan! What's going on with you?" Patrick said, his voice raising slightly. Morgan felt her throat tighten again, she was upsetting him still and it was still making her more upset.

Patrick sat and stared at his daughter as he watched her recess into her own brain. He was so worried about her behavior lately, he wanted her to just spill so he could ground her until she was 30 and he wouldn't have to worry about things she was doing when he wasn't able to see her. "Baby, please. Whatever it is, you know you can talk to me about it. I just want to help you, I'm not going to get upset, okay?" he said, and he was as good as his word. If Morgan was beginning her foray into the world of sex and boys, he wanted her to be able to be honest about it, at least that why he would know that she was being safe and responsible if it was her choice to become active.

"Okay..." she said softly. Patrick was surprised to hear her comply already, he was expecting to need more time to sit and watch her. "There is this...boy, and I really, really like him a lot. But I'm worried no one else is going to accept us being together, I mean, I know that no one is going to except us and I'm just...Daddy, I've been lying to you and I'm sorry! I was with him this afternoon. I don't like lying to you! I don't like the way I feel right now," she said, tears leaking from her eyes. Patrick looked at her in awe, he felt lucky to be able to have a relationship with his daughter where she felt comfortable telling him anything, but he sort of wished now that she didn't trust him so much, he almost didn't want to know.

"Okay...who's this boy?" Morgan shook her head.

"I don't...I can't tell you that," she replied laying back down on her bed. Patrick began thinking in his brain any of the male friends Morgan had and the few he could think of, he was certain it wasn't any of them.

"Well, whenever you feel like telling me, you just come get me okay, and we'll figure out what to do to make you more comfortable, okay? In the mean time, I'm going to be picking you up from school," Patrick replied standing. Morgan shot up in her bed.

"Daddy, no! I promise I'll be home after school, please don't," she replied. Patrick eyed Morgan suspiciously, something was definitely wrong with the way she was acting.

"This isn't a discussion, Mo. I'm picking you up after school. Come down stairs for dinner," he said, leaving the room.

Morgan panicked. How was it going to be possible now to see Joe away from her house? There had to be some other way, she knew whatever happened in the afternoon he didn't do on purpose, there was no way. She leaned over and grabbed her phone off the nightstand, pressing speed dial.

"Hello?" She smiled hearing Joe's voice.

"Hey, I'm sorry I didn't call you earlier," she said.

"It's okay, I figured you had to talk to whoever saw you come home."

"Yeah, oddly enough it was my Dad. I don't even know where Mom is, or if she came home yet."

"Weird. Well, I'm glad you're home, am I still picking you up tomorrow?"

"No, I kind of freaked out a little when I got home over what happened, Daddy is picking me up from school for a while, he thinks it's a boy in my class," she replied.

"Oh," Joe's tone was a little guarded. He wasn't sure why Morgan would've freaked out, and of all things, why did she freak out to Patrick? "Um, we we'll figure out something, I love you, we'll talk later."

"Okay, I love you too," she replied, then hung up the phone. She felt a little better, hearing how normal Joe sounded, so she decided to head down for some dinner...

Patrick left his bedroom, walking past Morgan's room on the way to the stairs. He noticed her phone blinking on her nightstand and went over to get to give it to her. Curious, he glanced at the message when the name struck him as odd, it was Joe's name. Curiosity took over and Patrick pressed read now:

'I hope you're okay, that I didn't scare you. I love you, have sweet dreams'

He stared at the phone in complete awe, he was hoping this wasn't what he was thinking it was. Then suddenly things started to add up; Morgan wouldn't tell him the guy's name, she was worried about what people would think, the blood on her panties, the six page list...Patrick was far from a violent person, but he going to fucking kill Joseph Trohman...

Tell me I'm wrong when I say
I can't expect you to spend forever with me
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